Nicole Vine

I came to Kylie because I was a people pleaser and it was impacting me so much that I was feeling drained, resentful and uncontented.=

I had done extensive work with a business coach but found there was still a deeper level of work to be done.

I got far more than I expected to with Kylie’s work. She was completely committed to me and supported me unwaveringly. She was able to coach me through difficult situations in real time (through Voxer) and that was invaluable.

I now have more structure in my day and week and have completely revamped how I deliver my services. I now know my worth and I hold boundaries for myself so that I can lead a healthy and ultimately calm life.

Working with Kylie is quite literally life-changing. The sense of trust that developed was very fast and she put me at ease instantly. Amazing, compassionate, trusted, kind, a fantastic listener. I highly recommend Kylie.


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