Mindset roadblocks impact everyone – even the best.

[Mindset code from my couch while I watched The Voice this week 😍].

Ever felt like things just aren’t going your way? 

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of singing and dancing shows.

  • Dancing with the Stars.
  • X factor.
  • The Voice.

I’m not fussy (ok, I love The Voice the most).

On Monday night I made sure to kick the kids off the TV where they were playing Wii sports (I know, I’m ruthless – but in fairness, I’d given them fair warning lol) and settled in for the first night of Blind Auditions on The Voice.

[Just so you get the full picture, I was in my pj’s, oodie, ugg boots and was accompanied by a ‘snuggling’ pooch beside me, who is an absolute expert at shoving me across one inch at a time, until I realised I’d run out of space and had to shift couches – sheesh].

If you haven’t watched it before (The Voice, that is – not my pooch’s antics – head to insta for plenty of that lol) is a reality show with 4 judges:

  • Guy Sebastian;
  • Jess Mauboy;
  • Rita Ora and
  • Keith Urban

They have to listen to the auditions with their backs to the performers, and only turn around if they want a chance to pitch for the person to join their ‘team’ and progress further in the show.

Rita Ora is ruthless. She will pitch hard and smart; turn on the charm, you name it and is usually rewarded well for it.

On Monday night, Jess Mauboy (who I think is just a gorgeous human being) is there with nobody on Team Jess, while all of the other coaches have at least one act. She’d pitched for all the same performers as the others, but nobody had said yes.

She was wilting, doubting herself, pleading for God or the universe to send her someone, and wondering what more she had to do to get a ‘yes’.

She’s close to tears, after losing acts to both Rita and Keith that she probably thought were in the bag. 

Can you relate to this feeling? Being in this spot where it seems like business / sales / launches / clients / LIFE is is working out for ‘everyone but me’.

Thinking to yourself: ‘what else have I got to do to make this work’?

What if nobody wants to join my Team.

The subtext here are these Universal Fears (they’re called universal because we allllll have them):

Fear of not being good enough, not belonging, and not being loved.

Back to Jess: her peers (well, Guy and Keith anyway – Rita is oblivious) sense she’s flailing. 

Gah. They can feel hard. They can hurt. And they leave us wide-open to a sea of limiting beliefs and stories we can tell ourselves and (more) evidence to back up our fears.

Guy (I’m paraphrasing): ‘someone amazing is coming. I can already feel it / see it for you’.

Keith: encouraging her. It’s coming…

Then a new act comes on. This daughter is singing a Celine Dion tearjerker to her mum: Because You Loved Me.

And you guessed it – Jess pitches and ‘wins’ this time.

Because she carefully crafted the perfect words? Nope.

Because she pleaded for the contestant to join her team (which she’d done with another contestant)? No.

Because she shared a vulnerable story. She shared how the story had touched her. She was teary; real; humble and spoke her truth. And although technically, it was a pitch, she wasn’t really pitching. She was honouring and sharing and connecting and witnessing.

And that’s what resonates. Sure, sometimes you get the win by being smart. And you definitely don’t have to be in tears or totally vulnerable.

But when you have relatability with someone else, because they realise you are a real person too with your own challenges and struggles and fears, and you keep showing up anyway? That’s gold. They want what you have.

So if you’ve had a series of sales calls or proposals that all ended in ‘no’ or your revenue hasn’t hit your target for a while.

If obstacles keep mounting up and you’re struggling to get to your destination.

If you question whether you’re ‘doing it right’ in whatever aspect of your business.

If you feel rejected and like you don’t belong in some circles, because people aren’t choosing you.

Guess what? Those people are not meant for you. And someone even more aligned is coming. Someone amazing, who is the perfect fit. 

This is something I hold on to, no matter what. It might sound cheesy but I always choose to believe that life is always working out for me, even when it seems like the exact opposite.

Your truth is not that you don’t belong. How could that be your truth? You are here in this universe and so you are meant to be here by virtue of you actually existing.

Your truth is that you are always enough for the right person / client. And even more than that, you are always enough no matter what you do or don’t do. No matter how many sales you make or don’t make. No matter what you achieve or don’t. You are enough.

Your truth is that you are worthy of incredible success (however you define that).

As the ‘boys’ said to Jess – ‘that’s what we wait for. Good things come to those who wait’.

I would say good things come to those who keep showing up; keep taking action; keep doing the work on themselves and who are an energetic match for what they want – they’re being the person who can handle the thing they say they want.

Doubts and fears will always be there. Let them be there. Acknowledge them – they feel real so let’s not pretend you don’t feel that. But then move forwards by telling the truth on those things.

AND – surround yourself with the Guy’s and Keith’s of the world, who are going to back you and believe in you when you’re doubting yourself.

Sure, you can do your own work around this too by journalling or meditating or dancing it out or using the coaching or personal development tools you’ve learnt, but there is nothing quite like someone reminding you that you’re doing great and you’ve got this. It’s what I do for my clients and it’s what my coach does for me (with actual coaching, not just pep talk).

So in case you need to hear it today, that’s what we wait for: the results that are just around the corner that you can’t see yet, but are there nonetheless. I believe in you. As always, sing out if I can help you.

Kylie x

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