Helpful Boundaries for Work & Business, Based on Human Design Type

Boundaries for business, work and leadership with Kylie Broadfoot

Boundaries are a sense of what’s ok and what’s not ok, according to the wonderfully wise Brene Brown

it’s really common for people to struggle with asserting their boundaries, and this is particularly challenging if conditioning has impacted their sense of identity (eg good girl, people pleasing, overachieving).

Learning your Human Design can make a big difference to knowing when you’re on the right track, and where you may have strayed from the best path for you.

Here are some examples of boundaries, based on the 5 different Human Design Types:

Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors. If you’re not sure which one you are, you can look it up here


  • I say no to things that will leave me feeling frustrated and depleted.
  • I prioritise my own wellbeing, knowing that this gives others around me a boost as well
  • As a business owner, I offer services that I can’t contain my excitement about
  • I let people around me know that if I feel stuck, options can help me to tap into my gut response.
  • I let go of services that no longer feel exciting and fulfilling, even if they once did.
  • I remind myself that waiting to respond is much more effective than trying to initiate.

Manifesting Generators:

  • I give myself permission to pursue multiple areas of passion
  • I don’t listen to those who tell me I have too much on my plate if those things leave me feeling so lit up and satisfied
  • I know that I can make things happen quickly, but I don’t expect others to be the same
  • I give myself permission to let go of the things that no longer excite or satisfy me
  • I know that I don’t fit in a box and don’t expect myself to follow a traditional path
  • I make sure I’m supported by someone who is great at step-by-step processes 
  • When I notice I’m stuck up in my head, I remind myself to come back to my gut


  • I don’t share my insights and wisdom with those who haven’t invited me to or appreciate and recognise it when I do
  • I relinquish the drive to fill my calendar, attempting to do as much as possible
  • I honour my wind-down routine at night
  • I offer programs and services that feel like success to me
  • I let go of the things that leave me feeling resentful or bitter
  • I focus on showing up, knowing that invitations often flow from here
  • I remind myself to seek support in my work or business, instead of trying to do it all


  • I remind myself not to take it personally if someone isn’t ready for me
  • I avoid following the crowd, and instead pave a new path
  • I lean into my rest cycles as much as I embrace my creative bursts
  • I have compassion for myself when it feels hard to be the trailblazing innovator, always going first
  • I recognise when my part of a project or work is done, and seek support for the remainder of the doing
  • I choose to work in places that fit with my desire for independence and autonomy
  • I do my best to keep others in the loop and ask that they do the same for me
  • I offer services and programs that allow me to feel calm and peaceful
  • I let others know that I don’t thrive when being asked all the questions


  • I respect my need for time and patience when making bigger decisions
  • I give myself permission to rest when I need to
  • I remind myself that it can be fun to be around those with a lot of energy and excitement, but that my own space and energy are precious too
  • I allow myself to move between spaces that feel good to me
  • I curate my circle of people based on who feels good to be around
  • I work in a way that feels uniquely right for me, rather than the way others are doing it
  • I let go of things that feel disappointing 
  • I offer services and programs that tap into my desire for surprise and delight
  • I offer my insightful reflections only to those who have invited my input and initiated me into sharing

Other parts of our Human Design can feed into what boundaries are best for each individual person. Sometimes, we can resonate with what is listed under a different Type as well, for a variety of reasons.

Understanding both ourselves and others better means we can help to keep each other on track, respect each others’ boundaries, and reduce friction or misunderstandings in the workplace.

<< To learn more about boundaries specific to you or your team, feel free to book in a single session, book a Let’s Chat Clarity Call to find out more about Human Design Coaching (for business, work or leadership) or contact me to discuss how to find out ways I can work with you and your team >>


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