The 5 Different Human Design Definitions and How To Harness These in Work & Teams

Understanding the ‘Definition’ of yourself and your team can be so helpful to learn how you and they process information in a way that is best for them, as well as understanding team dynamics. Human Design is an intricate web of information that helps us to understand ourselves and...

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Helpful Boundaries for Work & Business, Based on Human Design Type

Boundaries for business, work and leadership with Kylie Broadfoot

Boundaries are a sense of what’s ok and what’s not ok, according to the wonderfully wise Brene Brown.  it’s really common for people to struggle with asserting their boundaries, and this is particularly challenging if conditioning has impacted their sense of identity (eg good girl, people pleasing, overachieving). Learning...

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Embracing Team Diversity: Harnessing Human Design for Effective Collaboration

Team members collaborating and discussing ideas in a vibrant workspace, representing the power of Human Design in enhancing teamwork and productivity

When working in a team or business partnership, it’s important to recognise that each individual operates differently. We often assume that others function in the same way we do, expecting them to have the same energy levels, decision-making speed, need for alone time, and communication style.  However, embracing the...

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