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If you don’t know me, I am on a mission to help female small business owners to live a life they love.

As a qualified coach and mentor with a ton of study, training, experience and world-class methodologies / frameworks, I assist women to let go of the stories that have been holding them back; to stop people-pleasing; and to empower themselves to live a life of choice where they get to shine.

I started up KMB Coaching in 2015 after working for many years as an occupational therapist with clients with neurological conditions and often anxiety and depression as well.

My passion is in assisting high achievers who never have any time for themselves and are:

  • Exhausted
  • Time-poor;
  • Stressed out, and
  • Unfulfilled

To learn how to:

  • Embrace their authentic selves;
  • Develop healthy boundaries;
  • Create 6-8 hours per week of time they never used to have, and
  • Give themselves permission to do what lights them up

This creates ripples of change in parenting; relationships; business / work; health; finances and so on.

Having spent decades keeping everyone else happy, feeling anxious; playing small and avoiding the spotlight, I can assure you that I have done the internal work to learn first hand the keys to overcoming this for myself (it’s called walking your talk), and that’s part of the reason why I can help others to create rapid, transformational and lasting change, whilst also being vulnerable and real about it.  

My key offerings are:

  • 1:1 coaching and mentoring via phone / Zoom;
  • Facilitation of workshops
  • Incredible immersion Retreats to assist busy working mums to create time for themselves and the thinking that goes with this; and
  • Behavioural profiling (Extended DISC certified) so that you know what makes you tick; know how to communicate most effectively with others and can sell effectively   

I am also juggling all the things:  I am mum to 2 absolute legends, James and Josie (12 & 10); wife to my life partner Stuart, an Englishman who I met while travelling in Thailand; and we have  an attention-seeking but adorable black lab called Purdey. 

I love music; dancing; family bike rides; beach walks; travelling (pre-kids!); hanging out with friends and family and I’m kinda weird in that I love to read recipe books like they’re novels.

Oh and not taking life too seriously – that’s why fun on the daily is a must.

So how about we tee up a chat and see how I can help YOU to create a life you absolutely love.

Kylie x

I know many women who believe “that’s just the way it is right now”, or “I’m lucky to be in the job I’m in”.  I help them to see even more, what’s possible.

Coaching and running my business brings so much joy and satisfaction to my life.  I know firsthand, as a wife and mum of 2, that there are challenges and competing priorities.

It’s never too late to be the person you’ve always wanted to be, because you are already.  We just need to get back to the real YOU.

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