An incredible business mindset retreat for women.

Tuesday 13 September – Thursday 15 September 2022 on the Surf Coast, Victoria

Harnessing the Power of Human Design to Learn How To Be Uniquely YOU & Apply This To Your Business & Life. 

Feel Aligned, Congruent & Thriving.

Need to recharge?

Are you searching for more of the elusive work / life balance, but don’t really know how to do that in a way that’s right for you?

Seeking Clarity On How To Amplify Your Business?

Would you like clarity on what makes you tick and to understand how to best use your innate talents, energy, purpose and how you operate best?

Want to Gain Confidence in Clear Decision-Making According to Your Design?

Gain more understanding of what you really want to offer, and how to best do that.

This Retreat is unlike any other you will find. If you’re ready to amplify your business results, while feeling aligned, on purpose and clear on what lights you up, then this is for you. 

Using my skills, knowledge and expertise in Mindset, Business and Human Design for women in business, I can support you to transform where you’re at currently, and to step into the next level of your business and life.

The Retreat is an incredible opportunity to step away from the frantic ‘doing’ within your business so that you can not only rest, rejuvenate and take time away from the everyday noise, pressures and responsibilities that follow you everywhere.

But you can also learn how to be UNIQUELY YOU. To learn what makes you tick and learn what works best for your individual design, so that you can truly THRIVE – in business and in life.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

1. Learning how to use Human Design to understand yourself, your energy, the way you best operate and what makes you thrive.

‘So often we get tripped up in life because we try to be everything we’re not, and we wonder why things aren’t working. Human Design reminds us that we’re all wired to do things differently, and the more we honour that, the more flow we find. It gives us our own unique roadmap, which is really freeing’  – Erin Claire Jones.

2. Learn how to apply your Human Design to your business in a way that feels aligned.

This includes marketing; how you best operate energetically; sales; type of delivery mode; offerings etc.

If you currently feel like business is ‘hard’; you’re constantly pushing (hello, exhaustion, frustration and resentment) and not gaining the traction and results you crave, this will transform your experience of your business.

3. Experience being in an environment that gives you the opportunity to meander between working on the business and rest / relaxation as we move between workshops and free time. Embody resting in a way that is aligned for you as you learn more about your Human Design.

If you’re new to Human Design, it might sound a bit woo woo. But it’s truly not. It’s the culmination of quantum physics; genetics; biochemistry; astrology; chakras; the I Ching and Kabbalah.

In my experience it’s such a true representation of what you may have suspected about yourself (but quite possibly ignored or discounted).

What Will I Learn:

– What is Human Design is and what is my own unique design

– What are the 5 different Types

– What is my Strategy and how can I best use this in my business

– What is my Not Self Theme when I’m living out of alignment, and how to recognise this

– What is my Signature and what do I recognise when I’m living in alignment

– What is my Inner Authority and how do I best utilise this to make decisions in my business and life as a whole

– What do I need to know about my Energy and how can I work in flow with this to avoid burnout and living out of alignment

How Will I Feel By The End of The Retreat:

– While I can’t answer this for sure because we are all different and the level of transformation you experience is up to you, you are likely to feel really empowered and like you have permission to stand in your own truth and be authentically yourself.

– You are likely to be inspired and motivated with the next steps in your business and/or life as a whole with your new awareness and insights from your Human Design

– You are likely to feel rested and rejuvenated after incorporating breaks, relaxation and reflection time into your Retreat experience, plus feel more of a sense of connection to yourself by immersing in an opportunity to be away from the everyday distractions and responsibilities of life

What’s Included:

– Workshops that incorporate Mindset, Human Design and Business:

You have access to me as your facilitator and coach both within the workshops and in the free time, throughout the Retreat. You can ask questions; get coached; and gain insights as a result of having me in your corner for 3 days.

– Our private chef, Viv, prepares all of our food including all meals and snacks. 

There is an emphasis on healthy, nourishing and also delicious food, and Viv shares her knowledge and passion about what she cooks when she serves the meals. She is able to cater to any dietary preferences.

– 2 nights of Luxury accommodation in a private room at the stunning Summer House Retreat in Jan Juc (near Torquay) on the Surf Coast in Victoria. 

Walking distance to the stunning beaches; a short drive to Torquay main shopping precinct and surf shops, and with sea views from the relaxing verandah.

– Access to decadent amenities and features such as the heated mineral pool; fire pit and the opportunity to just lounge in the beautiful, light and stunning surrounds of The Summer House itself, while you read a book or head to your room for a nap.

– A sunrise guided walk on Day 3 with the opportunity to have a dip in the water at the end to feel invigorated and refreshed. Walk along the stunning coastline that is the gateway to the Great Ocean Road.

Approximate Itinerary:

Day 1:

Arrive 1pm – Introductions; Welcome; Settle In; Intention Setting; Culture; Expectations; Welcome Platter

2-4pm – Introduction to HD; What is my Type; What is My Not Self Theme & Signature

4-6pm – Break / Free Time / Reflection

6pm – Dinner

Day 2:

8am – Breakfast

9-11am – What is my Authority and how am I designed to make decisions; practice with making decisions using your Authority; My Energy and how to work with it, not against it

11-1 – Free Time / Morning Tea / Reflection / Private Q&A with Kylie

1pm – Lunch

1.30 – 3.30 – Introduction to using Human Design in your business; eg sales and marketing / offers / ideal client

3.30 – Afternoon Tea / Break / Free Time

4-6 – Letting go of conditioning and stepping into your authentic self

6pm – Dinner then fire pit activity

Day 3:

6am – Guided sunrise walk with breakfast in nature; optional beach swim at the end

9am – Cooked breakfast at the Summer House; showers; packing

10 – 1 – Business Planning – mapping out new ideas; offers; launch; pricing etc;

Light Lunch during business planning

Finish up and farewells.

1:1 Human Design Reading on your unique Design with Kylie in between structured sessions, including a report with key points on your unique Human Design to keep and refer back to.

(Please note that this the itinerary is subject to change at Kylie’s discretion based on what will best serve the group; times are approximate).

The Experience:

This Retreat is capped at 4 guests so that everyone has a private room and the experience feels intimate and supportive.

The Retreat is facilitated in a way that ensures that an inclusive, safe space is created and you feel a sense of belonging. We also have fun; don’t take ourselves too seriously and you’ll make wonderful connections with each other – it’s inevitable.

You have plenty of time and space to be by yourself in whatever way you choose: read a book; take a dip in the solar heated mineral pool; walk to the beach; relax on the verandah; or soak up a light-filled corner of the House in the sun.


Paid In Full Option: $3000 + GST (save $200) 


Payment Plan: 1 x payment of $600 (GST incl) + 5 x payments of $580 (GST incl)

This includes 2 nights in luxury accommodation; all food across the duration of the Retreat; workshops and the sunrise walk.



‘So I did my 2nd retreat (with Kylie / KMB Coaching) and it was incredible. As soon as I saw the dates become available I registered. It is so beneficial to spend time away from your business on your business and also on yourself.

I had forgotten how much had changed after my 1st retreat until I did the 2nd one and heard the other business women sharing some of their challenges and concerns-all of which I had had too 2 yrs ago. Such a lot was moved at a subconscious level that I had forgotten about it until it was refreshed. What a relief to know I wasn’t carrying that ‘crud’ around anymore!

The last 2 years have been massive and have impacted people’s lives on so many levels so to have a break, completely immerse myself in me and my business and reflect on what’s been was incredibly beneficial.

Kylie just gets it-she’s been there, she’s lived it and she has succeeded and she has the language and the skills to get everybody there too.

The accommodation is divine, the food is next level incredible and the thoughtful gift bag on arrival just topped off the whole experience.

I will be definitely be back for more (I want that early morning ocean swim!).

– Alison Fitzgerald

‘I was hoping to be able to get a bit more confidence and clarity on what I wanted and not just in business but in life in general. The Retreat helped me to really dig deep into my feelings and figure out what truly motivates me and what areas I needed to work on instead of making excuses.


I definitely feel more worthy of succeeding and charging what I feel I am worth. I have more confidence in life and business to go out and do what I want, things that make me happy and knowing that it is OK to do things for me and that make me happy. I now have the confidence that I can succeed, and I am worthy of success.


It is a great way to get away from all the chaos of your everyday life, things you don’t even realise control a lot of what you do and how you react. Once away and with the guidance of the Awesome Kylie you can go within to find out what your habits are that are holding you back and really get to remember who you are and what you want. Clarity that you deserve the life of your dreams – it is OK to be selfish (in a good way)’

– Rebecca Stott

‘Prior to the mindset retreat with Kylie I was looking to experience greater clarity and confidence, both in my personal life and business. As a relatively newbie to small business and building a niche and specialised practice in the healthcare sector, I was not entirely sure what to expect from the outset.

I knew in order to move to a place of ease, I needed to commit to this level of personal work, having experienced burnout in the past.

Coming away from the mindset retreat, I have been incredibly pleased with this investment and I have received so much more from the experience than I anticipated.

The impact has been lasting well past the 3 retreat days, and I believe this will continue to have positive ripple effects personally and in business and I press into the learnings. Thank you Kylie for a wonderful retreat’.

– Donna Nair, Director at Good Wound Care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have an understanding of Human Design to benefit from this?

No – this is aimed at those with no experience of Human Design, or those in the beginner stages. It will include information related to your life as a whole, but importantly will also focus on how to use your Human Design for your business, which is so powerful.

I have food intolerances / allergies. Can this be accommodated?

For sure. We have a private chef who is able to work with any dietary requirements. You will receive a questionnaire prior to the Retreat which seeks information regarding your preferences (eg type of milk you have); any food preferences and any intolerances / allergies. Viv is very  experienced in providing vegan; dairy free; gluten free; paleo etc dishes that are delicious and suitable for you.

Will I have my own room?

Yes, all guests have a private room.

I haven’t worked with a Coach before. Will this be suitable for me?

This is suitable to those who have done at least some personal development before. Having worked with a coach is not a pre-requisite for participation in this Retreat. Coming with curiosity, an open mind and a willingness to learn is all that is required.

If you have any additional questions regarding the retreat, please email them to: and I will be more than happy to answer these for you.

Kylie x

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