This group coaching program is an opportunity to learn how to use your Human Design in a community format.

Understanding and, crucially, integrating your unique Human Design into your business and life will enable you to transform your business and all other aspects of your day-to-day as well.

Human Design is like one incredibly deep, wonderfully intricate maze. I still remember the moment I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, thinking I’d made it through the maze and now had it down pat.  Then it was like someone drew back the curtains and suddenly there were new layers, tunnels and elements deep inside each other revealed and I had that moment of conscious awareness of how much I still didn’t know.

That’s actually one of the things I love so much about Human Design- the intricacies; the sensitivity to each of us; and the layers.

On the one hand, it seems profoundly complex. All those planets and centres and weird language and numbers.

Yet on the other, it’s like your guidebook. I don’t know about you, but nobody ever gave me a guidebook to running my business (nor my life, for that matter. And don’t even get me started on a guidebook for parenting!)


My aim is simple: to give you the tools to understand your Human Design essentials in a way that is practical, easy to understand and simple to apply. (Note that I didn’t say ‘easy’ - there will still be things that challenge and stretch you when you’re running a business). But finding simplicity coupled with practicality to align with your truest self? Now that’s what I’m talking ‘bout.

When you start to understand this, it’s like an open-book exam. All the answers, everything you need to know, is right there to discover. Does that mean you know every answer without researching a little, and experimenting? No. But when you find yourself off course and longing to know how to make life easier, you come back to this.

But a word of caution- trying to understand it on your own is like trying to sit that open-book exam but finding your book is written in Polish. Or Japanese. Or a mixture of both. There is a lot of information out there about Human Design – much less about Human Design for Business.

Find Your Flow is a group coaching program for women in business. It’s an opportunity to learn from me and each other as we navigate through the different elements of Human Design and apply them to your business and life overall.

It’s an opportunity to not only understand your Human Design, but to have support from me and those in the program to start to integrate it. To practice in a safe space, and get feedback. To have your questions answered. One of the things I’ve learned along my path of being mentored in Human Design is that I learn SO much from others.

How it works:

Find Your Flow is an 8-week program with the following topics:

Welcome & Introduction to Human Design- before officially starting. Plus introductions to each other; how the program will work; showing you how to use the platform etc.

  1. Type and Energetic Signature. This includes how you are Designed to manage your energy, what support may be beneficial in your business and creating offerings that feel good.
  2. Inner Authority- how you can make the most aligned decisions for your business. How to actually use your authority to make decisions. What your inner authority is, and isn’t. Putting it into practice.
  3. Profile – Understand your profile lines which make up 70% of your chart, and align with your purpose. These let you know how you can market your business optimally, and key tips for what to focus on.
  4. Definition- understanding how you best work with others and process information. This is really important to know how to work at your best.
  5. Your defined centres – how to utilise these as reliable strengths within your business
  6. Your messaging – understanding how to use your undefined centres to share your wisdom, and reveal what lessons you may still need to focus on. Understand how to convey your message in a way that lands with people. Understand where you may get pulled off track.
  7. Channels- the connections of your different centres and how you can utilise these in business. These are your natural strengths and by raising your awareness of what these are consciously and incorporate these into your offerings.
  8. Q&A- this will be a focus on answering your questions and integrating what you’ve learned. Bring your ideas for your offerings; test out your ideas or seek support.

Pre-learning is released a week prior to give you a chance to listen to a recorded video at your leisure, on the topic of the week, and start to apply it to your own business and life by using the prompts in the workbook that will be provided. When you come to the Live call (or watch the recording), you can ask questions, check in, receive hot seat coaching, and learn from each other. In this way, the Live call is not for teaching. It’s for applying what you’re learning and making it meaningful.

This is not just learning what your Human Design is. It’s about HOW – how will you use what you learn to incorporate it into your business; how will your market; how will you communicate; how will you decide your offerings; how will you tap into your strengths; what wisdom can you share; what support do you need; how can you manage your energy in your business so that it’s sustainable and has longevity (aka you don’t burnout).

This will run over an 8-week period, commencing with the first pre-learning video dropping Fri, 2nd February 2024, so that you have a week to listen to it at your leisure before the Live call. Live calls start Thursday, 8th Feb @ 9.30am AEDT and every subsequent Thursday at the same time until Thursday, 29th March (final Live call).

  • You get 1 x pre-recorded video each week to watch at your leisure over the course of the week.
  • A workbook for each topic that you receive when the pre-recorded video drops.
  • A Live call each Thursday @ 9.30am AEDT for 8 weeks, from Thurs 8 Feb to Thurs 29 March 2024.
  • A community space to ask questions, share your wins and insights, and learn from each other.
  • Access to a platform (Circle) so that everything is in one space eg pre-learning recorded videos; recorded Live calls; workbooks; a space for questions; a space for discussion with each other; and the schedule of all the calls with Zoom links included.


Pay in full: AUD 1300 + GST (save $100)

Payment plan: 4 x monthly payments of AUD 350 + GST

Client Feedback

I am not a woo-woo person! I’m a sceptic when it comes to crystals, tarot readings, star signs, etc. Maybe it’s my Irish Catholic upbringing or my data-driven brain, but I crave tangibility.

So, where am I heading with all this?

Last year, I took part in one of Kylie Broadfoot’s amazing Human Design sessions. Let me tell you, it completely blew me away! It was as if she understood me on a whole new level. Now, I’ve embraced what Kylie outlined about how I operate, which has made a significant difference.

You see, I have this habit of telling myself to focus on other tasks whenever a brilliant idea pops into my head. But the other day, I did things differently. I decided to align myself with my human design and just go for it, fully embracing the idea swirling around in my mind.

The outcome? A whole new offering that is almost completely planned out – stay tuned – I honestly can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Siobhan Mulvahil

Thank you Kylie for helping me understand my Human Design information in a way that wasn’t overwhelming.

I really appreciated how Kylie explained everything including all of my questions.

Highly recommend Kylie!

Britt H.

My session with Kylie was fantastic! I don’t know a lot about Human Design so was keen to learn more. I took lots of notes and had quite a few ‘ah-haa’ moments.

I would highly recommend Kylie and this service to find out more about yourself and how to live your best life!


I’m a life long learner and love to learn more about my self and how I can improve, so I jumped at the chance to have a 1:1 session with Kylie going through my own human design.

I am so happy that I did it, as now moving forward I have an even better understanding of myself and I will be more equipped to make the right decisions in my personal & business life that are best for me!

Thank you Kylie for your gentle and caring approach to your work, you have a unique talent to help women in business.

Tania Bell

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