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Connection, Community, Collaboration.

Are you starting up your business or have a side hustle? These monthly events are an opportunity to gain support while you get out of your comfort zone; share experiences with likeminded people; collaborate with others; connect and learn about mindset and business growth.

Call In Your Desires In 4 Simple Steps

A Workshop on Manifesting Your Big Goal or Dream

This online workshop is an opportunity to learn my 4 step process to working with the energy from the universe to reach your big goal or dream. Whether you’re in business or not, these steps are the best way to manifest what it is you’re seeking this year, and start to bring it to life. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, gain clarity, feel enthusiastic, excited and ready to take action, and avoid procrastination and overwhelm by doing so. Come and join us!

Not Networking - Thursday 2 June 2022

June Topic: Getting VISIBLE in business – REELS; video; stories and more.

One of the things that can be SO HARD (I feel you!) is to show up in biz and reach your audience in different ways.

If you’re not showing up on socials with ‘talk to camera’ stories; Instagram REELS; your face (!); videos or telling your own story, there are mindset blocks around this.

Come along and unpack the mindset that is keeping you stuck in biz and resulting in leaving money (lots of it) on the table!

If you’re looking for:

– business growth

– more followers

– becoming known as an expert in your field

– attracting raving fans

– having a range of different services

you need to be able to overcome your fears around being visible in your business.

It will be costing you time; energy; money and your self esteem.

Book in for our June event and learn how to shift your mindset so you can SHOW UP more in your business and stop being the best kept secret in your field.

Not Networking events are for you if you are a female entrepreneur who is starting out in business; growing your business or have a side hustle.

If you sometimes find running a business lonely and would like to surround yourself with a community of women who inspire and energise each other, this would be perfect for you..

This is a fabulous opportunity to take time away from the business to learn, connect and have some fun, as well as to learn practical mindset and business strategies that you can walk away with and start to implement immediately..

To top it off, you’ll have ongoing access to our dedicated private facebook group so that you can share your wins; ask questions; share resources and let others know what you’re offering each week.

These events are on a pay as you go basis with no obligations attached.

Kylie x

Date: Thursday 5 May 2022

Time: 10:00 AM to 11.30 AM

Where: Zoom (the link will be sent the week prior AND on the morning of the event @ 9am AEST)

Topic: Getting Visible in Business

Cost: $37

Price includes:

  • booking fee
  • GST

Some card fees may apply depending on your method of payment.

Call In Your Desires In 4 Easy Steps

A Workshop To Help You To Manifest Your Desires Easily & Effortlessly.


Do you have a big goal or dream this year?

If you’re in business, it might be that you want to:

  • Write a book.
  • Provide a new program.
  • Set up a new membership.
  • Create a new online offering.
  • Include a new revenue stream.

And if not, maybe you want to:

  • gain clarity on your dream job
  • get clear on your ideal lifestyle
  • get that promotion or advancement you’ve been dreaming of
  • start studying but have no idea where to start
  • make changes to a relationship(s)

Whatever it is, I’m guessing there is something new coming this year, no matter how big or small.

You may keep putting it off because those little friends called ‘overwhelm’ and ‘procrastination’ keep coming round for a cuppa and result in you making no progress, despite a lot of ‘thinking about it’.

This workshop is going to teach you how to change all of that, and help you to start attracting the results and experiences you desire, no matter how big or lofty.

All The Deets:

Date: Mon 14 Feb 2022

Time: 10 am – 12 pm AEDT (Melb / Syd time)

Investment: $200 + GST

Delivery Method: Via zoom – it will be recorded so if you can’t join us live, you can watch (and re-watch it) at your leisure. But if you possibly can, join LIVE!


If you’ve been curious about the Law of Attraction or the art of manifestation, this is not to be missed. I will walk you through the exact steps which you will apply to your specific situation.

People have manifested their dream home (and moved in!); a space to run a retreat from; their idyllic everyday lifestyle that they want to experience consistently; financial goals and so much more.

If you’re curious, come and join us – well, only if your big dreams, goals and desires are worth at least a couple of hundred bucks 😉 But I’m guessing the value far exceeds that.

This will be recorded so you can re-visit it as often as you wish, and it will be intimate, a safe space and a beautiful warm container for you, in which to relax, get curious and start to make the magic happen.

I hope to see you there!

How It Works:

You join us on the Zoom call at the specified time and come into a container where I teach you the 4 Steps To Manifesting Your Business Desires. These are the steps that I take my 1:1 private coaching clients through; that I use myself; and that I have used in past workshops. In other words, they’re tried; they’re tested and they just work. Yes – IF you then take action and ‘do the work’ (there’s just no getting round that bit my friend, but those 4 steps make it SO much easier!)

You find out WHY we use these; what they are and can ask questions to gain clarity.

You will come into a space with other entrepreneurs who are showing up to learn a different way as well. Who know that if they keep putting it off, it will never happen. And who are ready to back themselves to make a decision that feels right for their business and the results they want to get this year. Hanging out with likeminded people elevates your experience even more.

This IS For You If:

  • You’ve heard about manifesting but haven’t quite worked out how to make it work for you. Yet.


  • You have something you want to launch out into the world but are stuck in overwhelm and procrastination


  • You realise that by investing a couple of hours and a couple of hundred bucks that you will EASILY get that money back as a return on your investment (and will likely far exceed this if you take action)


  • You’re ready for business to feel easy and to flow naturally


  • You trust yourself to make a decision in the best interests of your business, and back yourself when your intuition starts whispering (or yelling) into your ear (you need to read my recent blog post on exactly this if you haven’t read it yet)


  • You are ready to get your idea out into the world, and work out the next steps that feel right for you by being guided through tried and tested processes that I use with my private clients, myself and in my previous workshops, which leave people feeling inspired, excited and pumped for what’s next (and of course, you’re allowed to have questions! Just ask and I can answer any for you)


  • You want your business to support the lifestyle you choose, instead of being a slave to the biz 

What You Will Learn:

  • How to bypass the strategies you’re being told to do (literally by a mentor, friend, well meaning business associate or whichever damn algorithm is feeding you that stuff) but even though you’re tempted to grab the ‘magic bullet’ you know it isn’t going to cut it (that’s your intuition speaking).


  • To learn the 4 steps that must be taken (AND are totally unique to you, your business and your own situation) for you to do this with ease.


  • To execute in a way that feels energising, aligned, uplifting and completely possible (rather than overwhelming; leading to procrastination; feeling ‘hard’ and causing you to doubt the true epic juiciness of whatever you want to put out into the world – what a travesty!!)

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