Mistakes Of A Burnt Out Business Owner.

Burnt out business owner

If you’re in business and find yourself thinking ‘surely it would be easier to just go back to a job’, think again.

Chances are you started your business partly because a job felt ‘hard’. You had a pattern of burning out. You work, work, worked. There was no sense of ‘balance’ and you were craving more flexibility, freedom and fulfilment. You wanted more for yourself and your family.

Fast forward a couple or a few years down the track, and you find yourself thinking (probably only to yourself) that a ‘job’ seems like a piece of cake. Just show up, do the work, and go home. Job done. How hard could it be?!

You might even do a cheeky job search to see what’s out there.

But you feel conflicted – all this effort, sacrifice and hard work that you’ve put into being where you are now in business? That would be gutting to just toss away, like it was nothing.

Because then what has it all been for?

If this is you, you are NOT alone.

And I really need you to hear this: a job will NOT solve this problem.

Because it’s not the job. It’s not the business. It’s the pattern around the way you work.

It means that you will always get the same outcome, no matter where you show up for work and who’s in charge.

It’s a burnout strategy, and as a mindset coach, I can tell you this with 100% certainty:

  • It’s your beliefs around how you have to show up at work and how much you need to prove yourself.
  • It’s your identity that has been conditioned to be the good girl; the people pleaser; the high achiever.
  • It’s the feeling of not deserving what you need most: rest; recognition; for someone to truly SEE you in all your messy marvellousness.
  • It’s the stories around how hard you have to work to be successful. And what the tradeoff has to be for money to flow in.

‘If you change nothing, nothing changes.’

– Joyce Brothers

So we can pick you up and place you in ANY setting, and it will still end up the same. You heading for burnout; unfulfilled; seeking the magic bullet to solve all your problems; and trapped in endless busyness and discontent.

Please don’t throw the towel in on your business if you feel like this. Because together we can absolutely change this! You can still decide to go and get a job if you choose, because you will know how to THRIVE in whatever you want to pursue.

You won’t be running from the pattern – which by the way you can’t outrun because it is you right now. You’ll be walking, or leaping or embracing whatever you choose that you want for yourself.

We can shift the identity; the limiting beliefs; the stories around what has to happen; the behaviour that stems from your thoughts; the feelings that have been pushed away; the conditioning that is not YOU – it’s what you’re carrying of other’s.

You can have what you want. But not as things are now. First, we make some changes to connect you back with your truest self. And then, you embark on the rest of your life.

I have done ALL of this work and then some for myself. And I have helped so many clients to do the same via business mindset coaching and mentoring. It’s not you – it’s the code. When we can decode, decondition & decipher exactly what’s going on, you no longer need to keep doing it.

Freedom, fulfilment and flexibility await. Not to mention more FUN!

Once we do the inner work, we can move on to strategy; growth and streamlining. But I’ve seen it so many times – if you grow quickly without having the mindset game strong, it will bring you undone.

You don’t need to know anything else right now apart from the next right step for you. If you want to do some journalling? Go right ahead. Some therapy? Be my guest. Some absolutely transformational coaching and mentoring? I’m your gal. Book in your complimentary 30mins Clarity Call and let’s see how I can help. Because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and you don’t need to keep unknowingly making the mistakes of a burnt out business owner.

Kylie x

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