1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

1:1 coaching and mentoring enables you to remove the stories, beliefs and thinking that is keeping you stuck, so that you can gain clarity on what you want to experience on a consistent basis, and know how to go about having that.

I help you to learn powerful and transformational ways to step into your own power; feel energised; gain clarity; and know who you really are when you’re not trying to keep everyone else happy.

You will have learnt ways of behaving, thinking and operating that are no longer working for you, and we will replace these with actions that are aligned with the version of you who doesn’t have to try to be anyone except your natural self.  It’s highly likely that you don’t know who that is (yet) – which is really normal!  I help you every step of the way.

What to expect?  You will have me to help you to create a life you love, keep you accountable, create a vision, achieve your goals and have fun along the way!  Sure, it’s serious at times, but we always have some fun too, and you will feel amazing when you learn how to stop caring so much what other people think about you.  And to be fair, I’ll also call you out on your BS because that will also help you to move forwards instead of staying stuck.  But I’ll do it with your permission.

Sound like it’s right up your alley?  Then get in touch or book in your Clarity Session so we can make sure we’re a great fit.

  • Gain Clarity instead of Feeling Stuck
  • Feel energised instead of exhausted
  • Become more productive instead of scattered
  • Learn how to be ‘you’, unapologetically (even though you don’t know who that is.. yet!)

Workshops & Trainings

A range of tailored workshops, trainings and masterclasses are available to teams and leaders, including but not limited to:

  • Boosting Resilience – being able to deal with the challenges and stressors inherent in the job or environment, and being able to bounce back effectively; reduce the risk of burnout; minimise absenteeism; boost productivity and increase staff satisfaction.
  • Creating a Powerful and Compelling Vision – having clarity on where the business is headed
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • The Mindset of Sales
  • Boosting Productivity via Mindset Hacks

In addition, extended DISC profiles and team ‘unpacks’ are available complete with reports and 1:1 coaching and mentoring.  This boosts team awareness; communication; and improves sales outcomes by being able to communicate more effectively with prospects.

    Immersion Retreats

    • This is a sensational experience designed to enable you to get away from everything and spend some time on YOU!  Being away from the everyday grind enables you to re-focus on what matters to you and how to get there.  A tranquil space where you can come together with other fab women to champion each other; learn from each other; support each other; and have fun together!  You will learn mindset strategies and be able to apply these immediately, as you get back to nature and enjoy focused attention on just you, and how to be your best.
    • Get away and re-focus on YOU!

    Curious to see how we can help you? We’d love to hear from you!

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