The Legendary Tina Turner: Unveiling Her Unique Human Design

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On the way to school drop-off this morning, I heard the sad news that the legendary singer, dancer, songwriter, actor, author, mother and powerhouse of a woman had passed away.

I got curious about the Human Design of this high energy long stay in the entertainment industry, who had left a famous abusive relationship with her ex, and found fame, peace and massive success on her own.

Tina’s Type is a Manifesting Generator. In true style for this Type, she was an iconic trailblazer and had so much energy to give to her many creative projects. 

According to this article, ‘With a career spanning over six decades, Tina Turner has sold more than 200 million albums worldwide and won eight Grammy awards. She has written three bestselling memoirs and her latest, “Happiness Becomes You,” is a guide to life using Buddhist principles’. 

She was inducted into the Hollywood Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, joining only 2 other women who have had this honour.

Tina was able to put her energies into diving into new projects and have a lot on the go, embodying a lit up Manifesting Generator.

Tina had the channel of charisma, which is no surprise if you’ve ever seen her perform. She could bring fans right into the present moment with her performances. She could trust her gut instinct to bring ideas to life and out into the world. She also knew when things weren’t for her. For example, she turned down the role that went to Oprah Winfrey in the movie The Colour Purple, because she said it was too close to her own life.

Tina had the channel of leadership, being able to carve a path for women in music and the entertainment industry more broadly. CNN reported that she ‘was the first Black artist and the first female artist to feature on the cover of Rolling Stone, according to the music publishing company BMG’.

Wearing mini skirts, high heels, and big hair, Tina had her own sense of style and sensuality. She was 45 before she had her first number 1 solo hit. She broke through glass ceilings, the expectations of others and never gave up on her dreams.

Tina had a reliable sense of purpose and direction, knowing what she was here to do. 

‘One of my early career goals was to become the first Black woman to fill stadiums around the world. At the time, it seemed impossible. But I never gave up, and I’m so happy I made that dream come true’, she said in this article.

She also had the channel of community. This was front and centre of her focus. She continued to give back to her fans and focus on what they were asking for: concerts; a documentary; her book about happiness; the musical.. and so it went on.

With gate 50, she had a mission to challenge societal values and knew where to direct her focus. 

She said, ‘There is value in breaking norms, in challenging the status quo—as I did to break through those “isms” that suggested I couldn’t achieve my dreams because of my skin color, my age, and my gender. That was rule breaking for the sake of positive change’.

With a defined throat centre, she had a reliable and consistent voice that she used right into her 80s to perform. She continued to inspire her fans and use her voice to encourage them to find happiness and to follow their dreams.

Her independent definition enabled her to work quickly in her own flow to bring different projects to life.

With a 5 in her Profile (she was a 5/1), she was a natural leader with a gift for doing things her own way. She was able to cut through what had been done before. Her stage presence, rock and roll and persona were unique and innovative. She was able to impact people on a massive scale by being true to herself and her own style.

Sometimes others may project onto those with a 5 line. In Tina’s case, it seems she worked with this:

‘I visualized my audience and prayed that I could be whoever each person needed me to be that day so that I could inspire their dreams and help them recharge their souls’. 

As someone who naturally experienced the ebb and flow of her emotions and had a Wait for Clarity decision-making style, she said that after she found Buddhism it helped her ‘approach to life and work (become) calmer and more thoughtful, and my reactions were more tempered. I used to get angry first and ask questions later. But after I embraced Buddhism, it flipped. I could easily stay calm and figure out the details instead of jumping to conclusions’.

The 1 line was all about becoming deeply skilled in her craft. She continued to learn, and dive deep until she was seen as an authority in her field. This, along with her natural and obvious charisma, would have helped her come back after she left Ike. 

Tina was able to take the personal lessons she’d learned in life and pass her learnings on to others. Her aim was to inspire them and the collective to have hope, to strive for happiness and to transform their lives.

When asked what she’d like her legacy to be, Tina said

“That I’ve created hope where there was none, and kept moving forward, no matter what, with my chin held high. I’ve created a happy life by believing in myself. And I’ve done my best to bring love and inspiration to other people, to show everyone’ there is more joy in their hearts, more they can do, more they can be, when they believe in themselves too”.

She used the lessons of her open root centre to share how she had learned to deal with stress and pressure, largely through her Buddhist practices.

Kylie x

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Please note: This is a personal interpretation of the Human Design of Tina Turner based on information provided in the public forum. It is possible that the time of birth is inaccurate which could alter some of the findings. The opinions in the article are subjective and should be interpreted as such.


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