Harnessing Collective Strengths: Elevate Your Team's Cohesion, Performance, Engagement and Practical Tools for Growth

No matter how cohesive your team is, there’s always room for growth. Understanding each team member’s unique operating style and harnessing the collective strengths can bring next-level cohesion, motivation, and optimised high performance to the workplace.

Power of Human Design

The Power of Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a potent and sensitive tool that integrates wisdom from various sources, including the Kabbalah, I Ching, Chakra systems, Astrology, quantum physics and genetics. It provides profound insights into unique characteristics and tendencies, which helps with boosting engagement, productivity, high performance, cohesion and satisfaction.

Understanding and Application

Team sessions can be done in various ways, including a general introduction to Human Design to help each person understand their best decision making style, way of communicating and best way of working. Or some teams prefer a deeper dive, which can be done via a Human Design Team Analysis. This involves reviewing each person’s Human Design, key strengths of the team, how to find more alignment in working together, how to navigate any differences and how to perform optimally.

Embracing Diversity, Enhancing Performance and Satisfaction

Improving Team Cohesion

Friction often arises when we expect others to mirror our ways of thinking and operating. Human Design empowers individuals to recognise and embrace the diverse talents, operating styles, and nuances of their team members. This recognition promotes a culture of harmony, satisfaction, and fulfilment, ultimately amplifying overall team performance.

Benefits of Human Design in Teams

  • Harmony: Understand and appreciate the unique qualities of each team member.
  • Satisfaction: Fostering an environment where individuals feel valued, engaged and understood.
  • Fulfilment: Tapping into the collective strengths for amplified success and preventing burnout and overworking.
  • Performance Amplification: Utilising the insights gained to enhance team outcomes for high performance.

Team Sessions That Transform

Team Offerings

Team workshops are tailored to the needs of the company. Popular workshops are an Introduction to Human Design for Teams which provides a practical understanding of key aspects of Human Design and how this relates to the team.

Or a more detailed Team Analysis which involves reviewing each team member’s Human Design, using this information to analyse the team as a whole and the best ways to harness team unity, performance and wellbeing. We look at strengths, potential gaps and practical tools to work with this information to amplify impact, deepen understanding of each person and help them to perform at their best in a way that feels good to them.

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