Business Boundaries for Social Media Based On Human Design Type

Kylie Broadfoot - Human Design Coaching

There are not many people who are not struggling to keep their time on social media under some semblance of control while running a business. The ‘time suck’ can be real and I know many people feel tempted to throw in the towel altogether. This is obviously a possibility; there are other ways to engage, grow an audience, share, connect and sell than only via social media. 

However, If you plan to keep social media then here are some tips that might help you, based on your Human Design Type (you can look yours up here if you don’t know it). 

There are many other aspects of Human Design than Type that will influence this, but this is a great place to start. Feel free to adopt any ideas that feel useful and right for you.

Generators/Manifesting Generators:

While there are differences between these two Types, for this exercise I’m grouping Generators and Manifesting Generators together.

You may like to spend time responding to all comments and direct messages (DMs) that you receive. Encouraging your followers to jump into your DMs to connect may feel appealing, so you can use the opportunity to utilise your Strategy of ‘responding’ to their questions, comments and ideas.  

It may be helpful to create boundaries around how much time you spend on social media to avoid time and energy getting sucked down the social media rabbit hole. Although you have access to regular, consistent energy, it will still get depleted if you find yourself leeching energy in ways that don’t excite and satisfy you.

You may prefer to either batch all your content if that feels good to you, and you’re able to use your Strategy of responding. Or you might prefer to avoid posting daily or to a set cadence if there isn’t something that’s lighting you up and that you feel pulled to share. Instead, you might prefer to choose to go and listen to a podcast or do something you love or that brings satisfaction, knowing this will often spark ideas.

Using question boxes or polls in your stories could feel like a fun way to gain insights into what interests or questions your followers have, what they would like to learn more about, and to spark some engagement and connection that feels good to you!

Most of all, trust your gut and check in to see what you feel drawn to share. Let go of posting or creating in a way that is based on what you think you should do, and let your gut direct you instead.


You may not feel inclined to respond to all comments on your posts or everything in your DMs. Instead, find your own preferred way of sharing on social media that is unique and different, rather than taking advice from others on how you should show up.

You know that not everyone will resonate with the way you share, or what you share, but that the right people will. This reminds you to keep doing things in a way that feels good to you, rather than comparing with others and keeping yourself small. You’re not here to people please.

Platforms that enable you to share in a way that feels creative and appealing to you and your energy may be a great indicator. Whether it’s TikTok, using Instagram Reels or going Live to utilise the energy burst and share your powerful ideas and voice with your audience. 

Follow your urge to share in a way that feels empowering, rather than trying to follow a set plan or structure that lacks autonomy and your own personal power.

Remind yourself that you are here to show up in innovative ways, doing things outside the box and know that not everyone will like this. Remember not to put too much weight on metrics like number of followers, engagement or comments from people who disagree with your perspective. You are attracting an aligned audience when you bring all of you.

Keeping your followers informed if you’re taking a break or if you’re going to be less active on social media may benefit everyone because your absence will be noticed. 

When you feel inspired, you may like to share powerful insights in communities that you feel welcomed and ‘seen’ in. Contributing your insights in these spaces is likely to feel good to you.


You may prefer to follow a morning routine that you find energising before checking social media for the day. Scrolling social media while you’re lying down, and chilling on the couch might feel like a vibe. You recognise when your energy is getting sapped by the time you’re engaged on social media. At this point, you may decide to introduce new boundaries with yourself. Utilising apps that enable you to set social media limits to help keep you on track may be helpful. 

You give yourself permission to share your teachings and insights in spaces where you feel this will land. When you feel invited and recognised for your wisdom (eg your own established online community or membership), you are likely to avoid feeling resentful or bitter if you feel like you’re spending a lot of time and energy creating content that isn’t recognised or appreciated. 

Turn down invitations to speak, share or contribute when you know you don’t have the energy or bandwidth. When you do this, you are likely to experience more success compared with when you say yes in the moment, and then regret it. 

Guest speaking in other people’s communities or on podcasts where you feel invited in, recognised and seen may feel more appealing, rather than purely using social media. Be discerning with which ones you say yes to so that you don’t end up feeling resentful and depleted. Making it what you’re available for on social media could be useful.

When you have the energy, you work with it and create what you’ve been invited to share. Sharing your process or ways of working that feel good to you could feel energising. You may benefit from having a social media manager, VA or OBM to do the legwork of transforming your wisdom and ideas into content.

You remind yourself that it’s not about how much time you spend on social media, but the impact you have.


You give yourself permission to show up in a range of ways on social media and from your favourite spaces, whether that’s a particular room in your home or a preferred spot in nature. 

You may gain inspiration from so many places and people. Being around others and in spaces that feel good to you will help you tap into this, inspiring content creation and having a presence that connects deeply with others.

Having healthy boundaries around how much time you spend on social media to preserve your energy is important. Taking periodic breaks to recalibrate, and outsourcing may feel like great options for you.

You give yourself permission to share in your own way, and in a way that feels authentic to you on the day. You release expectations to show up consistently and in the same way all the time. Email campaigns and blog posts may be an appealing way to share your insights and wisdom with others in a way that requires less time and energy. Having someone to repurpose this content onto social media may be a great way to stay active on social media without needing to push out new content all the time. 

Give yourself time to decide whether opportunities are right for you rather than making a spontaneous decision that you may later regret. Being invited to do a joint Live, present to someone’s community, take on a new collaborator, or change your messaging on social media are all decisions that will become clear over time. Embracing patience rather than decisions when you feel rushed, pressured or influenced by the excitement of others, is likely to lead to greater alignment.

What’s Next?

You may resonate with the ideas under a different Type than your own, and that is perfectly normal. Other parts of your chart can influence what you resonate with. Use any of the suggestions that appeal to you and feel free to test and measure to see what works best for you.

If you’d like to find out more about Human Design and how you can utilise it for more alignment, fulfilment, success and balance in work and life as a whole, you can book your 1:1 session here.


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