I’m A Huge Coach Sl%t 😳

Taking a leap with mindset coaching

Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • Haven’t I done enough? Why isn’t this working?
  • It shouldn’t have to be this hard
  • I’ve done work on myself already
  • I’ve worked with a coach before so I’ve done that
  • I haven’t worked with a coach but I’ve had counselling or personal development work, so it’s pretty much the same
  • I did ‘x’ but it didn’t ‘work’

Yeah, me too.

(PS – the retired people pleaser / good girl in me is holding her breath, fearing what you’re thinking of me for using the sl$t word 🙊 – but it somehow just sprang from my mouth the other day when I was relaying to a new coach what I’d worked on previously. Oh there was this coach, and then I did this with that one, and then I said ‘I feel like a coach sl$t!’

You can judge me – I’m ok with that 😘).

But here’s the truth:

I have worked with 8 (I think!) coaches in the past 6 years. All have had their different zones of expertise and without a doubt I’ve taken away things from every single one that have helped me to move forwards to where I am today.

Some I’ve worked with for a year or more.

Others for 3-6 months.

We’ve covered all different areas from personal to biz; embodiment to energy; anxiety to stress reduction; and more.


I tell everyone that I will always work with a coach / mentor because:

a) I walk my talk, and 

b) how else can you move forwards in business and life without:

– shining a light on the areas you don’t even know exist; 

– gaining perspective from a mentor when you’re too close to your own situation / problems / BS stories (no, they’re not actually BS, they’re very justified; but sometimes we need to call BS on ourselves when we continue to believe them and that’s holding us back); 

– working out what is keeping you stuck

– having help to get to the next level in business – because as you transcend one level, you find there are new problems; new challenges; new resistances.

And I’m going to acknowledge that it is possible to still progress and achieve etc without a trusted advisor; but I promise you it will be slower and more painful and it will be harder to overcome the inner resistances. (You can take a look at this for some extra stat’s).

So I am proudly a huge coach sl%t haha. (Not a sentence I ever thought I would be writing – full stop – let alone in a blog post! But there you go, you just never know what’s next in life, right?!)

So if you’re reading this thinking, ‘yes Kylie, but I’ve…’:

– HAD a coach already

– done a couple of online programs

– got a mentor and / or someone who keeps me accountable

– identified my limiting beliefs and worked out my values and so I should be pretty good to go

– AND (the big one) ‘haven’t I done ENOUGH ALREADY?!!’

I get it. I really do. 

We all have those moments. 

My suggestion is that you ask yourself if there are greater peaks for you to climb:

  • a work / life balance that actually works for you and leaves you feeling great
  • a feeling of deep certainty and trust within yourself 
  • revenue or profit targets
  • clients that you bloody well LOVE working with
  • a daily and weekly routine that supports your lifestyle, rather than working against it
  • a sense of ease and flow within your life
  • a strong belief in your own worthiness to choose what is best for you and the way in which you live your life
  • a peace within you that has continued to elude you, no matter how much work you do on yourself

And if these or any other areas remain out of reach, despite all your best attempts, it might be time to revisit the idea of getting another coach (or your first one!) or someone who can help you to get to where you want to be.

If you suspect I could be that person for you, give me a holler and we can have a chat.

How will you know?

You’ll just know.

Even when you try to fight against it, like we all do when our egos get rowdy 😉.

I had all the same stuff come up for me before I started working with my latest coach 😂.

I had to trust my intuition; ask myself what would be different if I didn’t work with this coach [hint: nothing] and then go all in and take the leap – it really is the only way.

Then wait for the flood of doubt to surface after you make your decision [inevitable] and then dissipate once you start working together [almost always inevitable], and you start to feel excited and inspired and relieved and so damn thankful to yourself that you made the decision.

See? I know. But I also know how to acknowledge the fears and move forwards anyway. Because in my experience, nothing good ever comes from not trusting your intuition. So I’d love to know, what commitment are you willing to make?

Big love,

Kylie x

If you’d like to read more about the work I do with clients, you can check out this blog post 🙂


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