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Are you a capable, competent female small business owner who gets great results but feels like something is missing?

Do you regularly start work early; finish late and find yourself generally a little too connected to your phone / laptop even though you keep saying you want to switch off more?

Are you craving some time just for you but feel too guilty to do it and actually enjoy it because of ALL the things that you know need doing that will still be there later?

I have done all of the above.. and more.  And I’m here to tell you – it did not leave me feeling happy.  Or fulfilled.  Or anything but exhausted.

I felt disconnected; like something was wrong with me because I couldn’t manage all of the challenges of life effortlessly; and like there must be something more.

Being a people-pleaser and never being able to say ‘no’ to what people wanted me to do created a rod for my own back.  It meant I keep taking on more and more and then had less time; less energy; more frustration and no quality time with my family.  I wonder if you can relate?  I also used to turn myself into a pretzel trying to squeeze appointments into my calendar when I could easily have made it another time, but felt inadequate if I was doing that.

I would love to help you to let go the constant feeling that you need to do more, and stop the cycle of going hard until you burn out or get sick.

If you’d love to feel energised; save 6-8 hours per week; have clarity on what would leave you feeling fulfilled and happy; and actually be more productive, we should talk!

If you’re curious to find out more, get in touch.

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