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A 2-hour online workshop that will fast-track your success & boost your satisfaction with business & life as a whole

What if instead of setting more goals for 2024, you FIRST work out what you actually want: from your business and your life as a whole?

Because hitting your goals and targets doesn’t necessarily result in more satisfaction, happiness & joy.

The way to do this differently and fast-track your results is to get crystal clear on your vision. This isn’t just a vision board exercise. That’s definitely part of it.

This is a specific process that involves learning the crucial steps for success; going through your personal workbook to reveal your unique vision; applying this in a powerful meditation and embodiment process and then creating the virtual (or you can do a hard copy!) vision board.

I will also share with you the information to know how your brain works and the way to create your vision so that it sets you up to achieve it. That’s where I come in because I have not only skills & expertise in coaching but also a couple of decades of experience with neurological expertise.

Set aside some time to jump on a call with a wonderful group of women in business; identify your own vision, and then create your vision board from there to take away with you.

Clarify Your Vision

Creating a deeply personalised and powerful vision is so much more than just creating a vision board and adopting a wait-and-see approach.

Ideally, it comes before goals, action, and strategy and the process is supported by neuroscience, training your brain to attain what you desire.

This workshop attracts those who have done one of these workshops previously and want to connect with a new vision. As well as those who are new to the full process, either having dabbled in creating a board but without a process, or those who are brand new and eager to learn.

It’s perfect for you whether you’re a business owner or leader seeking more clarity and being more intentional with where you direct your focus for 2024.

People who have attended past workshops have commented that they tried to take themselves through the process, but that it didn’t really work. They wanted to be guided through the meditation and visualisation process that is a key part of the workshop so that they could experience the full benefit of a deeply powerful, anchored and individual vision.

Vision boards can be focused on business, career or work, health, personal life, the ideal home or destination, family and more. There’s no right way to create one, and I give you practical insights to help you develop your vision in a way that best suits your unique situation.

With a background as a neurological occupational therapist, I understand how to make your brain work as an ally in this process, and the key things to know and practice to amplify your success. 

You’ll be provided with everything you need to create your own vision board – the only things you need to bring are any images that are specific to you (any photos; a logo; or images that you want to add). Aside from that, you’ll have access to magazines, cardboard, stickers, tape, scissors, markers and more.

‘If you don’t know where you are going, every road will lead to nowhere’ - Henry Kissinger

What to Expect:

  • Learn why and how to utilise a vision to work for you
  • Understand the keys to connecting with your vision once you have created the virtual vision board
  • Learn how your brain is wired, and how to optimise success with what you desire
  • Utilise a specifically tailored workbook to identify what you desire in various aspects of life
  • Be guided through a meditation process that involves a guided visualisation taking you through aspects of the workbook (this is absolutely suitable for complete beginners to both visualisation and/or meditation)
  • The virtual workshop is hosted on Zoom and you will create an online vision board using Canva (I will provide a recording of how to do this; what templates work best; and how to add images to your board and then download it).
  • The opportunity to ask any questions or seek guidance from me throughout the workshop
  • Help from me if you’re not sure what area to focus on for your vision
  • You are perfectly welcome to create a hard copy vision board. You will just need to have the resources (whiteboard, magazines/images, sticky tape etc) to do this
Utilise a vision


Date: Wednesday 14 February 2024

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Online via Zoom (link to be provided prior to the event)

Investment: $200 + GST


  • A 2-hour workshop that will walk you through the essential aspects of creating your unique vision
  • A workbook with specific questions to help you to identify what your vision is
  • A guided meditation and visualisation process to enhance and anchor your vision
  • Time to create your own vision board using Canva, with a recording provided prior to the workshop for how to do this
  • Access to me for any questions or guidance
  • A fun atmosphere where you can connect with others

Past workshop attendees have gone on to create a new business; buy a home in their dream location that when they looked back on their board later, realised was identical to the one on their vision board; move to a new state to live in a patch of paradise in the Whitsundays; envisaged themselves facilitating workshops and being a speaker which came to life; came up with a new and exciting offering within their business; hit revenue goals; realised the direction they were heading in with work was not going to give them the lifestyle they desired and so tweaked this, and so much more.

Personally, my first vision board process led to realising my husband and I wanted to move our family to the beach. The following year, we bought land, built our home and moved into it in 2018. I still pinch myself that our coastal lifestyle is our reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The workbook will take you through a variety of questions and will help to provide clarity. This will be enhanced during the meditation and visualisation process. Sometimes people come with an intention to focus on work/business and then find they actually want to have a personal focus. Or vice versa. Others split their board into sections and include a variety of aspects of their life on the board. I encourage participants to allow their focus to become clear during the meditation/visualisation process, and allow this to guide them. In other words, there’s no ‘right’ way to do it, and you will identify what feels right for you on the day.

There have been so many attendees in the past who have asked this or told me this at the beginning of the workshop. The answer is yes, it will be perfectly suitable for you. There’s no need to attempt to clear your mind of all thoughts, sit cross-legged on the floor or achieve a zen-like state. The pressure! It will be a beautiful process of just sitting in your chair with your eyes closed and connecting with your vision as it unfolds during the process (and following the questions asked in the workbook). Many people have told me they were so surprised by how detailed their image was, having previously thought that it would be very vague.

Not at all! This is suitable for anyone who wants to get clarity on what they want and to walk away with a powerful vision that they can reconnect with at any time.

This particular event is online and will be run via Zoom.

Absolutely. I didn’t create my own vision board until I started studying to become a coach, back in 2015. Prior to that, I had absolutely zero idea of what my vision was and why it was so important. Since then, I’ve done one every year I take you through the whole process from the beginning, so there’s no need to have ever done one before, or even have any idea what your vision is – this is what I help you to work out!

Of course you do that, if that’s what you prefer. Most of these types of workshops are purely focused on creating the actual vision board, and not the neuroscience-backed process of working out what your vision is, plus how to harness your vision for maximum impact and success. 

In terms of human behaviour, many people don’t value something that is free and also don’t invest their time and energy into things they don’t perceive to be valuable. I suggest you check in with yourself about what will best suit what you’re looking for, how deeply you’d like to connect with your vision, and what you’re looking for in a facilitator. As well as what other inclusions are part of the workshop.

Yes, it will be recorded and anyone who has registered for the event will receive a copy of the recording the week after the workshop. Having said that, if you attend Live you will be able to ask questions and interact during the workshop. 

I can’t wait to help you reveal your vision for 2024 and walk away with clarity, knowing how to take action, and feeling excited and filled with anticipation to see it all unfold.

Got another question that isn’t covered here? I’m here for it! Simply email and I’ll answer it for you!

I can’t wait to help you reveal your vision for 2024 and walk away with clarity, knowing how to take action, and feeling excited and filled with anticipation to see it all unfold.

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