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Human Design for Business and Work - Kylie Broadfoot

In Human Design, there’s a key piece called your Profile, which comes from 2 numbers at the very top of your Human Design chart. It’s the number after the decimal point on the top right side, and then the same on the top left side. If you use this lookup tool, you’ll find that it tells you what your Profile is in the section on the left. It will also give you a summary of your unique Design.

Your Profile is linked with your purpose. When you understand how to work with this and express your purpose, you can find more alignment in business or work, not to mention life overall.

Below is a mini summary of the 6 different profile lines. We always have two numbers- for example, I’m a 1/3 – and there are 12 possible combinations of profiles.

These are:













It’s so helpful to understand these, ideally in conjunction with the rest of your Design, especially for leaders, entrepreneurs and from personal experience, as a parent!

1 Line – The Investigator:

You’re gifted at diving deep and learning all about your passions. You become the expert on topics you’re curious to learn more about, and will likely resonate with being a ‘lifelong learner’.

In terms of work and business, you might find yourself being a subject matter expert; having a particular skill set that is sought after because people trust that you ‘know your stuff’. Colleagues or staff might seek you out for your input on something they’re stumped on. In business, you attract clients because when you share your process and how much you put into honing your craft, you develop trust.

2 – The Hermit and Innate Genius:

This is traditionally known in human Design as the heretic. If you have this in either position in your Profile, you may find it hard to recognise your natural talents and can get caught up working so hard to try to prove yourself. In business, this can translate to thinking you can’t charge for a service that feels effortless to deliver. When in reality, this is your zone of genius and that feeling should be your signpost.

You may get worn out by ‘peopling’ for too long, and finding ways to indulge your inner hermit is an important priority. You may find that the blend of working from home and office culture gives you the perfect combination of time alone and time to share your gifts with others. Be wary of spending so much time holed up alone and not getting out there with others (one of my teens has this and it’s currently our biggest challenge!)

3 – The Experimenter and Embodied Wisdom line:

I have this line myself (I’m a 1/3) and I have to say I didn’t love learning that I had this ‘trial and error’ aspect to my Human Design! Yet, I also couldn’t deny it (damn it!) It led me to realise that I adopt this in various programs that I’ve run. I run it once, then ‘tweak it’ and then iterate again. I used to find this annoying and ask myself why I was creating more work for myself. Now, I can recognise that it’s part of my process, and I lean into it.

This is where the embodied wisdom comes in because all those times you run something and learn the lessons from it, you then make changes accordingly and it becomes an even better version. But if I never did the first one, I’d never end up there. Embracing perceived ‘failure’ is key because is you never have a go, you won’t learn those key insights. And this is what you’re meant to share with your followers, audience or team – not how ‘perfect’ everything is.

4 – The Relationship Builder and Influencer:

I just think of this line as a community builder, or community focused. I sometimes wish I had a 4 line! They have this rich community that is the source of all the most aligned opportunities. New job? They hear about it from within their network. New bestie or partner? Someone in your circle has likely introduced you. Things just come to you, if you’re in alignment with this part of your profile.

You are often naturally talented at building groups and communities – whether it’s your Facebook group; online following or networking group, you’re so gifted at pulling the people! This is where your focus is best directed, rather than trying to reach out cold to people.

5 – The Captivating Problem Solver:

Those with this line are outside-the-box thinkers, here to innovate and disrupt the traditional way of doing things. They can solve so many problems for others, but it’s important to be discerning about which ones to take on.

In a work capacity, your job may naturally lend itself to problem-solving. If you’re a leader or business owner, be mindful of taking on a fixer approach in an effort to make the problem go away.

In business, you may find that consulting is a great fit for you, as you can go in and offer your recommendations and approach to resolving problems, and then step away again.

Be aware that others tend to project onto those with a 5 line (Taylor Swift also has this, and is a good example of people projecting onto her in ways that may be untrue). Avoid taking on these projections and stay true to yourself and the natural leader that you are.

6 – The Role Model and Teacher:

The 6 line has 3 phases. The first is the trial and error experimentation of the 3 line (usually prior to age 30). The middle phase (30-50 years approximately) is where you step back and start to incorporate the lessons you’ve learned. The third phase (50+) is where your wisdom shines and you are embodying who you truly are.

It can be helpful to remind yourself to notice the bigger picture if you find yourself honed in on the details. Being appreciated for your wisdom and insights is so important, so be mindful of who you surround yourself with. 

As always, remember that Human Design is a lifelong ‘experiment’ and you don’t have to implement everything immediately. Adopting what you resonate with, and leaving the rest, can be a great place to start.

If you’d like to understand your unique Human Design, you can book a 1:1 session here. If you’re keen to focus on Human Design for Leadership or Teams please get in touch to find out more.


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