Unlocking Some of the Keys to Olivia Newton-John’s Big Heart

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I recently watched the replay of Olivia Newton John’s memorial service. As one person after another described her love of nature, animals, humanitarianism, kindness, her massive heart, and above all her ‘light’ I couldn’t help but wonder about her Human Design.


The first piece of someone’s Human Design is their Type, and Olivia was a Generator.  She had a big capacity to make things happen and when she was on purpose, could direct so much energy to see things through, even though many of the projects took years to eventuate.

From making music to creating the self-named Wellness Centre, her Gaia Retreat and Spa, fundraising, and I don’t think there’s any denying her magnetic, warm nature (a great indicator that a Generator is on a path that lights them up).

Generators have the capacity to bring ideas to life, whether their own or the ideas of others. One of these was the request to partner with Austin Health to create a cancer centre, but she insisted that it also include wellness and complementary medicine if she was to put her name to it, and after several years she was able to bring this to life.

Her Strategy was To Respond. By putting herself in situations that gave her the opportunity to respond she was able to decide to play Sandy in Grease (she was asked but insisted on a screen test with her potential co-star (hello, John) and turns out it was a thing.

She was also asked to do the song Physical (that apparently Tina Turner turned down because it was too sexy!)

Using her inner authority of Trusting her Gut / Sacral, it seems she was able to make some great decisions in response to various requests.

Human Design Coach
Image from https://insightsandsounds.blogspot.com

Her signature (as with any Generator) is Satisfaction. By doing things that led to fulfilment and feeling satisfied, she was able to direct her energy positively. This would have fuelled her efforts, rather than depleting her energy, such as if she’d focused on tasks and projects that she found frustrating.

With an Independent definition, she could make things happen quickly and efficiently. With so much on the go that would have been a real asset.

Her Profile was a 6/2.

The 6 line is the Role Model and Teacher. It’s all about journeying towards wisdom, first by experimenting with different things, then realising the lessons, and then shifting into the embodiment of the wisdom of the lessons.

From the age of 50 (the 3rd and final cycle of the 6 line), Olivia was a great example of living in congruence with the wisdom of her 6 line, by being a role model in the health, wellness, conservation and humanitarian arenas. She:

– Opened Gaia retreat and spa in Byron Bay

– Started fundraising for the ONJ Cancer Wellness Centre. She headed to China to walk the Great Wall with cancer survivors and celebrities, raising $2M in the process

– Continued fundraising and helped to raise $200M, leading to the opening of the ONJCWC in 2012

– Opened the Cancer Research Institute at the ONJCWC in 2014

–  Married her second husband John Easterling. Both were passionate about preserving the rainforest in the Amazon, and the plant medicine available there

The 2 line is known as the Hermit. She loved spending time on her farm, and people referenced the love she had for listening to the birds or smelling the flowers. This helped her to strike a sense of balance between being with others; visiting sick people at the Cancer centre; performing; fundraising and more.

Often others recognise the talents of someone with a 2 line before they even know it themselves. Being approached for various roles that others knew she could bring value to, is evidence of that. Eg questioning if she was a good fit for the part of Sandy. However, others could see what she would bring to the role.

With a defined Ego, she had consistent willpower and motivation to make things happen. As well as so much love for what her heart was dedicated to – her husband and daughter; wildlife and animals; health and wellbeing; beating cancer and finding a cure, and many more.

Her incarnation cross is her life’s purpose: 46/25| 52/58 is called the Left Angle Cross of Healing. The left angle usually signifies an outward focus on others. The combination of love and innocence; stillness and zest for life are contained within this Incarnation Cross. A united force of love and being in service pretty much sums her up, doesn’t it?

Her channel of marketing (26/44) is all about having a knack for both people and communication. She was able to communicate in a way that was very persuasive, yet also responsible and focused on service.

With her Nurturing channel (27/50) she was able to use her intuition and gut energy to direct her caring towards others in alignment with her values. (Gate 50 is about Values and knowing who and what deserved her care).

She also had a defined gate (not a whole channel, just one gate) called Fullness. This is about embracing the rollercoaster of life to the full and having a natural affinity for acoustics and music. It’s interesting that John Travolta would have completed this gate. He has the 39/55 channel (Gate 39 is the gate of provocation so that seems apt!)

If you’d like to find out about your own Human Design and see if you have any similarities with the lovely Liv, head here . Or book your Human Design session.

Kylie x

If we haven’t met, hi – I’m Kylie and I’m a passionate mindset coach and mentor for women in business. I love helping you to make sense of your Human Design so you can amplify your results, energy and success. I help you to learn how you can grow your business in a way that feels aligned, fulfilling and right for you, without trying to put you in any boxes. I’m a 1/3 Generator and it would be my absolute pleasure to guide and mentor you in a practical and empowering way. Please reach out if I can help.


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