Mindset Group Coaching for Women in Business.

Flourish is an 8 week group coaching program for women in business who want to stop the pattern of heading for burnout, and flourish instead.

Running a business is big enough in itself. Add to that the other demands on you (extracurricular activities; being the barometer for how everyone in the household is doing; remembering all those extra tasks that need doing that nobody else will recall; and the mundane day to day of household life) and life can feel so busy. Frantic, even.

It results in you being time poor, feeling exhausted, having a mind crammed full of ‘stuff’ and a growing feeling of resentment. Because does it really have to feel so hard? 

I’m guessing you started a business for more flexibility, freedom and to create a bigger impact.

You are making an impact. But it’s coming at a high cost. Because you have no time for yourself; you feel distracted and stressed when you’re around family (or guilty if you’re not working); flexibility and freedom seem like a distant memory and you’re starting to wonder if it’s all worth it. And more than that, how long you can keep this going for.

Healthy boundaries are crucial for business sustainability and satisfaction.

I don’t know about you, but nobody ever taught me about boundaries. The women I work with all the time are the same. Although they’re amazed that they’re into middle age and are just starting to learn about boundaries, it’s perfectly understandable. In a society that encourages women to be selfless, giving, sacrificing and ‘nice’, it’s little wonder that so many of us end up overcommitted, lacking fulfilment, completely depleted, and disillusioned. But because they love their business and clients so much, they keep going.

Without supportive boundaries you might find yourself undercharging; saying yes to things that you don’t really have the time, energy or interest to do; and overdelivering. It creates a whole cycle of frustration, angst, guilt and remorse.

I want you to know that there’s a different way.

One where you learn what your boundaries are; how to assert them confidently (and without feeling guilty) and how to communicate what they are in a way that isn’t blunt or inflexible.

Most of all, you learn about the boundaries you frequently cross yourself, and how to stop doing this.

The outcome? Way more time; stacks more energy; feeling lit up by the work you’re doing (because it’s the stuff you love and you’ve intentionally chosen what you take on and when); less resentment (both by yourself and those you love) and more joy. Talk about Flourishing!

Boundaries for Business
This is an 8 week program with hybrid delivery for maximum impact without maximum hours.

This program commences on Monday 13 February 2023 and is delivered in a hybrid style. What this means is that the first week, you’ll receive pre-recorded learning which is a video by me that you have a whole week to watch and work through the workbook I provide. This is where I teach on the topic; provide insights; you get questions and prompts to work through in the workbook and can either watch the video or listen to the audio.

The following week we have a 1 hour Live call via Zoom where we apply what you’re learning. This is the space to bring your questions, challenges, insights or to share. Hot seat coaching is offered so that you can move past any blocks and make rapid progress towards what you’re seeking.

We alternate between pre-learning for each module, followed by a Live call each alternate week.

Additional, bonus Live calls, videos, resources and Q&A sessions can be provided in response to questions or topics that arise. In this way, you impact what is shared and receive customised content.

The pre-learning is released on the following Mondays:

  • 13th, 27th February; 13th March, 27th March.

You have the whole week to listen to this and go through the workbook.

The Live calls are on the following Mondays between 11am – 12noon (Melb/Syd time):

  • 20th February; 6th March; 3rd April.
  • the ONLY exception to this is one Live call which is on Thursday 23 March also @ 11-12 (Melb/Syd time).

These are recorded so you can either re-watch them any time, or watch later if you’re unable to join Live.

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Kylie Broadfoot - Flourish group coaching for business owners

We help you learn boundaries for business, so you can thrive.

The 4 modules we cover are:

  1. Boundary Basics – and life. Let’s start at the beginning: What are boundaries; what are the different types; how do you use boundaries?; what language will support you in asserting what’s ok and what’s not; and establishing your terms of engagement. Be guided to identify firstly what you want your business and life to be like, and then what boundaries will support you to experience this.
  2. Boundary Blockers – If you’re finding it hard to set boundaries, even though you suspect you ‘should’ be using them more, this is because there are boundary blockers at play: limiting beliefs; stories you believe to be true; past experiences; and more. Uncover what is blocking you from feeling confident and worthy of asserting your boundaries, so that we can clear this and unleash new possibilities and potential in you.
  3. Business Boundaries – Applying boundaries to money (pricing; being paid; mindset); self leadership and leadership of others; streamlining and strategy. Identify what your boundaries are in different areas of your business, and have help to work out how to communicate these, as well as stick to the boundaries (this is where the rubber hits the road).
  4. Brilliant Boundaries in Action – This is your time to really apply what you’re learning; get more confident with putting language to your decisions; and manage your emotions while doing so. Build your muscle around bold and brave boundaries so that you have the opportunity to get help, support, ideas and coaching while you’re still in the program. This means we trouble shoot; remove blocks and help you to move forwards with support from me and your Flourish community. This step is sooo valuable, because it’s in the implementation of your boundaries that you’ll find the most gold.

Pre-Learning: the recorded audio/videos enables you to dive into the topic at your leisure and start to consider the topic and how it applies to you. This is released every second Monday and gives you the opportunity to listen to/watch it when it suits you. From here, you can request that I expand on a particular area or respond to specific questions in the Live call, based on what you want some help / more information on.

Live Calls: these enable you to bring your questions and ask me in real life (or in advance of the Live call if you can’t join Live). You get the opportunity to receive insights and gain awareness both from me as your coach, as well as via the experience of being immersed in a group container which is likely to amplify your experience.

Worksheets & Journal Prompts: You’ll receive worksheets as part of the pre-learning. This is designed to help you to get curious about your own experience; gain awareness of how the topic is impacting your own life; and dive deeper into the concepts. This means that on the Live call, I’m not teaching, so you get the most out of these sessions.

Hot seat coaching – you have the opportunity to receive coaching on a particular challenge, topic or block that you’re experiencing. These are not compulsory and you will never be put on the spot if you don’t want to participate in this coaching. However, it is really encouraged because it will help you to move forwards and gain greater clarity and insights. Whether you’re in the hot seat or not, everyone benefits from what is shared during hot seat coaching, so you will always leave with gold nuggets that you didn’t know previously.

Q&A – have access to me for questions you may have where I can share information to help you to progress. I can add in additional resources, videos or Lives based on what you need. This does require you to ask for it, because I’m not a mind reader. So the more you engage and ask, the more you’ll receive.

Online format – This is an online program which means you have access to all of the content, Live sessions and community online from the comfort of your home, office or walking path. The program is hosted on Circle and all of the pre-learning, Live calls, discussion; schedule; zoom links etc are all contained in here. There is also an app that you can download if you wish so you can access it from anywhere. Connection and community is a core feature of both the platform and program, so you’ll feel part of it all. You can customise your notifications etc so that it doesn’t encroach on your productivity.

An amazing community – this is a closed group so you will start and finish with a core group of people. This provides the opportunity for you to get to know others, feel supported by other women in business who ‘get it’; and have your own cheer squad and supportive space to share, learn and seek support. We all know that having a community of people around us to champion you, celebrate with you, connect with you and have fun with you is so crucial when business can feel like a solo sport so much of the time. I personally respond to all the questions and posts into the group, and will never have someone ‘managing’ this for me. The pre-recording, the Live calls, the community – it’s all me that you have access to. 


1. Earlybird Pricing: 

15% discount for paid in full bookings prior to 5pm (AEDT) on Friday 31st January 2023. This also includes a bonus 45mins 1:1 coaching & mentoring session (as above).


2. Paid in Full:

AUD$1997 pay in full (GST Inclusive).

BONUS: This includes a bonus 45mins 1:1 coaching & mentoring session during the program so I can personally help you with auditing your boundaries and make suggestions personally tailored to you and your business.

This is highly valuable and not accessible to anyone outside of the program as I don’t offer 1:1 standalone coaching sessions.

3. Payment Plan :

4 x payments of AUD$500 (GST inc).

Testimonials from past Flourish members:

‘Before starting Flourish, I was in serious burnout mode.

I didn’t know how to respect my own boundaries let alone instill rock solid ones with others around me (both in business and in life).

Like most people I juggle a lot of hats all at once and I wasn’t sure if I would even have the time to put into Flourish but Kylie has made the program really easy to follow with tangible takeaways that I can continue to implement on my own.

I had a HUGE money mindset block before entering the program and I can now report I have managed to finally crack the code and I feel the most at ease I have felt so far in business when it comes to my programs.

A huge thanks to Kylie for allowing us a safe inclusive space to share our worries and for really encouraging us to engage, reflect and take action.

Highly recommend Flourish to any others in business who might need to stop and reset’.

– Teagan Harris, Health Powered Nutrition


‘Before joining the Flourish Program I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. My work/life/family balance was way off, and rather than enjoying the perks of running my own business I was working all hours of the day and night!

Working with Kylie in Flourish has really helped me identify the type of life I want to live. I have been able to identify the type of clients that I really want to work with and has given me the confidence to start charging what I am worth, and has given me back time in my life.

I would highly recommend this program for any women in business. The small group setting was fantastic, and Kylie tailored the topics to everyone’s personal needs. It’s not often we are given the opportunity to really focus on changing our lives!’

– Cat Mabbett.

‘When I started working with Kylie I knew I didn’t have the right life balance, and I was saying ‘yes’ too much.  Kylie helped me unpack the limiting beliefs behind my thinking and actions.  Kylie created a safe place for me to explore and experiment new ways of working and doing life.  I had a massive moment of self-discovery which I know will provide me with new energy and practices moving forward.  Thanks for your support and kindness in helping me improve how I do life and feel worthy’.

– Laura.

‘To anybody considering doing the Flourish course, definitely jump in! Kylie structures the course in a way that is approachable, practical and not too overwhelming so you can actually get things done and make progress. Kylie is genuine and knowledgeable and lovely to work with’.


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