Hey there, I'm Kylie Broadfoot!

A behaviour expert and Human Design coach

With a background in neurological occupational therapy, I have spent decades working with people, honing my skills and knowledge in understanding human behaviour.

Fuelled by an ongoing quest for change and personal growth, I enrolled in a rigorous 2-year Master Practitioner of Coaching course, delved into the study of neurolinguistic programming, and became certified in Extended DISC, (a behavioural profiling tool). These experiences expanded my toolkit and equipped me with diverse techniques to support my clients.

In 2015, I established my own business while pursuing my studies. Along the way, I immersed myself in various aspects of coaching and mentoring, facilitating workshops, and organising both virtual and in-person events.

My Career

Throughout my career, I’ve discovered my true passion, skills, and expertise lie in helping people transform their lives by addressing key areas of personal growth. Here are the areas where I excel:

Seeing the Patterns of Behaviour: I recognise and bring conscious awareness to behavioural patterns that continue to be repeated, mostly unknowingly. By demystifying these patterns, I empower individuals to understand themselves better, gain insights into their actions and expand their choices.

Shifting Limiting Beliefs: Many of our decisions and behaviours are influenced by unconscious stories and limiting beliefs. I specialise in helping clients navigate and transform these beliefs, freeing them from the constraints of who they feel they should be and opening doors to new possibilities.

Establishing Effective Boundaries: Boundaries play a crucial role in our overall well-being. I can guide you in learning effective boundary-setting techniques and communication skills. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries can help to prevent exhaustion and burnout while creating win-win outcomes where possible.

Overcoming Unsupportive Behaviours: People-pleasing, perfectionism, and rescuing others are just a few examples of behaviours that can have a negative impact on our lives. I provide tailored support to help you to shift these unsupportive behaviours, creating healthier and more empowering patterns.

Meaningful Wellbeing Practices: In our constantly busy world, prioritising self-care is essential. I assist clients to feel worthy of taking time out for themselves without feeling guilty, knowing that everyone wins when they do this. Together, we explore ways to replenish your energy and find balance, allowing you to thrive rather than constantly feeling depleted.

Harnessing the Power of Human Design:  This is an incredible tool for developing self-awareness, giving yourself permission to be uniquely yourself, and understanding others. Whether you’re an individual, a leader, a business owner, or part of a team, Human Design provides invaluable insights into how you are uniquely wired to use your energy, make decisions, and find aligned opportunities. It’s like discovering the roadmap you’ve always searched for but have yet to find.

By leveraging my expertise, knowledge and human behaviour skills, I am committed to helping you experience greater satisfaction, success, peace, and delight. Whether you’re looking for personal growth, professional development, or more fulfilling relationships, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.

I love bringing a sense of lightness to serious conversations, helping people to lean in and embrace curiosity, discomfort and growth.

If you’re into Human Design, I’m a 1 / 3 Generator, here to follow what lights me up and brings a deep sense of satisfaction. I love to dive deep and become a trusted expert in topics I’m passionate about. As well as to find a new way of doing things and sharing what I’ve learnt along the way.

As a family, we made a seachange about 5 years ago to live on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia and absolutely love the coastal lifestyle.

I know all about the juggle. I’m kept busy wearing multiple hats with 2 teens, an English hubby, a black Labrador and running a business.

When I’m not working I love an early morning Pilates class, walking the dog at the beach, reading in the backyard when the sun’s out, my morning coffee (preferably outside) and nature walks. My other loves are travel, eating out and catching up with fabulous friends.

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