Are you ready to leverage your unique Human Design for the most impact, success and freedom?

Human Design is the most accurate, practical and empowering tool I’ve ever worked with. It helps each of us to understand our own gifts, challenges and path towards living and working in alignment. So often I work with people who are doing incredible work, but it’s tough: they’re usually exhausted, disillusioned and although they have some amazing results, it’s coming at a high personal cost. Or they’re incredibly frustrated because nothing seems to be working, even though they know they are here to have a big impact and improve the world in their own way. I help you to decipher your Design in a practical and empowering way so that you can find your flow in business or work; gain traction in terms of the results you’re seeking; and manage your energy so that what you’re doing is sustainable and effective for the greatest impact.

In a world that can encourage us to be more or less of many things, it can be so liberating to learn your own Human Design so that you can stop feeling like you need to operate in a way that isn’t natural for you. It also helps us to understand the differences and similarities we have with others- whether at work or in our personal life- so that we create more harmony, acceptance and permission for each person to do things in the way that’s most aligned for them.

With a background as a certified Extended DISC profiler, and before that being a human behaviour specialist (via my degree in Occupational Therapy and almost 20 years specialising in neurology), I’m no stranger to identifying what makes people tick. When I learnt about Human Design, I quickly realised that it was the most accurate, specific, potent and practical tool I’d ever witnessed. It’s like a cheat sheet for identifying where we’re off track, how to get back into more alignment with who we truly are, and steps to do that. It has been incredibly transformative for my own business and life overall, and I’m yet to meet someone who hasn’t deeply resonated with the information provided and been blown away by its accuracy.

Align With Your Inner Blueprint

Human Design offers an intricate, incredibly deep and sensitive framework that combines elements from various ancient systems, including the I Ching, astrology, the chakra system, and the Kabbalah with quantum physics and genetics. By providing your birth details – time, date, and place – we decipher your unique Human Design roadmap, which reveals powerful insights into your natural gifts, energy dynamics, decision-making strategies, and how to get the results you crave. Whether you’re a heart-led business owner wanting to amplify your marketing, strategy, offerings, message and revenue as well as creating a massive impact, or you’re a leader, looking for a career change or starting a side-hustle, this is for you.

How I Use Human Design to Help You Gain Clarity

I go beyond merely deciphering individual components of Human Design. I specialise in revealing how these components interconnect and influence each other, and how to embrace this for your business or leadership. Whether you’re an individual seeking personal clarity, a leader aiming to embody your innate leadership qualities, a business owner eager to grow your business and still have time for the freedom and flexibility you crave, or a team striving for high performance, I provide tailored guidance and strategies to help you flourish.

Enjoy Using Human Design

Why I Love Using Human Design to Help My Clients:

  • Practical Wisdom: My approach is grounded in practicality, ensuring that the potent insights of Human Design are accessible and applicable to your everyday life.
  • Holistic Approach: We focus on how all the aspects of your Human Design come together and apply a holistic framework to empower you to navigate life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.
  • Transformational Results: Transform your business, leadership, confidence, energy and results when you start to integrate your Human Design in a practical, actionable way.

Ready To Take Things To The Next Level?

Ready to elevate your results, magnify your potential and give yourself full permission to do things in your own unique way? Together, we unpack your innate strengths, your natural gifts, the lessons you’re here to learn and the untapped potential that lies within you. Discover your purpose, how to operate in a way that is fully aligned with who you are, and let go of comparisonitis and playing small.

Human Design is an intricate and powerful tool that reveals the guide to how to live your best life, whether as a business owner, within your career or leadership, and as a person.

If you’re curious to understand yourself better so that you can truly align with how you’re designed to operate at your best, book a session and let’s do it.

You’ll receive a one-hour 1:1 session via Zoom; the option to record the session; a cheat sheet with helpful information to come back to as a ready reckoner; and the opportunity to ask any questions. This session is practical, hyper-personalised and you will walk away with clear action steps and powerful concepts to put into action.

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In this segment, we discuss the different Types within Human Design and how to use this information to manage your energy in a sustainable way.

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