Using Human Design to Make the Best Decisions in Business

Human Design for Business

Want to hone your decisions as a business owner so that you experience more success, alignment, ease and results?

Understanding the way that you can make the best decisions based on your Human Design is a game-changer. (Spoiler alert- if you are doing ANY program that is offering generic solutions, it’s unlikely to hit the money. Literally).

You may have done ALL the personality, behavioural and strengths profiling, but still not know this piece.

Your unique way of selling, marketing, service delivery and messaging is exactly that – YOUR way. And you can try your darnedest to do it the way that someone else (guru, coach, mentor, advisor, biz buddy, colleague, partner or friend) tells you to do it. But it will always play a very dull second fiddle to leaning into what makes you truly genius at what you do. Which I know is both a relief and challenging.

Trust me when I say, I’ve done plenty of this; wondering what was wrong with me when I followed the guidance, advice or strategy that was claimed to be THE way to do it. The funnel; the lead magnet; the ascension model; the avatar; the scaling; and the messaging. ALL of it.

So let me save you some time; a lot of angst; a tonne of navel-gazing; a mountain of money (probably more like mountain ranges), and the self-doubt that can come when you are ‘doing the [fricking] work’ and getting some traction but it’s HARD work and it doesn’t feel sustainable. 

Are you with me?

I have probably tried and tested more than most people. This does align with my Human Design profile (hello, 3 line) but this is not the way that it’s meant to be actioned.

So hear me when I say there is a different way. I’m not going to say it’s ‘easy’. Running a business takes work, perseverance and action that is often well outside the comfort you know and love. Not to mention resilience.

When you understand not only what your Human Design is but HOW to incorporate this into your business in a tangible, natural, practical way (regardless of whether you feel like you need to do the personal journey to decondition), you will most likely feel a sense of disbelief that you haven’t heard about this sooner. 

Call it a roadmap, path, blueprint, whatever. You could do with having it in your life.

As an entrepreneur? I know I’m biased, but it’s essential.

The Different Types of Inner Authority (Decision-Making Strategies)

Trust Your Gut (aka Sacral):

Only Manifesting Generator and Generator Types can have this authority, and this equates to about 33% of people (but there can also be Generators and Manifesting Generators with Emotional authority too- read on). Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors never have this gut centre ‘defined’ (which will show up as coloured or shaded if you look up your chart here)

Making decisions with this authority is all about getting out of your head and into your body (easier said than done, if you’re anything like I was!) You’re aiming to notice the visceral feeling of being pulled towards something. Imagine you’re thinking of signing up for a new program. You check it out, read the reviews, have been following along for a while and then BAM – you get that gut pull that you need this in your life. It’s a decision IN the moment.

If you decide to ‘think about it’, chances are you’re going to get up in your head about it:

  • do I really need this;
  • will I get what I want out of it;
  • could I just work this stuff out for myself?

The longer you think about it, the more chance you have of talking yourself out of it. This is coming from up in your head, and you’re no longer responding to the gut response which is what is meant to guide you.

A sacral authority is all about noticing what (and who) you’re being drawn towards, and allowing that to be your signpost. The hardest part about this is to have faith that this is leading you in the right direction, even when it makes no sense.

Wait for Clarity (aka Emotional):

This authority is about buying yourself some time before making a decision. For years, I’ve been talking to business owners about how to create better business boundaries, by adopting this strategy. With approximately 53% of the population having this authority, it’s a good strategy for many. It’s also perfect if you find yourself people-pleasing and impacted by good girl conditioning (although ideally you will decondition this!)

BUT if you have a Sacral authority, you should be making bigger/more important decisions in the moment, not sitting around thinking about it more because that’s when the doubt will likely creep in and you’ll make a decision from your head instead of trusting your gut.

I like to think about this one as ‘sleep on it’. If you’re deciding about new directions, offers, branding, collaborators, services, opportunities and more, give yourself time to come to a decision that remains the same, rather than making an impulsive one. 

Remember that if you’re ever being pressured to make an important decision in the moment (eg working with someone, investing in something), trust yourself to know you need more time and don’t succumb. (Traditionally, the coaching industry has been a shocker for these kinds of pressure tactics).

Tune into your Intuition (aka Splenic) = 9% 

This authority is all about making decisions in the moment when you allow yourself the quiet space to hear the soft, gentle whisper of your intuition. Meditating, journaling, going for a walk alone, taking a bath or shower or just relaxing can be opportunities to realise what decision you want to make. If you miss the opportunity to hear it or listen to it at that moment, it can pass quickly. 

This is different from having a strong sense of intuition. You can have what’s called a defined spleen which is all about consistent intuition. Unless your authority is called Tune Into Your Intuition (or Splenic), that’s not your decision-making strategy.

For example, I have a defined spleen including a channel (a natural strength) that connects the spleen to the throat but it’s not the way I’m meant to make decisions (yep, back to trust my gut). As the spleen is also about your instincts, it can be helpful to notice what’s going on within your senses that might be influencing your decisions. So using the earlier example, if you’re considering signing up for a program or service, notice that quiet nudge of your intuition when it comes, rather than thinking about it for too long. Like the sacral/trust your gut authority, this gives the potential to overthink it, doubt your decision and decide from your head, not your intuition.

Talk it Out (aka Self-Projected) = 2.5% 

This is a rarer authority, and so much like a lot of the non-sacral Types (Manifestors, Reflectors and Projectors) can find themselves thinking they need to DO a lot because so much of the population are Manifesting Generators or Generators, this can be the case here. You find yourself tempted to make decisions in the ways that others do, instead of in your own natural way. This can lead you astray and into making decisions that don’t feel right or end well. These rarer types of inner authority aren’t going to show up on a DISC profile or other types of assessments, and so often people have no idea that this is their best way to make decisions.

A Talk it Out authority is all about having someone as a sounding board while outlining that you’re not looking for solutions or ‘answers’. A coach, mentor, partner or accountability buddy can all be helpful. Having a coach that offers Voxer or Marco Polo can also be helpful to have a space to talk things out and then realise that you know what to do next. Some people like to talk to themselves, their pets or to nature. Others might create voice notes to themselves while out walking, to gain clarity.

Tune into your Willpower (aka Ego) = 1% 

This is about working out what you have the motivation, heart and willpower to commit to. You might think about your core offerings within your business and work out what your heart is no longer in. You might notice that you’re lacking motivation for a particular service that you once loved. This might be a sign that it’s time to wind down with it. If you don’t really want to do something but then say yes, it can leave you feeling demotivated and lacking the oomph to make it happen.

If you already feel depleted in your energy, it might be beneficial to take some time to regroup, rest and wait for your energy to top up again, before you take on a new opportunity, client or launch a new program.

Others can help you with this by checking in whether you have the energy, willpower or motivation to take on something. Also asking you what you’re ready to let go of could be helpful as well, when your heart is no longer in something.

Wait a Lunar Cycle (Reflectors) = 1%

This is unique to the Reflectors of the world. Reflectors can feel like a generator one day and a projector another. They can change their decision based on how they feel on a particular day or week. Having the opportunity to mull over a decision until it becomes clear, ideally over the course of a lunar cycle (28 days) is so beneficial in arriving at a decision that feels ‘right’.

While it might feel frustrating to ‘have to’ wait over time to realise what opportunities or decisions are meant for you, and which ones aren’t, it’s your most reliable way of entering into things that will continue to feel good over time. This helps you to avoid feeling disappointed or being invested in things emotionally or energetically that will end up draining you over time.

Give yourself plenty of time to gain clarity on what you’d like to offer within your business; what opportunities feel aligned and when is the right time to change direction. Having plenty of time in spaces that feel good to you, being around the right people, and taking your time are all great for you as a Reflector.

Others can support you by not putting pressure on you to make a decision, create goals or establish an action plan with a sense of urgency. Reminding yourself of a time when a decision has worked out really well can help to reinforce how beneficial it is.

Be in the Right Space & Talk it Out (Environmental, Mental or None) = 0.5% 

This is the rarest authority and represents only 0.5% of people. In the grand scheme of things, this is still many people, but you may not know anyone who makes decisions in the same way as you).

This is all about the importance of being in a space that feels good and talking out your thoughts until you find clarity. That will often be in nature- it might feel good to chat during a walk and have the opportunity to sound your thoughts without needing solutions to be provided.

Consider meetings where you can walk and talk, or head somewhere that feels good and then talk out your ideas via a voice recording, Voxer or video chat.

Being around people who don’t expect you to make a decision in the moment, will hold space for you to speak your ideas and thoughts, and who will respect your need to be in spaces that feel good to you is crucial. Being explicit about the fact that you don’t need someone to jump in and offer solutions is a key boundary to lean into.

Respect your own decision-making process and don’t get swept up with the way others are doing things.

It can take time to not only learn what your inner authority means, but to also put it into practice. My suggestion is to start small and try it out on little decisions before you use it for business.

Here’s to more aligned, authentic business growth that feels good to you. What a relief!

If you’re keen to learn how your whole chart works together for more aligned business success, feel free to either book a 1:1 session or get in touch to inquire about a team session.


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