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Let Me Ask You Something:

Have you done all the free challenges, short courses, personal development and maybe even a little or a lot of counselling or coaching but still feel like the kind of life you want to be living is eluding you? 

Like you’re not really happy (but I know!! You have ‘everything you need and people have it way worse than you and you are an ungrateful person for even thinking like that’).

Are you:

  • tired (make that exhausted); 
  • overwhelmed; 
  • fed up with trying to keep every damn person on the planet happy (well, almost) 
  • falling out of love with your business? (sigh)


Are you wondering why it has to be so hard? 


Why there’s never a spare second in the day. 


Why other people’s lives seem so effortless. 


And for a few minutes now and again wondering what’s wrong with you because everyone else seems to be able to ‘juggle it all’ and not break a sweat.


If you’re answering YES to some or all of these, I’m guessing that you also resonate with one or more of these:


  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Feeling like you want to control all aspects of your life (a lot haha)
  • People pleasing – making everyone else’s wishes and wants a high priority while you’re are not even on your own to do list
  • Being a high achiever – even though you probably resist that label, deep down you know that everyone sees you as that. And it’s always been that way.


Me too! This was me allll over. 


It’s exhausting. And you get through the day and then have to get up and do it all over again. And again. And again.

While your family breezes through life without seeing the struggle, and you secretly resent them for that. Or else snap at them at them on the regular. And then feel guilty again (argh!)


Would you like to:


  • Work out who you are deep down – when you’re not being a perfectionist / controlling / people pleasing / high achieving. Who you really are. 
  • Work with dream clients / do dream projects
  • Have time not just to breathe, but to do what you want – often. Like start your day at a particular time or have time to try a new(or an old) hobby or not work certain days (not for any other reason than that would be your ideal week)
  • Let go of work or clients that are dragging you down
  • Have energy again and get time back in your calendar
  • Be able to spend quality time with the people you love hanging out with (which might include you – down the track 🙂 )
  • Put new and exciting offerings out in your business that you currently don’t feel worthy of
  • To charge for your service based on the expertise and unique solutions you provide, not based on what price doesn’t make you want to throw up
  • To work less; live more; feel happy and have fun doing it all


Then you and I need to talk. Because this is what I absolutely help my clients to experience, and it’s open to you too. You are NO different.


I provide a unique blend of ‘mindset meets business’ which enables you to both grow your business in a way that is absolutely perfect for you (we don’t do cookie cutter approaches here at KMB Coaching) but only because you have connected with the real you.


This is the version of you who is already present within but who has been longgggg forgotten. It’s based around inner child work and is absolutely transformational. There’s nobody to ‘become’. You don’t need to morph into a new person. Rather, we strip back what isn’t working out for you any longer, and let that go in a safe and supported way. 


I’m not going to lie – this process isn’t some superficial ‘methodology’ that we use. We go deep – I’ve got zero interest in providing you with something that only scratches the surface and won’t get you the results you’re craving. 


You need to really want to do the work, or it won’t ‘work’ for either of us.


I will only work with you if you are super-keen, ready and willing to do the work and take action.


You can also be a little (or a lot) terrified but excited (the perfect blend of emotions to know that this is for you, in  my mind!)


I want to work with raving fans, and I also don’t want someone paying me for high-ticket coaching and not getting the results. It’s not ecological and I choose not to do it. Plenty of coaches will – I’m not that coach. 


What to Expect:


  • I will guide you through the first part of the program where we do the inner child work; help you to learn about setting healthy boundaries and meeting your own needs and then put it into practise. You won’t be used to doing this (even if you think you do set healthy boundaries, you couldn’t possibly if control, perfectionism, people pleasing and being a high achiever are driving your every move). This will be an absolute gamechanger, saving you a stack of time and energy early on.


  • We work out what you want to be experiencing in your business and life that is perfect for you (not what is logical or ‘makes sense’ or what you ‘have to do’ to be successful. We work out what will be incredible for you, and work towards that.


  • Then as we move forwards with business goals and what you want to be experiencing I help you to overcome the inevitable mindset blocks that surface – limiting beliefs; identity work; stories that aren’t serving you


  • We use meditation; embodiment; manifesting; tools, techniques and frameworks that you can apply to any situation. 


  • I will be compassionate and validate what you’re experiencing


  • I will challenge your thinking – that’s literally my job


  • I will help you to see different perspectives and realise the many choices you have (instead of what people typically experience unknowingly, which is black and white thinking and it will get you STUCK – big time.


  • I will be your biggest cheerleader


  • I am a straight-shooter so you’ll get truth bombs when it will serve you


  • We will have fun and take ourselves lightly


  • You will get incredible results


What you get:


  • Fortnightly coaching sessions up to 90 mins 


  • Recordings of your coaching sessions (optional)


  • Full Voxer (voice chat) coaching support in between sessions to help you to keep moving; ask questions; share wins; unpack ideas etc without having to wait until your next session (#gold)


  • Free access to KMB Coaching online events and masterclasses including recordings where available


  • 10% discount to retreats

If you’re keen to apply, complete this form OR if we’ve worked together in another capacity in the past (workshop; event; masterclass; program) just email me: and let me know you’re keen and we’ll go from there!


Kylie x

Group Coaching - Expand

Expand – a Group Coaching Program For Women In Business

Expressions of Interest Welcome.

EXPAND is a 6 week group coaching program for female small business owners who want more clarity, calm and connection.

Designed around 3 core pillars of Wellbeing, Mindset & Business, this group will help to give you:

More of what you want (time, energy, self care, results), and

Less of what’s not working (thought patterns that aren’t helping you to progress, endless busyness, no time for you).

    Workshops & Trainings

    If you are interested in a personally tailored workshop on stress reduction, mindset, self care, productivity or emotional wellbeing, please get in touch.

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