You Know That Thing That You Think Is The Magic Bullet? It’s Not.

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You know that thing that you think is the magic bullet? The thing that you think is the answer to all your business hopes, dreams and prayers?

It’s not.

If you’re telling yourself that the reason you’re not exactly where you want to be in business right now is because you haven’t nailed you longform sales page.

Or because you:

  • haven’t mastered SEO on your website (or outsourced it).
  • haven’t got the most amazing lead magnet.
  • you’re not doing webinars or Livestreams or reels.
  • you don’t have enough testimonials or case studies to share.

Can I just come right out and say? It’s not.

The truth of the matter is that any and all of those things can and do help. Sure, they have merit – there’s no denying it.

But as Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) said to Jay Shetty on Jay’s podcast this week – if you really dislike doing something, don’t do it!

He was referring to talking about posting 3-4x per day on TikTok to get incredible results right now.

BUT – he also said, if you really dislike that idea (like he dislikes reading), then you should never do it. He says stop thinking things have to be black and white, and know that there are all the shades of grey.

And this is what I talk with clients about ALL the time. You are supposed to be LIT UP by what you do within your business.

Sometimes we put things off because they are stretching us or it feels overwhelming or we don’t know HOW to do it (that’s the techy stuff for me). I put off blogging and sending newsletters for a l o n g time because it felt too hard. But I also knew that once I’d worked it out, I’d be really happy to write these. So I made it through the icky not knowing bit to become better at it.

So imagine if you’d pushed PAST the unfamiliar part (and you’d learnt how to post a Reel or you’d started a You Tube channel or you learnt how to write long form copy (or outsourced it to a copy writer) – what would THAT feel like?

If you would still be non-plussed and bored (or even HATE) the whole idea (like some people feel about TikTok) then it’s quite likely it’s not an aligned fit for you.

One of the things I see so many business owners doing is feeling like they *have* to offer certain things. But they’re doing it from the perspective of lack and scarcity with a side of ‘have to’ and ‘should’.

It ties into beliefs and stories that we can find ourselves believing.

‘If I don’t have a massive following, I won’t be able to ‘sell’ on instagram’.

‘I have to write a newsletter / blog every week, or I won’t be successful’.

‘If I put my prices up, I have to offer more or people won’t understand the value and won’t buy’.

‘I have to post on instagram every day or the algorithm won’t like me’.

This can then lead to dissatisfaction; resentment; massive frustration and eventually burn out.

Because the TRUTH of the matter is this:

You can be successful in 100 (1000! A million?) different ways.

And what works best for you, and feels easy and energising and uplifting, will resonate with your audience WAY more than when you feel you have to PUSH uphill putting out content or offers or programs or methods that do not feel good. 

So if you love writing? Write blog posts; send newsletters; write content for socials; contribute an article.

If you love speaking? Do podcasts (host or be a guest on someone else’s); seek out speaking gigs; collaborate with others in a non-competing industry; run workshops; do webinars; do facebook / instagram lives.

If you love having FUN? Do reels; show up in all your authenticity on instagram stories and be playful; do Live (online or in real life) events that showcase your personality.

If you have no clue about SEO / insights / key words / website ‘stuff’ / back end processes? Don’t do it. Outsource it.

But telling yourself that there’s only ONE way to be successful or wealthy or to attract new clients or to stand out in your market or to stay in business? Nope. It’s just not true.

So join Tik Tok or don’t.

Have a simple link (or long form sales page) for people to buy from you, or don’t.

Show up on stories or Reels. Or don’t.

But whatever you do, do what feels expansive and abundant. And not what you feel compelled to do because some expert told you. And as Gary said, short snippets of information sometimes don’t convey the whole picture. He said that’s why he loves getting on podcasts to get into more detail. Because people hear him say: post 3-4x/day on Tik Tok and then believe it to be gospel. Not knowing that he’s also saying – but not if you hate TikTok!

So step 1 – work out if you’re avoiding something because it feels unfamiliar but once you find your groove with it, you know it will be aligned.

Step 2 – if you know it’s never going to feel aligned, drop it (for now – maybe you’ll feel differently in the future), and work out what else feels like a better fit.

Remember this – it’s YOUR business and there’s nobody else on the planet that is YOU. So you should and actually MUST do it your own unique way. That’s the magic, my friend.

Kylie x

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