Anonymous, Melbourne, Australia

After my husband and I stopped trying to have a child, I needed to find clarity, direction and how to believe in myself and my abilities, once again. The path I had been on for so long suddenly ended and I needed someone to help me uncover my options.

Kylie helped me ascertain what I want from life and gave me the tools to make it happen. I can make decisions quicker now rather that procrastinating and fearing failure. I have a vision of my life goals with actionable items and timelines.

I now feel empowered by my values and how they will influence my life. I avoid negativity and choose to focus my energy on positive relationships and future happiness. I am grateful and appreciative for the love of my husband, friends and family, what I have achieved in life so far and what I have to look forward to.

It was great chatting with Kylie and I felt very supported by her.  Everything just clicked with the process and I knew working with her was the right choice for me. She is a great listener, she knew the right questions to ask and made me really think about what I want from my life.

In 5 years time, I will not look back and say nothing has changed, I will look back and say I did everything I set out to. Thanks Kylie!


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