Hi there, lovely lady.

I know your time is PRECIOUS, so let’s cut right to the chase and let me share what I do so you know quickly if this is… or of course is not… for you.

I assist HIGH-ACHIEVING women, who are very capable, efficient and driven in a range of areas in their lives yet feel unfulfilled; alone; DIRECTIONLESS and are out of touch with how they feel because they spend so much of their time STUCK in their heads.

They usually lack truly intimate connection, both with others and with themselves.

They often experience high levels of stress and resort to eating, drinking, shopping, social media and / or  other behaviours that help to make life feel better in the moment, yet leave self-care pretty low down on the list of priorities.  Which can lead to feelings of guilt; not being enough; not being able to be authentically true to themselves and kinda like crap (technical term).

So what this boils down to is that you can achieve SO MUCH, and yet still feel like there’s SOMETHING MISSING but have NO IDEA how to find it.

If this sounds a lot like you, and you’d love to identify exactly what it is that would give your life purpose; meaning; fun; fulfillment; happiness; inner peace and a freedom to be authentically YOU, AS WELL AS finding out the roadmap for how to get there, then how about we arrange a chat?

Kylie x

I know many women who believe “that’s just the way it is right now”, or “I’m lucky to be in the job I’m in”.  I help them to see even more, what’s possible.

Coaching and running my business brings so much joy and satisfaction to my life.  I know firsthand, as a wife and mum of 2, that there are challenges and competing priorities.

That drives me to help my clients to get the outcomes they want.  Because burnout isn’t the new black.

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