The 5 Different Human Design Definitions and How To Harness These in Work & Teams

Understanding the ‘Definition’ of yourself and your team can be so helpful to learn how you and they process information in a way that is best for them, as well as understanding team dynamics.

Human Design is an intricate web of information that helps us to understand ourselves and each other better. ‘Definition‘ is just one part of this but there are many so more (such as Type, Profile, Channels (natural strengths), Inner Authority etc). These fit together like an elaborate jigsaw, each piece giving more clarity on the bigger picture.

To look up what Definition you are, you can head here and note what’s listed under ‘Definition’.

  • This is the second most common definition (approx. 41% of the population. 
  • People with this Definition work quickly and efficiently when they have the space and time to get into their zone. Clients that I know with this Definition work fast! They get so much done (and if they happen to be a Manifesting Generator as well, look out!)
  • They may get frustrated if there are too many meetings and want to just on with their work
  • They take in information quickly and don’t tend to seek out others for help or inspiration.
  • Being asked to constantly ‘collaborate’ will feel tedious, and like it slows them down.
  • It can be tempting to expect everyone else to process and work as quickly as you do if you have this Definition. 
  • Allowing those with this Definition to have enough time to work independently will be highly beneficial, as well as not judging them for preferring space and time to themselves.
  • This is the most common one: approx. 46% of people have this Definition
  • If you or a team member has this they will benefit from being around others and working in collaboration. 
  • Working within a business partnership can create great outcomes. 
  • Connection with others may come from working on projects together or just from working ‘around’ others (in co-working spaces; cafes etc). I have this Definition and I regularly head to a cafe to work when I want to get work done more quickly and with more inspiration (eg writing a blog post; creating my newsletter etc). It just flows and takes me a lot less time.
  • Allowing them more time to process information can be so beneficial.
  • If you have this Definition and work with someone with an Independent Definition, this level of awareness can be so helpful in understanding each other better and not expecting each other to work in the same way.
  • Approx. 11% of the population
  • Someone with this Definition will benefit from having time and space to process information
  • It can be highly beneficial for them to work with different teams and people, and in different environments 
  • Working alone at times is beneficial, to complete work in a way that is helpful to them
  • A level of freedom within their role (coming in and out when needed) will be optimal eg with various clients, teams, spaces and projects
  • Allow them more time to take information in
  • Less than 1% of the population have this Definition
  • These people have a natural way of operating which means doing things in their own way and in a timeframe that works for them. 
  • They may come across as inflexible at times, but being able to allow this person to work in their own way will reap rewards, rather than expecting them to adapt. I was doing a 1:1 Human Design session with a business owner and consultant with this Definition, and she recognised that she had always operated in her own way, and knew exactly how she liked to work. It was highly successful for her as a result of not trying to operate more like others, and honouring her most natural way of doing work and business.
  • Rushing this person is unlikely to be beneficial to their work
  • Having a level of autonomy in a role and working with a variety of people and in different environments will be helpful
  • Approx. 1% of the population and this is the only one that correlates with the person’s Human Design Type of being a Reflector 
  • Those with this Definition can process information objectively and evaluate it (Reflectors are fabulous at evaluating what they’re noticing in a work environment, offering such beneficial insights)
  • Spending time in environments and around people that feel healthy is crucial
  • Spending time alone is also vital
  • Avoiding rushing to process information or make decisions is key

In addition to all of this, a Team Analysis is beneficial in pulling together the Human Design of different members of the team, because as a unit, this can create a new Definition. For example, when working together the team may create an Independent definition, which is helpful to know.

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