How to Use Your Human Design To Avoid Burning Out in Business This Year

Ready to find your flow in business and life this year?

Had enough of crawling to the elusive finish line and needing most of your break to recover?

Tired of trying ALL the things and finding they weren’t the solution you were hoping for?

I get it, I hear you and I can help.

Being a business owner is a challenge in and of itself. One year is almost certainly different to the next. You experience new things to test you and there are lessons to be learned whether you like it or not lol.

One of the biggest ones is finding a way to get the traction you want without burning out or disappearing from the life you actually want (where you have meaningful time with the people who are important to you, time for yourself and your health and wellbeing, and the right balance for you of work and living.

You don’t use your energy in a way that is consistent with your Human Design Type. Not everyone has consistent energy to draw on, and even if you do, you’re still not designed to do everything. Yep, hello boundaries! Allowing your energetic signature to guide you with the choices you make is so helpful.

For the various Types, this translates to:

Projectors: Know what your version of Success looks like, and choose services, clients and revenue streams that feel like that for you. Notice what gives you a sense of resentment or bitterness and let it go, hand it over to someone else or seek more support for it.

Reflectors: Allow surprise and delight to be your guidepost to what feels right for you as you go. This may be different things at different times. Seek support where needed and ensure you check in on your environment and who’s in it to make sure if feels like a good fit. Disappointment is your red flag that something is not aligned.

Understanding how to put yourself in the path of amazing opportunities is where your Strategy comes in. Whether you’re designed to respond to things happening around you, initiate new and wondrous things when that creativity hits, boost your visibility so that others can invite you to work or collaborate with them, or putting yourself in the right spaces, this is key. 

You’re not meant to say yes to every opportunity. If you do, you’ll end up burnt out and probably not experiencing your energetic signature (above) that lets you know when you’re on the right track. 

If you don’t know how to magnetise opportunities, you won’t have enough work or money coming in, which leads to hustle culture and overworking. 

Knowing what to say yes and no to is where the next piece comes in:

Your inner authority is your secret weapon. This is how you make the best decisions for YOU. What might be perfect for someone else might be a hard no for you.

If you make all your decisions according to what you think other people want, which services they want, what you think you should do to keep people happy, it is highly unlikely to work out well, especially in the longer term. It can lead to feelings of being stuck and not being able to walk away because you’re already ‘committed’. 

Understanding your Human Design Inner Authority is your litmus test for what’s a yay and what’s a nay. Or at least not yet.

Follow this and you’re far less likely to burn out because you’ll be making decisions that take you in the direction you want to go, and that feels most aligned. 

These are where we have the most lessons to learn. Our undefined centres shine a light on where we might be conditioned (doing what you do because it will keep someone else happy; making decisions based on fears that formed a long time ago; wanting to avoid conflict to keep the peace).

For example, if the spleen centre is undefined (unshaded or white) you are likely to make decisions based on fears (fear of inadequacy, fear of failure etc) if you haven’t yet learnt to move into the wisdom of these centres. Of course, that can lead to burnout because you’re trying to prove yourself constantly and avoiding the decisions that are most aligned for you, out of fear. For me, it’s been my open Ego centre and lack of self-worth that stemmed from this.

All of these, and so much more, can contribute to spreading yourself too thin, not getting the results you want in business OR getting the results but at a high price from a health, wellbeing and family perspective.

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