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If your Insta-feed is anything like mine, you might have come across the term Human Design, or been asked ‘What’s your Human Design Type?’ and wondered what it’s all about.

As I’ve been sharing more about it on my social media platforms, time and time again people are asking what it is; how to work out what their Type is and what website to use. I know the feeling!

So I thought I’d break it all down here for you.

Although I’m based in Australia and we have definitely been at the slower end of uptake of this tool, it’s growing fast. Some people have known about the incredible value that can be gained from not only understanding their Human Design, and also learning how to incorporate ‘the experiment’, as it’s called, into their daily lives for some time.

However, it’s actually only been around since 1987 when Ra (Ra Uru Hu, formerly known as Robert Allan Krakower) ‘received a download’ and created the Human Design system which is based on astrology, quantum physics, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the chakra system.

To get your chart (aka bodygraph), you need to enter your date of birth, the precise time of birth (a roadblock for some – your baby book can be a great place to find this information if you can’t find out from a family member) and your place of birth (ie city, country). 

You can head here to look up your own Human Design so you can play along as we go.

Once you do that, your bodygraph will reveal all the information. It’s fair to say it looks a little (ok, a lot lol) unusual and unfamiliar in the beginning, and while there is so much to learn, a great place to start is with the first piece of the puzzle:

Your Type.

There are 5 main Types within Human Design.

I’ve included the breakdown of what approximate proportion of the population makes up each Type:

  • Generators – 36%
  • Manifesting Generators (MGs) – 32%
  • Projectors – 22%
  • Manifestors – 9%
  • Reflectors – 1% 


As a Generator myself, living with 3 MGs and with the vast majority of my clients being either Generators or MGs (both in my coaching practice and those who seek Human Design sessions), I’ve had lots of exposure to both the similarities and nuanced differences between the two.

While some in the Human Design world group them together, to me they’re quite distinct, although with a number of similar qualities.

Generators can be like the Energiser Bunny – able to go and go and go. They are gifted at making things happen and bringing them to life. To feel most satisfied and fulfilled, Generators will direct their time and energy to the projects, tasks or ideas that light them up and that spark joy. 

And the more they do this, the more that everyone around them benefits. They have a consistent energy that they can tap into via the defined sacral centre, which is the largest motor centre. 

Despite having this, if they are directing energy into things that are depleting and frustrating them, they can end up burnt out for sure (as can any Type). Just like the little Energiser Bunny that can go and go and go. Until s/he can’t.

Learning how to trust their gut knowing and to pursue their own excitement, knowing that this is a service to all and not in any way selfish, is so important to learn and implement. 

Developing effective boundaries is crucial to be able to say ‘no’ to the things that aren’t aligned with that sense of excitement and satisfaction, so there is time and space for all the juicy things they do want to pursue.

Manifesting Generators (MG’s):

MG’s are often passionate about many different things and are likely to move quickly to make things happen or see more efficient and effective ways to get things done. 

It’s important for them to give themselves permission to follow the projects or activities that excite them, and let go of what doesn’t feel good to them any more. 

Being able to pivot between different things can feel good to a Manifesting Generator, and so any sense that you might be taking on too much, or involved in too many things at once may be unwarranted if they give you joy and satisfaction.

Being able to work quickly and not expecting others to be able to move at the same pace is key, and knowing when to initiate ideas and make them happen, and when to let go and pivot to something else, is important.


People with this Type often have such a gift for deeply seeing others, and personally, I’ve worked with a lot of Projectors who are coaches and mentors. 

They can often see innovative ways to re-working systems or processes, and improve the world around them as a result. 

They make great guides and teachers and can ask penetrating questions to get right to the core of a matter. As a result, it’s important that they feel invited to share their insights. Otherwise, they may risk putting people offside or feel like the valuable information they’ve shared isn’t appreciated. Which can leave them with a bitter taste in their mouths.

While Projectors can feel energised when they’re working on tasks or projects that have meaning for them, and spark a sense of success, their energy will come and go much more. Energetically, they’re not able to access the same consistent energy as their Generator and MG Energiser Bunny buddies as they don’t have a defined sacral motor centre. 

Resisting this can lead to burnout or exhaustion. Embracing their energy and working with it when it’s there, and respecting when it needs to recharge, will be so beneficial over time.


People with this Type are here to initiate new ideas and ways of doing things. They are meant to lead the way and are natural innovators and disruptors, often seeing unique ways for things to be done that have never been done before. 

They can often see a future way of doing things that others may not be ready for, or can’t see yet. Manifestors have a powerful and impactful energy and can benefit from having others to help them to bring their big, bold ideas to life, rather than trying to do it all themselves. 

Manifestors may prefer to go deep into their own flow when their energy is available, and then take time to recharge and rejuvenate when they come out of their creative burst. 

Going first and embracing the courage to do things differently can be a challenge for Manifestors. If a Manifestor finds themselves trying to fit in, be like others, and people please, it can be a sign that they’re not embracing their authentic nature and this can be a reminder to come back to what feels most true to them.


Reflectors are the rarest of the Human Design Types. They have such a beautiful and gentle capacity to see things in others and reflect it back to them when the other person is open to receiving this. 

They have a natural wisdom that can offer so much to others and the world. Reflectors are open to taking in the energy of others and can be highly sensitive to the people and spaces that surround them (this is because they don’t have any ‘defined centres’).

Having time and space to disconnect from this, and come back to themselves, can be an effective tool for recalibrating. Allowing themselves to take their time to come to bigger decisions, and work out what feels like a consistent decision over time can also lead to aligned choices. 

While a Reflector may sometimes feel caught up in not knowing what their place is in the world, or where they fit in, in the wisdom a Reflector will honour their gifts and move at a pace that feels right to them. 

Being around people and spaces that feel good to a Reflector is so important too, given the sensitivity to being impacted by the energies of people and places. Reflectors can often pick up on things that others haven’t noticed, and these can be such powerful insights to share.

Type is just the first piece of your Human Design. If you’d like to learn more about your unique Human Design and how it applies to you, you can book your 1-hour 1:1 session here.

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