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Do you relate to being a capable, competent professional or business owner who gets great results but feels like something is missing?

Do you regularly get to work early; leave late and frequently check emails at night even though you keep saying you need to stop doing it?

Are you a working mum who is frantically juggling work life; home life; kids’ activities; trying to get a half-decent meal together and fit in a walk here and there (admittedly, it’s mostly when you’re running late to a meeting or school pick up) while feeling like there is not one minute left in the day for you and that there isn’t really a different way to manage all of this – that it’s just ‘how it is’?

Would it help if I told you that I completely understand and that it doesn’t need to be this way?

I have done all of the above.. and more.  And I’m here to tell you – it did not leave me feeling happy.  Or fulfilled.  Or anything but exhausted.

I felt disconnected; like something was wrong with me because I couldn’t manage all of the challenges of life effortlessly; and like there must be something more.

Being a people-pleaser and never being able to say ‘no’ to what people wanted me to do created a rod for my own back.  It meant I keep taking on more and more and then had less time; less energy; more frustration and no quality time with my family.  I wonder if you can relate?

Helping clients to let go of the need to constantly do more; please everyone else and have their own needs at the bottom of the pile, is what I’m really passionate about.

When people can let go of the thinking that has been holding them back, without them even knowing they were doing it (because it’s subconscious), they are open to creating life the way they want it.  Which might be to:

  • Leave work at work, and be really present with their kids instead of on their phones.
  • Or to leave work on time and go for a walk.
  • Stop people-pleasing and be able to say no if it’s not something they want to do, without feeling guilty
  • Sleep better because they’re no longer overthinking
  • Get more done in less time because they are not procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed so they just get it done.

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