The Reveal Of Taylor Swift’s Unique Human Design.

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Here in Australia, you’d have to have been living under a rock to have missed the release of tickets to Taylor Swift’s February 2024 concerts in Melbourne and Sydney that sent people into meltdown. Social medial was flooded with images and tales of multiple devices being loaded and queued in an attempt to get lucky with tickets. Around 4 million people attempted to buy tickets in the pre-sale, and a similar number when the general sales tickets became available.

So what’s all the fuss about?

If you’re a ‘Swifty’, this needs no explanation whatsoever. However, what you might not know is her Human Design and how she has leant into this (possibly unknowingly) to create one of the most successful artists of our time.

In case you don’t know, Taylor Swift is a 33-year-old singer, songwriter, composer, actor, producer, director of music videos, released an autobiographical documentary, poet, has won a shedload of awards and plenty more. 

She has become a leader in her industry, with a swathe of awards from Grammy’s to an Emmy, American Music Awards to Billboard Music Awards, and even 98 Guinness World Records. 

With so many things on the go, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s a Manifesting Generator. But she’s actually a Projector – with a Trust Your Intuition (Splenic) inner authority, which is her most aligned decision-making approach.

This means that when she trusts her intuition in the moment, it will be reliable and a wonderful compass for making the best decisions for her. As Tim McGraw (singer) said, ‘I think that she has just such a unique way of connecting with her audience and her songwriting ability and her intuition is just so incredible.’

Rolling Stone described Swift as ‘a songwriting savant with an intuitive gift for verse-chorus-bridge architecture’. 

Taylor herself has said ‘I think you have to follow, just this intuition, this gut feeling. As a songwriter, you just write to write a certain kind of music and you don’t know why.’

Taylor has a 5/1 profile, which is how she can connect with her purpose. She’s a natural leader and problem solver, who also has a depth of talent and an ability to dive deep into her craft and become an expert in it. By having a balance of both spending time alone to write songs, rest and rehearse, as well as connecting with others and impacting them deeply, she is showing up as herself. 

Within her Human Design, Taylor has what’s called a defined Ego (also known as the Will or Heart centre), having so much willpower to make things happen, and putting her heart into her songwriting, performing and connecting with her fans.

Back in 2022, Taylor revealed her songwriting process, saying ‘A good song transports you to your truest feelings and translates those feelings for you. A good song stays with you even when people or feelings don’t.’ With an undefined emotional centre, she has a gift for mirroring people’s emotions back to them and her lyrics help her fans to give a voice to how they feel.

She also has an open head centre, which can be a source of so much inspiration and ideas. In an NYU Graduation speech to students, she said:

Everything I do is just an extension of my writing, whether it’s directing videos or a short film, creating the visuals for a tour, or standing onstage performing. Everything is connected by my love of the craft, the thrill of working through ideas and narrowing them down and polishing it all up in the end. Editing. Waking up in the middle of the night and throwing out the old idea because you just thought of a newer, better one. A plot device that ties the whole thing together. There’s a reason they call it a hook. Sometimes a string of words just ensnares me and I can’t focus on anything until it’s been recorded or written down. 

This also ties into her having an undefined throat, which means she can communicate powerfully in so many different ways. In that same speech, she said, ‘As a songwriter I’ve never been able to sit still, or stay in one creative place for too long. I’ve made and released 11 albums and in the process, I’ve switched genres from country to pop to alternative to folk’.

She has an undefined identity centre, which means she may feel so comfortable expressing herself in a variety of ways and not feel the need to box herself in. She has been described by the BBC as a ‘musical chameleon. Over the course of 16 years and nine albums, she’s switched genres from country to pop to alternative to folk’. 

Taylor herself has said in her NYU Graduation Speech ‘We are all literary chameleons and I think it’s fascinating. It’s just a continuation of the idea that we are so many things, all the time’. And I know it can be really overwhelming figuring out who to be, and when. Who you are now and how to act in order to get where you want to go. I have some good news: It’s totally up to you. I also have some terrifying news: It’s totally up to you’.

Taylor has the channels of Perfecting, Tenacity and Marketing. She directs her perfecting towards her songwriting, musicality and other endeavours, which is such a wise expression of this strength. The tendency with this channel can be to turn it inwards, trying to become more perfect as a person. However, Taylor seems to avoid being overly self-critical.

The channel of Tenacity means she has the drive to fight for the causes she believes in. Whether it was to regain the rights to her own songs by having to re-record them; giving a voice to issues that are important to her such as LGBTQI+ or Roe vs Wade, or standing up to those who attempt to judge and project onto her.

Now this one makes so much sense when we go back to where we started – the channel of Marketing. This is all about blending persuasion with influence and translating that into powerful messaging and marketing. It requires her to trust her intuition and people with this channel can often get so much done in a short amount of time. This may help to explain how she has achieved so much in a relatively short amount of time. She is clearly very gifted at using this strength, and it’s a lesson in marketing genius and owning your true gifts, that’s for sure.

Of course there are so many more elements in Human Design that could be referenced. To paraphrase her lyrics, I had a blank space baby. And I wrote her name. I hope you’ve found it insightful and fun.

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