Are You Starting The Year Behind The Proverbial 8 Ball?

Are you starting the year behind the 8 ball?

Are you feeling a little behind the eight ball this year? With so much going on, this is something I’m hearing a lot (and experiencing myself). 

Whether your plans got sidetracked without your permission, or your energy and spark just hasn’t been there, then this is for you.

I, too, have felt like I am getting started ‘late’ this year.

Having the extra spicy flu in Dec then ran into Xmas and then New Year and school holidays and so on.

I lost the time I was planning to work in December, because although I mostly recovered pretty quickly, my focus was still a little ‘off’ and my energy was down.

I chose to honour myself and give myself that time and space, trusting that there really is no ‘right’ time – just what we’re conditioned to believe by the marketing machines that tell us so. And knowing that to attempt to get anything out into the world when my energy wasn’t aligned, was not going to serve anyone.

When my mind tried to tell me what I ‘should’ be doing, I reminded myself that there truly is no reason why you need to hit the ground running at any one particular date in January (or all year round, for that matter).

I trusted that I was going to get my spark back and that I wouldn’t have ‘lost’ anything in the process.

And then all of a sudden, all this unravelled last week:

  • I went back and reviewed my product suite that I had worked out last year with my coach (yes I have a coach! Who has a coach, who has a coach…).
  • I reflected on what still felt right to put out into the world (all of it – because it was aligned in the first place, with no cookie cutter approaches, blueprints or ‘formulae’ – yawn). Then I decided to start taking some actions on the ones I’d been putting off (because, yes! – human being first and coach second so I make the same mistakes – I just don’t get stuck there now).
  • I also had a discussion with some friends and a very cool conversation ensued as we talked about Pinterest, visioning and manifesting. This led me to later realise I wanted to create my vision board for this year. I do this each year (usually in early Jan) but just hadn’t been inspired until then. And I could do it because I had already laid the foundations prior to that. If I’d just grabbed a glue stick and chucked some random pretty pics on a whiteboard, I’d be no closer to getting anything out there).
  • This then sparked a complete shift in my energy. I was filled with joy, abundance, excitement and anticipation of whoever is coming into my space this year.

It aligned PERFECTLY with one of the things that had been part of my product suite: 

  • an online workshop to help business owners wanting to create / launch something new this year. The intention is to provide them with the 4 simple (but not obvious) tools to do this for success. It had been sitting on my website as a heading since we had the ‘product suite’ discussion back in early December, with an ‘Express Your Interest’ button that my website guru put together before Xmas, but that’s it!

And I thought, THAT is what people need. I am so passionate about entrepreneurs not just doing the stuff they feel like they ‘should’ do, but to do what lights them up.

They might then go on to create a vision board like I did, or something else entirely.

The thing is, you don’t need another funnel, landing page or facebook ads strategy to launch your thing and have it thrive in the world. You might choose to, but let’s not think it needs to an ‘abc’ cookie cutter approach. Cos… you’re not a cookie lol.

I want you to know how to do it in a way that feels so congruent and clear. To feel energised and uplifted, where you can’t wait to dive in.

To know the steps to take to make your offerings work for you and others.

If you’d like to check it out you can head here to take a li’l look.

My message for you right now is that if you’re feeling behind the eight ball like I was, it truly is ok. There’s nowhere you are supposed to have ‘arrived’ at by now.

This is actually one of the many perks of #entrepreneurlife, right?! Time freedom; choices; flexibility.

There is no perfect action you should be taking right now. And there is absolutely no point in pushing through when you need something else.

In fact, having a strategy for the sake of it is a waste of time if your heart, soul and energy is not behind it.

Check in with yourself about how you feel about what you’re planning for your biz this year:

  • Does it feel exciting?
  • Does it feel do-able (or out of reach)?
  • Have you put it off way longer than you intended to?
  • Is it energising?
  • Are you bursting to tell people about your new thing?!

If not, it might be time to try another way.

Kylie x

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