I came to a networking meeting (BNI) as a Visitor in February 2019 and it just so happened to be that Kylie was completing her keynote presentation that day.   When Kylie started to speak about what KMB coaching is all about and the role she plays and how she can help people, I could see so much of myself and identify with so many aspects of what she was explaining about.

I am a professional woman, I work very hard and used to work incredibly long hours for many years.  Most of my weekends were taken up by either catching up with people just to keep in touch, all the household duties, running around after friends and family and trying to fit in as much as possible as my weeks were mainly work focused.   I was exhausted and unfulfilled.

After listening to Kylie present, it opened my eyes and really made me realize how anxious and unfocused I had become in my own life.   After listening to her talk about her abilities in coaching people to make their lives more about them and what they want to experience to feel happy, I could 100% relate to this.

I signed up with Kylie’s coaching program for 3 months.  The goals I set at the beginning felt so unrealistic, and somewhat selfish but also put an incredible smile on my face thinking ‘wow what if I could actually achieve these things in my life?!’, that I didn’t even really know were affecting me as much as they were.

During our sessions we uncovered so much about my life, myself, my past, me as a person not only now, but who I was and who I want to be.   The growth that I felt and the emotion (not necessarily sadness when I say emotion – the feelings of excitement in particular of seeing myself with such clarity gave me the confidence to think about myself clearly as a priority) made me realize that it’s not selfish to stop and just be present, and that I don’t have to do everything just to keep everyone happy and put pressure on myself.   This is my life and we all get so lost in being busy.

Through Kylie’s coaching, guidance and knowledge I achieved the goals I set and can’t recommend and thank Kylie enough for her coaching and time.



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