Is Your Morning Routine Working For You?

Is your morning routine working for you?

Coming back after a long weekend in this household, there were the usual temptations: To check my inbox first thing in the morning Wanting to cancel my chiro appointment because I had too much to do Thinking I’d cut short the dog walk instead of doing our usual beach...

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Mistakes Of A Burnt Out Business Owner.

Burnt out business owner

If you’re in business and find yourself thinking ‘surely it would be easier to just go back to a job’, think again. Chances are you started your business partly because a job felt ‘hard’. You had a pattern of burning out. You work, work, worked. There was no sense...

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Why I Love Using Human Design For Business Owners.

Using human design with women in business

Some will love it. Some will hate it. But for me? I’m sold on the benefits of using Human Design for business. And for life in general, for that matter. Although Human Design has quite the bizarre origin story, I’m all about taking a holistic approach to how something...

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You Know That Thing That You Think Is The Magic Bullet? It’s Not.

KMB Coaching - Business Coaching

You know that thing that you think is the magic bullet? The thing that you think is the answer to all your business hopes, dreams and prayers? It’s not. If you’re telling yourself that the reason you’re not exactly where you want to be in business right now is...

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Here’s The Truth Behind Why You Don’t Need Another Strategy.

Here's The Truth Behind Why You Don't Need Another Strategy

If you’re an established business owner, the truth is that you don’t need another strategy, another landing page, an extra lead magnet. I know for sure that strategy is obviously crucial to getting you to where you are now, and continuing to do so. However, it’s not another ‘solution’...

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