Are you ready for a coaching experience that delivers on the results you're craving?

Private coaching is for you if you’re ready to find an experienced ally who knows how to help you to get the outcomes you’re seeking. It’s a deeply transformational program that will provide accountability, deep clarity on what you actually want (which most people really aren’t clear on, and is why they keep ticking off goals but still don’t feel fulfilled or happy) and get lasting results by doing things in a way that is best for you.

Your Personalised Journey to Transformation

I don’t know about you but I’ve worked with many coaches and mentors who told me their way of getting results. It worked for them, so it should work for me. Right? Wrong! You may or may not have found yet that we all have an individual way of marketing, selling, offering our services, using our energy, making decisions, attracting incredible opportunities and more. When we try to do things in a way that isn’t natural for us, we meet more resistance, it feels so hard, it’s unsustainable and it won’t get you the traction you want.

Instead, helping you to understand yourself deeply, identify your own magic, and take aligned action will enable you to find your flow. You will magnetise the right opportunities. The right people will come knocking. And you’ll be amazed that you’re just doing what feels right for you. No more people-pleasing, workaholic tendencies, lack of healthy boundaries, or scattergun approach. Let me help you find YOUR path to your version of success and fulfilment.

Is Coaching Right for You?

Understanding your own best way of operating is crucial if you’re running a business. Instead of frantically buying the next course or investing in the next mentor or program and then finding that it doesn’t work – for YOU! –  let’s find your blueprint.

This means that when it comes to creating offers, pricing your products or services, feeling worthy, avoiding burnout, navigating the emotional rollercoaster of business and life, and finding a way to slow down and smell the roses instead of losing yourself to more work, you know with great clarity what will and won’t suit you. No more second-guessing your decisions, wasting your precious time, energy and money on things that don’t move the needle, and feeling inadequate or like you’re not doing something right because strategies that work for others just don’t work for you.

I know that you are here to have a positive impact in this world and you want to do that authentically, in a way that aligns with your values. But at the end of the day, you also deserve to be paid well for what you do; to grow your business and still have time for yourself and those you love, and to do work you love with people you love doing it with (clients, team, you name it!) The first step is awareness and from there you can start to trust yourself, back yourself, stop comparing yourself to others, and know exactly what will and won’t work for you. Stop outsourcing your best way of doing things and come back home to who you are at your core.

This is personalised coaching that’s completely tailored to what you need. You’ll get accountability; help to let go of the conditioning, stories and beliefs that are holding you back, and have someone on your team who can help you to connect with your own inner truth, to help you to know which ideas to pursue and take action on (and which ones are just a good idea) and to start to believe in and back yourself. I’ll help you to unlock your own magic and connect with your superpowers in a way that resonates with others.

Whether it’s sales, marketing, offers, opportunities, decision making, building your self belief and self worth, backing yourself and having confidence in where you’re going, I’ve got you. With decades of experience in helping people just like you to connect with their strengths, develop healthy boundaries, and achieve their goals, I’m who you want in your corner.

You’ll be curious, open to learning more about yourself and what makes you tick, be receptive to coaching and taking on new ideas or concepts, willing to take aligned action and open to having some fun. Because we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously. You’ll be committed to showing up, doing ‘the work’ and investing in yourself and your business.

The Transformative Process

Together, we embark on a completely personalised process tailored to you. It may include:

  • Clarifying Your Vision: Identifying how you want things to be. You probably think you know this. But after working with hundreds and hundreds of people, there’s every chance you don’t (not really).
  • Inner Work: We all have limiting beliefs, disempowering stories and can take on an identity that is holding us back. We can rapidly shift this so that you can move forward without those constraints.
  • Work out what’s authentically YOU: Stepping into the shoes of your most authentic self. Forget who you think you ‘should’ be. Learn who you ‘are’. Human Design points us to what is most natural for you, from how you make the best decisions, to how to craft and communicate your offers, to how to become magnetic to the right people. It’s priceless and once you do it, it’s so freeing. You’ll find more ease, flow, the best kind of opportunities, a level of self-trust that you can’t currently imagine, your own unique way of doing business, more impact, a flourishing business and not a cookie-cutter strategy in sight. Phew! This is what makes the world of difference in business.
  • Fulfilment: When you deeply connect with your vision, you will always feel fulfilled when you reach your goals. When you don’t, you keep striving for more, achieving more, but still don’t feel fulfilled. This is where the hamster wheel starts and it ends in exhaustion at best or burnout at worst.
  • Business Mentoring: Tailored mentoring and growth strategies aligned with your aspirations and your unique Human Design. With decades of expertise in work and human behaviour, coupled with an intricate understanding of Human Design, I know how to help you work out what feels right for you and to take aligned action in line with your vision. Whether it’s marketing, messaging, your offers, attracting incredible opportunities, navigating the establishment of healthy boundaries, pricing and more, we work out what your secret sauce is and how to apply that within both business and life overall.
  • Support, Accountability and Challenge: I’m your biggest supporter; will hold you accountable and will challenge you when you need it. We all thrive when we have tailored support and someone who believes in us even more than we believe in ourselves sometimes. I can’t do the work for you, but I will give you everything you need to thrive.

What's Included in Your Coaching Journey

  • A Discovery Workbook: You get access to this as soon as you sign up, so that you can start to gain clarity on what you want from your coaching program. Usually, people get more clarity and ‘aha’ moments by doing this, before they even start their coaching sessions! This is highly valuable and will help you to hone in on what’s keeping you stuck; what you actually want; and what your ideal outcomes are.
  • Human Design Blueprint: Get your personalised and detailed blueprint report delivered straight to your inbox
  • Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching Sessions: Approximately 1 hour each via Zoom with the option to record these. You book these via my online calendar and can book several weeks in advance.
  • Unlimited Voice Note Access: Reach out for additional coaching, questions, reflections, or check-ins from Monday to Friday @ 1 pm (yep, I walk my talk and have boundaries! That means I have Friday afternoons off. By modelling healthy boundaries as your coach and mentor, you get to experience and learn from this too).
  • Coaching Preparation Forms: The option to complete a preparation form before our sessions to hone your focus and bring awareness to your progress, blocks and wins.
  • Access to Online Events and Programs: Enjoy exclusive access to all online events and programs for as long as you’re a private client.

Tailored Programs to Fit Your Journey

Choose from various options with different inclusions:

  • 4-month and 6-month options
  • Payment plans available
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