I am not a woo-woo person! I’m a sceptic when it comes to crystals, tarot readings, star signs, etc. Maybe it’s my Irish Catholic upbringing or my data-driven brain, but I crave tangibility.

So, where am I heading with all this?

Last year, I took part in one of Kylie Broadfoot’s amazing Human Design sessions. Let me tell you, it completely blew me away! It was as if she understood me on a whole new level. Now, I’ve embraced what Kylie outlined about how I operate, which has made a significant difference.

You see, I have this habit of telling myself to focus on other tasks whenever a brilliant idea pops into my head. But the other day, I did things differently. I decided to align myself with my human design and just go for it, fully embracing the idea swirling around in my mind.

The outcome? A whole new offering that is almost completely planned out – stay tuned – I honestly can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Siobhan Mulvahil

Thank you Kylie for helping me understand my Human Design information in a way that wasn’t overwhelming.

I really appreciated how Kylie explained everything including all of my questions.

Highly recommend Kylie!

Britt H.

My session with Kylie was fantastic! I don’t know a lot about Human Design so was keen to learn more. I took lots of notes and had quite a few ‘ah-haa’ moments.

I would highly recommend Kylie and this service to find out more about yourself and how to live your best life!


I’m a life long learner and love to learn more about my self and how I can improve, so I jumped at the chance to have a 1:1 session with Kylie going through my own human design.

I am so happy that I did it, as now moving forward I have an even better understanding of myself and I will be more equipped to make the right decisions in my personal & business life that are best for me!

Thank you Kylie for your gentle and caring approach to your work, you have a unique talent to help women in business.

Tania Bell

A quick note to say thank you so much for our mini session today – it didn’t feel mini at all!

I loved unpacking, unpacking and unravelling the insights in my report with you, it’s such a beautiful approach to self awareness.

I really appreciated your gentleness and non- judgement as we looked at what resonated and how I could apply the learnings to my life, personally & professionally.

Thank you so, so much!


Thank you so much for our session today. I really enjoyed our time together and truly believe everyone would benefit greatly from a human design session.

Just understanding that we are all unique and getting permission to live in alignment with our true nature instead of chasing who we are not is so comforting & empowering.

You have a gift Kylie; I will be recommending you to my friends & family.


I recently did a Human Design reading with Kylie and found it very informative and lead to some ‘ahh haa moments’.

One of the major moments was that I learnt that I could bring in my past working life into my new working life as previously it had just never occurred to me to do so.

I am also now more acutely aware of how I need to take care of myself and my energy levels so that I break the exhaustion treadmill.

Thank you Kylie it was very helpful.

Lisa Roberton; Love. Eat. Cake

I discovered some things about myself that have left me with a deeper understanding of how and why I am the person I am today.

Understanding how I process & make decisions is a key element when running a business, as it allows me to step back and think about the reasons and the whys when I am unsure.

Deb Fowler – The Summer House Retreat

I had a session with Kylie around my Human Design.

As soon as Kylie put it out there that she was doing this, I had my hand up & booked in.

I jumped on, put in my details and sent Kylie my HD.

I already knew that I was a Generator, but I was curious to learn more.

Kylie took me through my chart and explained it piece by piece.

I had many ‘aha’ moments, it felt like she was reading my mind the descriptions were so accurate!

Chatting with Kylie about the different aspects of my human design has absolutely opened me up to understanding myself more & wanting to learn more.

If you are curious and want to know more about yourself, I highly recommend you book yourself an appt asap

Sue Brabender – Me Time. Just For Me

I am a cross-roads career-wise at the moment and looking to learn a bit more about myself so when I read Kylie’s post on Human Design it really piqued my curiosity. I wasn’t sure initially how much I would learn from my reading but I was so impressed and really pleased to see how much information my chart revealed.

Kylie talked to me about the key components of the human design system and how I can use the information that is shown on my chart to work more efficiently and in a way that aligns with what is best for me. She was able to talk me through some changes I can make to feel more energised at work and at home, and how elements such as Anger might arise when I am working against my strategy.

The insights Kylie was able to provide for me really resonated with where I’m at right now in my journey. I am now really curious to learn more about Human Design and how I can use my charts to grow even more. This was such a useful opportunity to focus on myself and to learn information and strategies that will be invaluable in my work and personal life going forward.

Jodie Williams

I wasn’t sure of what I wanted when I approached Kylie. I knew that I wanted help with the way I was feeling but beyond that, I couldn’t put it into words.  Since connecting with Kylie, my life has changed dramatically for the better.  I feel empowered to say “no” without feeling guilty.  I have clear boundaries and I make decisions based on what is best for my family and I. I feel much more balanced and confident.

Kylie helped me to clarify what it was that I wanted to achieve. She worked alongside me and encouraged me to bring my vision to life.  Kylie has a genuine, relaxed way of connecting with people.  She’s friendly and very approachable – plus she has awesome skills!

If you feel like you aren’t living your best life, do yourself a favour and connect with Kylie.  It will be one of the most outstanding decisions you can make!

Jen Eyles

I feel Kylie’s coaching is striking, 100% and warm. Her philosophy and practice is innovative and effective. She is exceptionally professional, holds space very well and listens with expertise to what is said, what is inferred and what is not said.

She has a fantastic grasp of human nature and is gifted in joining the dots, drawing links and applying principles of practice in a relevant, poignant and practical fashion.

I jumped in head first and she met me 100%.

What I particularly liked about Kylie’s approach was that she consistently steered me back to the present. She knew when more talk and my tendency to analyse and intellectualise was enough and called it.

Victoria Schnaedelbach

Kylie helped me unlock my own personal stumbling blocks and more importantly, helped me overcome them.

Through her genuine and sincere approach, she patiently climbed over the hurdles with me. At times, I needed a firm hand to keep me on track and accountable, and Kylie did just that. I truly felt like Kylie was on my team and believed in me.

In the past I was advised to “just do it” or told “you just need to do this”. But that’s not always easy. For me, it is the “doing” that is hard and Kylie is there to help me put it into place. The regular sessions help with momentum and ensure you get tasks done. Kylie’s advice is always thoughtful, relevant and practical (and she can also tell when you’re not really answering her questions!)

Elisabeth Hart Ryan

I came to Kylie because I was a people pleaser and it was impacting me so much that I was feeling drained, resentful and uncontented.=

I had done extensive work with a business coach but found there was still a deeper level of work to be done.

I got far more than I expected to with Kylie’s work. She was completely committed to me and supported me unwaveringly. She was able to coach me through difficult situations in real time (through Voxer) and that was invaluable.

I now have more structure in my day and week and have completely revamped how I deliver my services. I now know my worth and I hold boundaries for myself so that I can lead a healthy and ultimately calm life.

Working with Kylie is quite literally life-changing. The sense of trust that developed was very fast and she put me at ease instantly. Amazing, compassionate, trusted, kind, a fantastic listener. I highly recommend Kylie.

Nicole Vine

So I did my 2nd retreat and it was incredible. As soon as I saw the dates become available I registered. It is so beneficial to spend time away from your business to work on your business and also on yourself.

I had forgotten how much had changed after my 1st retreat until I did the 2nd one  and heard the other business women sharing some of their challenges and concerns-all of which I had had too 2 yrs ago. Such a lot was moved at a subconscious level that I had forgotten about it until it was refreshed. What a relief to know I wasn’t carrying that ‘crud’ around anymore!

The last 2 years have been massive and have impacted people’s lives on so many levels so to have a break, completely immerse myself in me and my business and reflect on what’s been was incredibly beneficial.

Kylie just gets it-she’s been there, she’s lived it and she has succeeded and she has the language and the skills to get everybody there too.

The accommodation is divine, the food is next level incredible and the thoughtful gift bag on arrival just topped off the whole experience.

I will definitely be back for more (I want that early morning ocean swim!).

Alison Fitzgerald
Director, The Foot Centre

I was hoping to be able to get a bit more confidence and clarity on what I wanted and not just in business but in life in general. It helped me to really dig deep into my feelings and figure out what truly motivates me and what areas I needed to work on instead of making excuses.

I definitely feel more worthy of succeeding and charging what I feel I am worth. I have more confidence in life and business to go out and do what I want, things that make me happy and knowing that it is OK to do things for me and that make me happy. I now have the confidence that I can succeed, and I am worthy of success.

It is a great way to get away from all the chaos of your everyday life, things you don’t even realise control a lot of what you do and how you react. Once away and with the guidance of the Awesome Kylie you can go within to find out what your habits are that are holding you back and really get to remember who you are and what you want. Clarity that you deserve the life of your dreams it is OK to be selfish (in a good way)

Rebecca Stott
Book Buddies

Prior to the mindset retreat with Kylie I was looking to experience greater clarity and confidence, both in my personal life and business. As a relatively newbie to small business and building a niche and specialised practice in the healthcare sector, I was not entirely sure what to expect from the outset. I knew in order to move to a place of ease, I needed to commit to this level of personal work, having experienced burnout in the past. Coming away from the mindset retreat, I have been incredibly pleased with this investment and I have received so much more from the experience than I anticipated. The impact has been lasting well past the 3 retreat days, and I believe this will continue to have positive ripple effects personally and in business and I press into the learnings. Thank you Kylie for a wonderful retreat.

Donna Nair
Director at Good Wound Care

Last year I was fortunate enough to be lead by Kylie through the process of creating a vision board to manifest what I wanted in life.

My husband had been made redundant in June 2020 and the jobs he was applying for were all out bush (he is a maintenance planner on the mines)….

I was trying to get my head around moving into a remote Australian country town….way off what I really wanted as we had always talked about retiring one day to somewhere close to water…

With Kylie’s support and direction I created a vision board and my main focus was about living with a water view!

I kept it in my room so it could be in focus and I set daily intentions around it.

A few months later we moved locations from Brisbane to the Whitsundays.

I attribute our amazing move to manifesting through the wonderful vision board and intentions.


After attending one of Kylie’s Not Networking events and leaving there feeling so much more positive and motivated than when I came in, I decided to give her Call in Your Business Desires workshop a go.

I’m so glad I did! Kylie taught me a brand new way to manifest and help bring in what I’m most wanting to achieve in 2022.

I left the workshop with a clearer idea of exactly what I want and how I’m going to achieve it.

If you need some help clarifying exactly what you need or desire from your business and want to learn how you can change your mindset around achieving those things then I highly recommend this workshop to you!

Feb 2022.

Freya Briede

The [Call in Your Business Desires in 4 Simple Steps] session was great and well run on Zoom. The smaller group worked really well to be able to all get a chance to talk and get feedback on our thoughts / ideas (I think my personality does better in smaller groups).

I have gained clarity on the direction I want to take my business, and where to start on my daunting to-do list! It enabled me to step back and look at the bigger picture, focusing on an Action Plan.

I would definitely recommend this to those who are starting out in their business, or want to take their business in a new direction.


Feb 2022

Catherine Mabbett

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