Elisabeth Hart Ryan

‘I had been wanting to start my own business for a long time; years in fact! And despite having a
genuine passion and a good idea of “knowing what I needed to do”, I couldn’t start. Kylie helped me
unlock my own personal stumbling blocks and more importantly, helped me overcome them.
Through her genuine and sincere approach, she patiently climbed over the hurdles with me. At
times, I needed a firm hand to keep me on track and accountable, and Kylie did just that. I truly felt
like Kylie was on my team and believed in me.

In the past I was advised to “just do it” or told “you just need to do this”. But that’s not always easy.
For me, it is the “doing” that is hard and Kylie is there to help me put it in to place. The regular
sessions help with momentum and ensure you get tasks done. Kylie’s advice is always thoughtful,
relevant and practical (and she can also tell when you’re not really answering her questions!).
And yes, I have started my business; onward and upward!!

Thank you Kylie.

Elisabeth Hart Ryan
Studio Hart Creative
18 January 2021


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