I really enjoyed participating in The Calm Collective as it was a safe place to discuss my thoughts and emotions during these uncertain times (covid-19).  It was also nice to hear how other women in the group were going and I found the breathing exercises really grounding.

Laura Waters
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

I have been following Kylie Broadfoot as a coach for some time and love her honest, straight shooting style.  I have been in a few of Kylie’s groups and have enjoyed them all, but particularly the Calm Collective.

In this group, we learned a great deal of models for life and we did some embodiment work that really created some shifts.

Kylie’s warm, supportive style allows you to share openly and problem solve.  I would recommend Kylie’s work to anyone interested in growth and change!  Thx Kylie.

Sharon Chemello
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed the zoom calls for the Calm Collective.  Delving into breath work and working towards a goal were exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much Kylie for always providing such beneficial support.

Simone Kate
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Thank you Kylie for the great starts to my week (during the group Calm Collective).  Spending time with your guidance, listening to my body, feeling what was going on and being to name it, see it, recognise it, has helped me at the time and and also at other times during the week.  Using breathwork and acceptance to allow me to move through stressful times (we all have them!) has really shifted my energy.  Your authentic, calm and friendly nature is a pleasure to be around.  Big hugs KB.  Love your work.

Sam Davis
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

I joined Kylie’s zoom Calm Collective group for some tips during Covd-19.  I really enjoyed the sessions and found them beneficial.  I liked the small groups and encouragement from Kylie.  I would definitely join again.  Thanks, Kylie.

Lynette Bitton
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Kylie has been so helpful with improving my productivity at work and teaching me techniques on how to achieve work/life balance. She has also helped me set my goals and I’m already achieving them!! I highly recommend Kylie!

Laura Waters
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

I feel Kylie’s coaching is striking, 100% and warm. Her philosophy and practice is innovative and effective. She is exceptionally professional, holds space very well and listens with expertise to what is said, what is inferred and what is not said. She has a fantastic grasp on human nature and is gifted in joining the dots, drawing links and applying principles of practice in a relevant, poignant and practical fashion.

I jumped in head first and she met me 100%.

What I particularly liked about Kylie’s approach was that she consistently steered me back to the present. She knew when more talk and my tendency to analyse and intellectualIse was enough and calling it.

Victoria Schnaedelbach
Melbourne; Victoria, Australia

I am very grateful for Kylie and what she inspired me to know, learn and grow within and about myself.  I believe as life gets so busy whether work or personal, we all can lose sight of who we are and what we really want to achieve and be fulfilled within ourselves.  Kylie’s nurturing personality and her calm attitude brought out in me the person whom I had lost and the confidence to find and grow to please me, not all those around me.  Kylie made me realize that taking time for myself does not mean that I am selfish and it’s ok to just be present within yourself rather than spread yourself to please others.  She made me overcome that guilt and where I am now is definitely a happier and more fulfilled place to be and I have Kylie to thank for that.  Couldn’t recommend Kylie enough. She is amazing, thank you.

Kylie Cahill
Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Kylie is a breath of fresh air and immeasurably makes you feel at ease.The personal growth and confidence in myself has enabled me to prioritise my time without the guilt of not pleasing everybody. I highly recommend Kylie if your feeling overwhelmed .

Tiffany Simpson
Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia

I was able to truthfully feel and notice myself which I don’t think we ever do.   She made me understand why I had these fears (anxiety; fear of public speaking; fear of being in the spotlight) even when I didn’t think there was anything wrong that was behind why I had these fears and anxiety, she made me aware of this which in time, helped me overcome them.

I found Kylie unique in that I felt so comfortable being around her and talking to her about my past and how I feel about certain circumstances in my life.  I wouldn’t have thought I could as easily as I did.  Her solution to what I was going through and the issues were unique in that from my first contact with Kylie to what I wanted to achieve at the end of my three months with her came about so natural and the solutions unfolded in front of me with how she guided each session we had together.

Kylie’s approach was so sensitive and made you feel like there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.   I laughed and also cried in our sessions and felt like I could approach and ask her anything without feeling like I should be ashamed of anything I said.  Her delivery was sensitive yet raw and insightful with the approach she has as it makes you feel and think about really deep thoughts which obviously, in my case had a very underlying part of why I had certain anxieties and issues.

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

I engaged Kylie because I was having a hard time trying to please everyone, do all the things at once whilst showing everyone on the outside I had it all together. Trying to make everyone happy was leaving me stressed and exhausted. As women, there’s an unspoken expectation that we have to do it all, and do it perfectly.

My experience of coaching was life changing, honestly. I feel like I’ve gone through life on auto pilot, immune to my personality and what behaviours work best for me. Now I feel like I am connected with my personality in a whole new way and I am learning new things about myself every day. It’s quite liberating.

Sarah Parfett
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Before I did a session on facing my shadow with Kylie, my business wasn’t where I wanted it to be.  I only had 13 team members and they were going out the door backwards!  I had been trying for a year to build my team and it just wasn’t working.

I felt like an imposter.

By doing this session and facing this shadow that I didn’t even know was there, and allowing my feelings to be experienced during and after the session, I was able to sign up a new team member within a few weeks.

Since April 2020, I have signed 6 new team members, and the girls in my team have signed 11 new team members also and I now feel more confident; like a leader.

I have quadrupled my income and in July I had my best month ever of sales which has all been online.  I am about to promote my first down line leader.

Victoria, Australia



I engaged Kylie because I was having a hard time trying to please everyone, do all the things at once whilst showing everyone on the outside I had it all together. Trying to make everyone happy was leaving me stressed and exhausted. As women, there’s an unspoken expectation that we have to do it all, and do it perfectly.


I chose Kylie because I trust her. She’d walked many of the same paths as I had, so I knew she understood where I was coming from with personal experience. Kylie was recommended by my boss back in September last year. We discussed a potential program and then after an extended DISC profile session in March, decided to dive in!


Kylie helped me by equipping me with tools unique to my personality, such as visualisation and journaling. She taught me to understand how certain behaviours are often triggers of unmet boundaries or personal values not being met. She taught me how to say no! (a word that holds so much power and freedom).


She didn’t simply give a “how to” guide or a list of correct behavioural techniques – certainly different to any counselling or therapy I have received. She empowers you to deal with your issues yourself, and finding solutions that work best for you. There is no “right or wrong” answers with her. It felt really abstract in a non-traditional sense, like we were just having a conversation, and then a few days later my mind would begin to open up in a whole new way, and I’d begin to put the pieces together, and suddenly it all started making sense. 


I loved how a lot of the time we simply just observed behaviours and connected them up to certain values (once we identified what my unique values were). I like how she didn’t judge any of my behaviours or tell me to snap out of anything. It was amazing how simply observing certain behaviours opened up a whole arena of healing for me.  I loved how I really didn’t have to try hard to do this or that, I simply embraced who I was as a person and let that come out. 


I will approach Kylie again in the future if I want additional coaching and mentoring.  I can think of a few things already that I’d love to unpack in the future.


Life changing, honestly. I feel like I’ve gone through life on autopilot, immune to my personality and what behaviours work best for me. Now I feel like I am connected with my personality in a whole new way and I am learning new things about myself every day. It’s quite liberating.


I would recommend Kylie / KMB Coaching to others absolutely.  We all have little things that crop up in life and it’s silly to think that we can make it on our own, or that we come into adult life knowing everything there is to know about ourselves.

Sarah – Geelong.


If you would like to get in touch to find out more about how coaching can help you, please head to this page https://www.kmbcoaching.com.au/contact/ and I’ll be in touch.

To join my free facebook group, head here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/267700167401949/

‘Life Changing’ – Sarah, Geelong
Life Changing Coaching

I came to a networking meeting (BNI) as a Visitor in February 2019 and it just so happened to be that Kylie was completing her keynote presentation that day.   When Kylie started to speak about what KMB coaching is all about and the role she plays and how she can help people, I could see so much of myself and identify with so many aspects of what she was explaining about.

I am a professional woman, I work very hard and used to work incredibly long hours for many years.  Most of my weekends were taken up by either catching up with people just to keep in touch, all the household duties, running around after friends and family and trying to fit in as much as possible as my weeks were mainly work focused.   I was exhausted and unfulfilled.

After listening to Kylie present, it opened my eyes and really made me realize how anxious and unfocused I had become in my own life.   After listening to her talk about her abilities in coaching people to make their lives more about them and what they want to experience to feel happy, I could 100% relate to this.

I signed up with Kylie’s coaching program for 3 months.  The goals I set at the beginning felt so unrealistic, and somewhat selfish but also put an incredible smile on my face thinking ‘wow what if I could actually achieve these things in my life?!’, that I didn’t even really know were affecting me as much as they were.

During our sessions we uncovered so much about my life, myself, my past, me as a person not only now, but who I was and who I want to be.   The growth that I felt and the emotion (not necessarily sadness when I say emotion – the feelings of excitement in particular of seeing myself with such clarity gave me the confidence to think about myself clearly as a priority) made me realize that it’s not selfish to stop and just be present, and that I don’t have to do everything just to keep everyone happy and put pressure on myself.   This is my life and we all get so lost in being busy.

Through Kylie’s coaching, guidance and knowledge I achieved the goals I set and can’t recommend and thank Kylie enough for her coaching and time.


Geelong, Australia

After my husband and I stopped trying to have a child, I needed to find clarity, direction and how to believe in myself and my abilities, once again. The path I had been on for so long suddenly ended and I needed someone to help me uncover my options.

Kylie helped me ascertain what I want from life and gave me the tools to make it happen. I can make decisions quicker now rather that procrastinating and fearing failure. I have a vision of my life goals with actionable items and timelines.

I now feel empowered by my values and how they will influence my life. I avoid negativity and choose to focus my energy on positive relationships and future happiness. I am grateful and appreciative for the love of my husband, friends and family, what I have achieved in life so far and what I have to look forward to.

It was great chatting with Kylie and I felt very supported by her.  Everything just clicked with the process and I knew working with her was the right choice for me. She is a great listener, she knew the right questions to ask and made me really think about what I want from my life.

In 5 years time, I will not look back and say nothing has changed, I will look back and say I did everything I set out to. Thanks Kylie!

Anonymous, Melbourne, Australia

Wow I now feel a complete release of a life long tension that I felt in my body.  This is energizing me.  I thought my energy was low due to work stress.

I am able to accept and love myself and no longer feel responsible for my mother’s life she and what I thought she lost out on because she had me at a young age. How funny to think I took responsibility for this.  This new realization now enables me to stand and listen to my mother’s complaints and I am 100% free of condemnation and rather feel compassion towards her.

I have a new joy and absolute peace in my heart even when I am criticized by others, and my ability to love others and myself has grown so much deeper. As a result of this I don’t get drawn into arguments easily; I listen without defending myself and then at the end I decide to share my thoughts if it will add value or I simply acknowledge the speaker and ask a question leading the conversation towards a solution.

I would recommend Kylie to anybody that suffers from depression, that has been abused or had childhood trauma. In my instance I honestly thought the challenge came from childhood sexual abuse but Kylie was able to use her skills in such a gentle manner that I got right down to the bottom of what was really behind this. My greatest fear was my inability to handle my emotions as they were too overpowering but Kylie made this so easy as she created a completely safe environment where I could let go of my fears and trust her to guide me through some really intense emotions.

Kylie is an exceptional coach whom you can trust, even when you are afraid to trust. She will guide you to discover the real cause of the issue you face in a very skilled manner that makes it easy to access your deepest memories that you might not even be aware of before the time.

Joan Kift – South Africa

Kylie, I want to thank you for guiding me through our recent coaching sessions. My goal was to work out my personal fitness regime after Christmas and for the future.

You questioned everything, my values, beliefs, what I was doing, and how I was sabotaging myself, what I believed about me, and what I thought others believed about me.

I have come away with a clear goal around my fitness.  I exchanged one value for another that matches me, and my outcomes much better, therefore has more meaning to me, and put them in an order that serves me better. It even feels more authentic!

I have notes up around my walls, and have a list of “things I’ve accomplished in the past” next to my vision board, for those moments of self doubt, or when I’m feeling a little like I need a boost. It’s a reminder to me that I have succeeded in the past, am doing so now, and will continue to do in the future.

I’m grateful for the time we had together and thank you for your depth of knowledge, empathy and understanding.

Belinda Shaw
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

My Coaching experience with Kylie has not only helped me to work towards achieving goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am, what makes me tick, and to also identify unresourceful thinking patterns. I always look forward to my conversations with Kylie; she is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. Lastly, she has helped to clearly identify my values and use these as a guide to making life judgments and changes. My sessions with Kylie are always productive

Ursha Sitha
Melbourne, Australia

During our coaching sessions Kylie assisted me to elicit my values (the emotions I want to experience on a consistent basis). Having clarity around my values has given me the ability to reflect on my day and to have the awareness of whether I’ve lived or not lived according to them. I now have my own benchmarks for experiencing happiness and wellbeing; not only that – I’m now clear on why I’m aiming to achieve the goals I’ve set myself. Thank you Kylie

Karyn Owen
Melbourne, Australia


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