Why I Love Using Human Design For Business Owners.

Using human design with women in business

Some will love it. Some will hate it. But for me? I’m sold on the benefits of using Human Design for business. And for life in general, for that matter.

Although Human Design has quite the bizarre origin story, I’m all about taking a holistic approach to how something is impacting you.

Back in the day, I used to work as a neurological Occupational Therapist. I quickly realised that I was far less interested in the specific areas of the brain that had been impacted than how it was impacting them.

Two people could present identically, in terms of having had a stroke that appeared the same on testing, but had vastly different functional, social and other impacts.

I knew the impairment itself wasn’t the key. I wanted to understand how it was playing out for this person in day to day life.

So why Human Design for business owners?

Well, the same is true with Human Design. I’m interested in how ta person resonates with what I share from their chart. Theoretically, one could go down the proverbial rabbit hole ad infinitum and unpack ALL of the information contained within the chart.

However, I know that doing that would most likely be utterly overwhelming and a turn-off.

You see, to me it’s about working out what clues you can pick up about how you’re designed and can best operate optimally in business and life.

I frequently talk with women who are exhausted, resentful and depleted. Women who feel like business is ‘hard’ and have absolutely no time left for themselves or the people they love most.

They WANT life to be easier – business; home life; parenting; relationships; friendships; health; rest.

But how?!

I often tell clients to take what they like, and leave what they don’t. You are the expert on you, and Human Design is often the permission piece to do things in a way you’ve always known, but maybe have doubted.

When I help clients to understand what their chart shows, I do it in a way that feels very empowering. I check in regularly to see what’s being processed and how it resonates. They consider how what I’m sharing applies to them, and I give space for any questions. It’s the way I work in general, and this is no different.

Human Design is a tool and I believe that any tool that you are using should be beneficial and empowering, not seek to limit you, put you in a box or disempower you.

It’s the same as when I used to use Extended DISC (I’m a certified profiler). There was no pigeon holing and telling people what they couldn’t or shouldn’t do, but some people use it that way.

Human Design utilises information related to your date, time and place of birth. This is partly why it’s not for some people, because their woo-woo-barometer starts flashing (kidding, kind of). And I’m totally fine with that! I don’t seek to ‘convince’ anyone. Why would I, when there are so many people who already see the benefits, or are curious to learn?! There’s no right or wrong, just what feels right for you in any given moment in time.

There are 5 main types of Human Design each with their own gifts.

Understanding these can make such a difference.

Whether it’s energy management; decision making; knowing what to pursue, and what feels right, these can be pivotal in creating change.

I personally have chosen to embrace this in my own life. This is a big reason why I’m sharing Human Design.

It just lights me up and makes so much sense to me. I only share it with who are curious (the same as anything else I offer!) And it complements what I already do in such a powerful way, and so I’m all for it.

There are 5 main Types in Human Design, and these are:

  • Reflectors – this type makes up approximately 1% of the population
  • Manifestors – ~ 9%)
  • Projectors – 22%
  • Manifesting Generators – 32%
  • Generators – 36%

It’s important to know that even though you may be the same ‘type’ as someone else, you are most definitely not the same, and there are other key components at play that differentiate you.

Learning about my own Type and how I’m best suited to making decisions has been so powerful for me. I can honestly say that I’ve been making decisions from up in my head most of my life!

It’s also been huge in terms of helping me to better understand my family, and especially my kids.

My little whirlwind Manifesting Generator daughter who flits from one thing to the next, leaving a bomb site wherever she’s been. And yet, I see her creativity, passion, bold ideas … and also her need to use up her energy before bed lol.

Knowing that both my children benefit from ‘sleeping on’ a decision. When it came to talking through my son’s subject choices for Year 9 recently, we worked through most of it and then he took some time to think it through for a few days, and then he had clarity (his decision making style is ‘wait for clarity’).

I also offer them yes / no questions a lot more, and know that I benefit from this also. It’s how we tap into that gut knowing of which is the option we want (and of course, sometimes the answer is neither).

And just like with our children or partner, it can be so helpful for knowing how to best interact with team members; who you want to guide you (eg coach / mentor / advisor) and even clients (depending on the nature of your work!)

Knowing how much we are living in accordance with our design comes down to conditioning, part of the work I do with my clients.

The work then is about deconditioning the areas where we’re living out of alignment. Do this, and you will feel like business and life feel a lot more streamlined and in flow. What’s not to love?

I see and help to interpret the massive impact that Human Design can have for business owners. This can be anything from how best to work with your energy to avoid burnout. To making decisions around offers / pricing / marketing. To whether you want to show up on socials or a podcast or reels and in what way.

This can ultimately help you to feel aligned, congruent and on track with your business and where it’s going. So that it stops feeling so damn hard and you find your flow instead.

  • Want to know your own Human Design Type? Check it out for free here.
  • Would you like your own 1 hour Human Design session? To learn more about what makes you tick and how to implement some of the learnings into your own business and life, feel free to book in here.
  • If you prefer the deep-dive approach, I’m bringing Human Design to my luxury retreat for women in business. Feel free to check it out to grab one of the remaining spots.

Kylie x


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