I Don’t Like Dessert, But I Love Brains.

A love of working with brains led me to working as a mindset coach

Well hi there!

Maybe we’ve been hanging out together for a while or maybe it’s a new thing.

Either way, I just wanted to let you know a little bit more about who I am. As well as some of my background, specifically in terms of how I ended up being a mindset coach.

I’m Not A Fan Of:

  • Dessert. Unless, of course, it’s a delectable cheese platter. Ice cream doesn’t have any kind of hold over me. But I do confess to enjoying a mini Magnum now and again (classic or almond, in case you’re wondering).
I Love:
  • The water and have made it my mission to end up living at the beach. I also love my family and Hugh Jackman. These are clearly not in priority order… otherwise Hugh would be first (if he were single!). Never fear, my hubby has full awareness of my celebrity crush.

I’ve Lived:

  • I’ve lived in Melbourne, Warrington (while I worked in Liverpool, England for a stint), Warrnambool and London. Now I live on the Surfcoast in Victoria but still miss the proximity of a ‘mini break’ to Europe.
  • My favourite destinations are Italy and France, but trekking in Nepal captivated my heart (but devastated my legs and mind in equal parts on a daily basis).
I’ve Worked:

I’ve always loved the brain and how it works since I first learnt about neuropsychology. It was while I was doing my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy back in the day. I then worked with people with neurological conditions in the community.

I learnt early on that it was best to focus on the functional impact of a change to the brain. As opposed to getting caught up in the neuroanatomical nitty gritty. Why? Because 2 people can have the exact same neurological changes, but present very differently and have different outcomes.

I saw people with high stress appear to have memory impairment.

A young bloke who tried to end things via carbon monoxide poisoning but was left with a brain that was knocked off across all parts and faced a future that was bleaker than what he wanted to escape.

People with epilepsy who developed ‘scar tissue’ on the brain with various effects

Younger women with MS who ‘looked well’ but felt like crap due to debilitating fatigue.

Young blokes with traumatic brain injuries from accidents involving fast cars and other risky behaviours. They bore no resemblance to the photos of their past selves on the walls.

Or middle aged men with a solid work history who could no longer work due to a stroke / brain surgery. But were determined to find something new, after feeling like they’d lost their whole identity.

I Learnt:
  • That the brain and its potential to re-route functions and develop new pathways is incredible. You might have heard of the term neuroplasticity.
  • Just because you desperately want something to change, isn’t always enough. But man, it helps.
  • We all need hope
  • The people you surround yourself with will make an enormous difference to your progress (or lack thereof)
  • Showing up and doing the work can never be underestimated, whether you feel like it or not
  • Emotions are there to be felt. There’s a time to feel and a time to move on. And knowing the difference is wisdom.
  • Helping people to live their best life with what they have, is my jam.

I no longer work in the health / disability sector but with people who also want to create change. Needless to say, I learnt a tonne about mindset from my former work life. And so it’s no surprise I ended up as a mindset coach.

My passion now is for helping women in business to unlearn the people-pleasing, self doubt and prioritising others ahead of themselves that they learnt at a young age. My coaching programs help them to reconnect with the freedom, empowerment and happiness that ultimately comes from embracing their true self wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

I offer a complimentary Clarity Session if you’d like to learn more about working together.

Kylie x


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