Does The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough Hold You Back In Business?

Overcome mindset hurdles to fast track your business results

Last week, while pooch-walking, I met Murphy. (Ok, just bear with me while I share this little tale – I promise I’m going somewhere with this!)

Murphy is an adorable 4 month old Border Collie (BC), who was bouncing up and down with the energy of a … well, a puppy!

His owner (let’s call him Bob) and I got chatting (because you better believe I was going in for a puppy-pat!)

I’ve known this man to wave to or share a few words with for a few years – although I haven’t seen him much at all more recently.

It’s usually because Purdey is the friendliest dog on the beach and insists on claiming pats from all who’ll give them.

Bob has always been accompanied by an ever-barking, old Border Collie who yaps every time his owner’s attention is diverted elsewhere. And the second dog (let’s just call him Goldy) is a gentle and non-barking golden retriever.

This day, I immediately noticed that despite the new bundle of fur being on deck, old Mr BC was not. It transpired that Mr BC was no longer of this world as of 8 weeks ago, and his bestie (Goldy) had been inconsolable.

Although Bob told me ‘I know they’re not human’, he clearly knew that dogs have big hearts for their human and furry friends, and miss them when they’re gone.

And it got me thinking:

Life keeps ticking slowly on, whether for hound or human.

There is always a point at which it is the last – the last time we can use our body in a certain way; the last time we see someone; the last breath.

And I was reminded of what I’d been mulling over recently.

It was inspired by something my own coach said that was along the lines of getting to a particular landmark birthday and questioning: ‘when will I feel good enough. Do I want to arrive at 80 and still be feeling like I’m not enough?’ To which she decided no thank you very much. And did the internal work for those realities to align.

I recalled something similar which I experienced many years ago when my children were little.

I’d been looking back at photos, including images of myself. I remember thinking, ‘jeepers I look young there!’ And there would have been thoughts around, wow, you looked pretty slim / healthy / blah blah blah.

And at that moment, I realised that we are never as young as we are right now.

In a year or 5, we will look back at a photo taken now, and think how fresh-faced or youthful or slim (or whatever it is for you) we were. And so it’s (in my mind) ridiculous to not enjoy how we look (and feel) now, because we will never be this young again.

And as I allowed the 2 ideas to cross-pollinate (the ‘when will I ever feel good enough’ and the ‘I will never be this young again’), I realised that the same strategy could apply.

We can all make the decision that we have had enough of not feeling good enough.

And to embrace that we are always enough, just as we are. We can then choose to draw a line in the sand and just believe that moving forwards.

I’m going to be a bit of a spoil-sport and share with you that I truly do not think this is possible on a deeply emotional level, unless you have done a deep dive into personal development. (And yep, being a mindset coach I’m going to tell you that that’s an awesome place to do it too!). Because otherwise we are saying all the right things (yeah, of course! I KNOW I’m good enough -> logical mind) but not truly feeling it / believing it.

So whatever area of business; life; relationships; parenting; BE-ING that this applies for you, could you make a decision to deeply KNOW that you are enough? Right now, in this moment?

I hope so, my friend. Because what a gift you would truly be giving yourself. Not to mention decades saved on feeling self doubt and inadequacy.

Oh and I hope you can choose to show up in photos too, looking as young and as amazing as you do right in this moment. You could even take a selfie right now to seal the deal.

And tell yourself: ‘I am enough, just as I am, right now’.

  • With the business results you have right now
  • With however many people work with you, right now
  • With whatever your income / revenue / profit is right now
  • With the programs you’re running, right now
  • In the social media you’re sharing right now
  • With the marketing that you’re putting out into the world, right now
  • At the weight you are right now
  • With the looks you have right now
  • With ALL the things that may not be perfect, but make you YOU, right now

(Get the gist?)

And once you make that decision, here’s the next step:

What will you put into place when you feel enough?

  • Would you launch something new?
  • Stop caring what other people think
  • Let go of the need to be liked by everyone
  • Go after what you truly want
  • Put your prices up
  • Market more boldy
  • Stop offering services you don’t adore
  • Be the role model your children need

Before I forget, Goldy (our Retriever mate from earlier in the story) has apparently bounced right back now that he has a fur-friend to keep him company again.

He was pretty much smiling and seemed delighted with bouncy Murphy. To me, this is a great reminder that if we’re not feeling good about something, we can choose to change it! Bob must be in his late 60s and I loved that he cared so much about his remaining pooch to get him a buddy (and to embark on a life with a young pup again!)

Maybe it was just what he needed too.

Feel free to get out a notepad or journal, and dive into the questions / ideas above and see what unfolds for you.

Kylie x

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