Getting to The Heart of Kylie Minogue’s Human Design

Kylie Broadfoot - Human Design Coach

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s but seeing all the media coverage afterwards, I couldn’t help but notice the powerhouse women who were both performing, receiving awards and presenting awards.

From the marketing genius of Taylor Swift (I’ve done an article on her Human Design already) using her acceptance speech to announce the launch of a new album, to the longevity and many incarnations of Kylie, to the Flowers performance by Miley Cyrus and so much more.

As a self-confessed Human Design nerd, it all got too much and I had to research their Human Designs to make sense of it all.

If you haven’t heard of it, Human Design is the most incredible tool for showing us who we really are: how to maximise our energy, the best way to make decisions, our natural strengths and so much more.

As an Australian, Kylie’s Human Design got the deep dive. Having grown up with her on my TV as Charlene in Neighbours back in the day, to seeing her in concert, her recovery from breast cancer and returning to touring, and now with her latest Grammy (plus a wine range and perfumes) all at the age of 55, well she’s an inspiration.

Kylie is a Projector (like Taylor Swift) which means that her energy will naturally come and go. Projectors have wisdom and depth to them, seeing how things can be improved and done differently. They thrive when they’re appreciated for their valuable insights, and feelings of ‘success’ are the green light that they’re on the right track. When they wait for the right invitations, instead of chasing success or trying to do more, they can find less resentment and resistance, and feel more aligned and recognised.

Rolling Stone noted last year that Kylie ‘rarely steps into proper studios anymore to record. Instead, she travels around with a Telefunken microphone set-up so that she can record herself whenever the mood strikes, or a demo comes in’. “Home recording and just being able to play any time is preferable to me,” she says.  It’s the perfect way to save energy and enable her to record when she’s feeling it. Her new Las Vegas residency is another way of managing her time and energy, being grounded in the one place, instead of constantly travelling like she does while touring.

In Human Design terms, she has an undefined Identity centre, meaning she can be a chameleon, wearing many masks and embracing many genres. She has continued to reinvent herself in music over the last almost four decades, rather than feeling compelled to keep showing up in the same way. She went from girl next door in Locomotion, to embracing her sex kitten phase dating the lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence; teamed up with Nick Cave for Where the Wild Roses Grow, and then moved into disco Kylie era with Spinning Around. 

Kylie started out in the character of Charlene on Neighbours at the age of 18, back in the 80s. After a couple of years she took a chance on singing with the production company, Stock Aitken Waterman and launched her debut single, Locomotion. As this Guardian article says:

Rolling Stone put it this way:

After 20 years as a performer, she was described by BBC‘s Fiona Pryor as a fashion “trend-setter” and a “style icon who constantly reinvents herself”  

She has a defined Ego centre which explains her consistent and high level of motivation and dedication to her craft. When she puts her heart into something, she will see it through until the end. It’s so important for her to only say yes to the things she has the energy to complete.

The Ego centre is all about the heart, willpower, and motivation, and hearts seem to show up again and again for Kylie Her favourite item in her wine range is the rose Prosecco, which just so happens to have heart shapes all over the bottle.

Likewise, her viral single Padam Padam is named after the sound of a heartbeat.

She has a collaborative or small split Definition, which means working in partnership can be so helpful. She does this with songwriting and credits her long-term friend and collaborator Biff with helping her to connect to her natural intuition and write instinctively. She says:

“I find when I write with Biff, I write really instinctively, initially. I feel like I can be expressive and less formulaic in a way”.

She has a channel that connects the intuitive nature of her Spleen centre with her Throat (the communication centre), enabling her to envision new ways of doing things before others can, and giving voice to her instincts and intuition. 

She also has the channel of community, “There is a family around her of friendship, love and trust. And it’s tight, like a lot of great artists’’.

Her Profile is also a 2/4: the 4th line is all about growing a community, working with people who feel like friends, and developing a close network.

She famously has a long-lasting and steadfast relationship with the LGBQTI+ community, and at 55 years old, still has adoring fans of all types, more recently the Gen Z audience. She knows how to nurture her community and appears genuinely grateful for her fans. Her family and friends are also hugely important to her, and she mentions them often in interviews. She moved back to Melbourne after almost 30 years of living in London to be closer to her family, before moving to the US to take up her Vegas residency.

With a defined Emotional centre (solar plexus) she has a natural wave of the full range of emotions. In the Rolling Stone interview, she says “I’m happiest when I feel like I’ve expressed some deep emotion or thoughts that I’m struggling with and it’s like talking with a friend.” “Speaking your truth is helpful. When I am able to do that, I like to almost paint it instead of just spilling it out. I like to have some poetry with it to not be entirely obvious.”

Kylie has a perfect cathartic outlet to work through it all. “I sing to process everything. I perform to process,” she revealed. Sometimes I think I live to perform.” A Vanity Fair article describes her as ‘fun and bright—luminous even. She’ll make you giggle and cry and dance. Want to have a nice time? Go with Kylie!’

Kylie Broadfoot - Human Design coach

As mentioned, Kylie has a 2/4 Profile which is how she can connect with her purpose. The 2 is all about having natural gifts that come easily to her (hello, singing, dancing, entertaining, reinvention), and the 4 reflects her love of community.

At 55 years old, Kylie has been in her Chiron Return since age 50. Important themes of this are Shock and Drive, grounded by Intuition and new beginnings.

‘Right now, in my life, in my career, it feels like the perfect point, the perfect moment where, I’ve got the catalogue, I’ve got the history, but I’ve also got the drive and the ambition to go so much further”, she said.

I think it’s safe to say she’s well on her way to embracing new beginnings, with her Las Vegas residency, receiving a Grammy for Best Pop Dance Recording (20 years after her first Grammy), relocating both to Australia and then to the US, and launching her wine range in 2022. Given she was only able to soft launch it due to the pandemic, her home page notes that they’re ‘the number one Rosé brand in the UK and [have sold] over eight million bottles since we launched and are now in over thirty-one countries’.

Her Intuition is helping her to connect to the right timing of opportunities (for example, her Vegas residency, when in the past she’d said she wasn’t pursuing the American market).

‘In 2020, the pop star became the first woman in the U.K. to have a number one album for five straight decades’. It’s another nod to her willpower, intuition, drive, not to mention her well-honed skills grounded in her solid determination (both of which are part of her purpose).

All of this is just part of Kylie’s Human Design, and there’s so much more! If you’d like to find out about your Human Design, you can book a single session here. Or get in touch to discuss opportunities to bring a Human Design workshop to your team.


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