I was able to truthfully feel and notice myself which I don’t think we ever do.   She made me understand why I had these fears (anxiety; fear of public speaking; fear of being in the spotlight) even when I didn’t think there was anything wrong that was behind why I had these fears and anxiety, she made me aware of this which in time, helped me overcome them.

I found Kylie unique in that I felt so comfortable being around her and talking to her about my past and how I feel about certain circumstances in my life.  I wouldn’t have thought I could as easily as I did.  Her solution to what I was going through and the issues were unique in that from my first contact with Kylie to what I wanted to achieve at the end of my three months with her came about so natural and the solutions unfolded in front of me with how she guided each session we had together.

Kylie’s approach was so sensitive and made you feel like there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.   I laughed and also cried in our sessions and felt like I could approach and ask her anything without feeling like I should be ashamed of anything I said.  Her delivery was sensitive yet raw and insightful with the approach she has as it makes you feel and think about really deep thoughts which obviously, in my case had a very underlying part of why I had certain anxieties and issues.


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