Jodie Williams

I am a cross-roads career-wise at the moment and looking to learn a bit more about myself so when I read Kylie’s post on Human Design it really piqued my curiosity. I wasn’t sure initially how much I would learn from my reading but I was so impressed and really pleased to see how much information my chart revealed.

Kylie talked to me about the key components of the human design system and how I can use the information that is shown on my chart to work more efficiently and in a way that aligns with what is best for me. She was able to talk me through some changes I can make to feel more energised at work and at home, and how elements such as Anger might arise when I am working against my strategy.

The insights Kylie was able to provide for me really resonated with where I’m at right now in my journey. I am now really curious to learn more about Human Design and how I can use my charts to grow even more. This was such a useful opportunity to focus on myself and to learn information and strategies that will be invaluable in my work and personal life going forward.


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