Alison Fitzgerald

So I did my 2nd retreat and it was incredible. As soon as I saw the dates become available I registered. It is so beneficial to spend time away from your business to work on your business and also on yourself.

I had forgotten how much had changed after my 1st retreat until I did the 2nd one  and heard the other business women sharing some of their challenges and concerns-all of which I had had too 2 yrs ago. Such a lot was moved at a subconscious level that I had forgotten about it until it was refreshed. What a relief to know I wasn’t carrying that ‘crud’ around anymore!

The last 2 years have been massive and have impacted people’s lives on so many levels so to have a break, completely immerse myself in me and my business and reflect on what’s been was incredibly beneficial.

Kylie just gets it-she’s been there, she’s lived it and she has succeeded and she has the language and the skills to get everybody there too.

The accommodation is divine, the food is next level incredible and the thoughtful gift bag on arrival just topped off the whole experience.

I will definitely be back for more (I want that early morning ocean swim!).


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