A Group Coaching Program For Mums In Business

16 May 2022  – 15 July 2022

FLOURISH is a 9 week group coaching program for mums in business who want to stop the pattern of heading for burnout and FLOURISH instead.

Because, let’s face it – you have a LOT on. Like stacks. And it’s hard to keep on top of it all.

You’re tired; your energy is down the drain and you find yourself snapping at your favourite people on the regular (yep, the kids and hubby most likely).

You are a smart cookie but you find yourself wondering why on earth you can’t just fix this. I mean, how hard can it be?!

But here’s the thing:

It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to change this until you shift the very things that are keeping you stuck.

And until that happens, you will end up in this spot time and time again:

– frazzled

– not a minute to spare;

– working on things you never even wanted to say ‘yes’ to;

– doing ALL the things even when they’re not even your priority and then finding yourself in a world of resentment later, thinking: ‘how hard is it to just say ‘no’?!’

– doubting your talents and amazing gifts that you have to impact the world for good via both your business and who you are

– resisting more money coming to you without having to work harder (so you keep overdelivering and feeling you need to do more for what you charge. Which means you resist putting your prices up too, because ‘what would I have to do for that?!’)

How about this instead?


Being intentional with your time and energy and saving it for the things you love:

-the clients you adore working with;

-dream projects that would feel incredible to deliver

-quality time with your family and friends

-time out just for yourself (!)

-enjoying rest, recharging and relaxation

-spending time on your health


Being able to confidently and assertively talk to others about what you want:


-whether you want to say yes, no or maybe to particular work

-being able to decline an offer without feeling guilty

-feeling solid in your convictions, instead of resentful after you’ve made a knee jerk reaction and taken on even more that you don’t have time for

-knowing you will be able to deliver quality services without compromising on self care

-having nights, weekends, public holidays and holidays off – if that’s what you want


Learning how to stop being so busy (the constant ‘doing’) and how to lean into receiving:


-more abundance of money and time

-help from others

-letting go of such tightly held control by outsourcing and delegating more

-affection / love / care


Help to actually MAKE these changes:


-most programs will throw more ‘content’ at you. They will fill it with ‘perceived value’. But the thing is, I KNOW how busy you are. I know you won’t get time to look at endless content. And I also know that just because you LEARN something (you gain conscious awareness of it) doesn’t mean you will actually START DOING IT.

-In my mind, the only thing worse than replaying this pattern of behaviour over and over again, is KNOWING that you’re doing it and still doing it anyway.

-I want you to actually have implemented changes by the end of the program, so that you’re no longer on a fast train to burnout. Instead you’re on a slow train to fulfilment, freedom and fun.



– This is an 8 week program (but I’m throwing an extra bonus week in to offset the school holidays at the end).

– We have 4 main topics, and we will cover 1 topic via a pre-recorded and then Live session every 2 weeks.

– This means you get a pre-recorded video every 2 weeks for pre-learning and reflection with a downloadable workbook, and then a Live session via zoom on the alternate weeks.

What You Will Learn:


1. Permission to Change the Story:

-If you never give yourself permission to change and do things differently, you will continue to create the same old end-game. Even if you learn all the other ways to stop heading for burnout, without this piece? it won’t work.

-I’m not interested in you ‘dabbling’ in this. I want you to truly experience different outcomes as a result of doing FLOURISH.

-Changing the stories you’ve learnt over all this time (via societal conditioning / your network / your internal navigation system / what you witnessed in your own mum and women around you growing up) about why you have to hustle and why it can’t be easy and why you don’t deserve to make time for yourself and so on, is PIVOTAL in creating these shifts.

2. Brave Boundaries:

-I’m calling them brave because boundaries can be tricky (aka bloody awful sometimes). They can feel horrid when we first start to use them.

-And to be perfectly honest with you, sometimes they can feel awful even when you’re really practised in upholding them. Something will come along and really test you out (as I’ve found over the years!)

-But – if you never learn how to develop solid boundaries around what’s ok and what isn’t, both with yourself and with others, you will always be short on time; you’ll always feel depleted and you’ll forever be resentful every time you agree to do some GD thing you just don’t want to do.

3. Resistance to Receiving:


When you start to up-level your business and life in general, you start to hit resistances:


-to charging more for what you do

-to outsourcing more

-to feeling worthy of delivering less but still being paid well (ie not overdelivering to offset a price increase)

-to scaling and leveraging your business

-to identity challenges: who am I if I’m no longer telling everyone how flat out I am, when I’ve always been a ‘high achiever’?

-Learn how to move past resistance so you can reach new levels of success (as defined by you!) in your business and life in general



4. Implementation:

Instead of giving you even more content, we’re going to double-down on you getting results.


-We’ll unpack what the roadblocks are that are getting in the way of you creating change in your thinking and behaviours.


-You’ll receive coaching to help you to get ‘unstuck’


-One of the most challenging areas for my private clients is learning the implementation (not the theory) of asserting their boundaries. This is when they not only know what their boundaries are, but they start to put them into practice.


-You will have my guidance and expertise the whole way along to support you with making changes. Including in the final 3 weeks where you are purely focused on implementing what you’ve learnt. This is pure GOLD, my friend.



Pre-Recorded Video Content:


-This gives you full flexibility to listen to this at a time that suits you

-It is geared to make it super-convenient and easy for you to get runs on the board, seeing you’re a busy mum in business.


Live sessions via Zoom:


-Live sessions will be held on alternate weeks to the pre-recorded content


-They enable you to bring the learnings, questions and insights that you’ve had from the pre-learning, to fully maximise the time spent together in a Live session


-This enables you to learn from others by comments, questions or insights they share, and they from you. Our learning is always amplified by being around others who are likeminded and on the journey with us.


-These will also be recorded so if you can’t join Live, you won’t miss out. It will also enable you to re-listen to any of the Live sessions in the future, as many times as you wish.


An amazing community:

– This is a closed group so you will start and finish with the same people.

-Which means this will become an incredible container to support and cheer others on, to have them do the same for you; to hang out with women who are going to tell you you’re worth it, not question why you’re demanding more for yourself and this one life of your’s.


-Who you hang out with is KEY to doing the work and levelling up, instead of being held back by the limiting beliefs and stories of others.


Lifetime access to the content:

– You will retain access to the content forever and be able to visit it as many times as you wish.

– You will also retain access to the Facebook group and be able to stay on in the group as an Alumni and Founding Member of Flourish. This means you have access to future rounds of FLOURISH via the facebook discussions and interactions.


Online Format:

It’s all online so you have access to all of the content, Live sessions and facebook group from the comfort of your home, office or walking path.



Grab a whopping 30% off the full price when you use the  code: Earlybird30

Investment: $1050 (GST inc) – no payment plan available

Available from 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 May until 7.30pm on Monday 9 May 2022.


Mother’s Day Special:

If you are SUPER quick, you might be able to score one of ONLY 5 Mother’s Day special spots only available for 24 hours or until sold out. This gives you an additional 25% off (total of $55% off!). Use code: Mothersday55

Investment: $675 (GST inc) – paid in full

Available from Tuesday 3 May @  7.30pm AEST to Wednesday 4 May @ 7.30pm AEST (24 hours or until sold out).


Regular Price: $1500 (GST inc).

-Payment plans available (3 x payments of $500) – please email: kylie@kmbcoaching.com.au to arrange your payment plan. The first payment is required straight away to secure your spot and monthly payments after that.

– Doors close Fri 13 May 2022 @ 7.30pm AEST

Who Is It For:


Mums in Business – this specific program is for women running a business who are also mums. If that term resonates for you, you are so welcome 🙂

It is for YOU if you are ready to get different results; have done some personal development before; are open to learning new ideas and would love to have some fun

It is NOT for you if you are perfectly happy with what you’re currently experiencing and have no room for improvement in your business or life; you have never done any personal development; you are resistant to new ideas or ways of thinking; you don’t want to surround yourself with a crew of amazing women and experience deeper connection, collaboration, cheerleading (you and them!) and want to stay just as you are.

Permission to Change The Story

Unlearning societal conditioning

Changing the patterns you keep experiencing

Getting different results

Brave Boundaries

Learn what boundaries are

Learn how to navigate them with yourself & others

Build confidence in making yourself a priority

Make decisions that support your ideal lifestyle

Resistance to Receiving

Become consciously aware of your resistance to success

Learn how to navigate this at any stage of business or life

Remove the blocks to scaling & leveraging your business

Find out how to stop self-sabotaging your results

What’s included?


Not only are all of the above topics included, but IMPLEMENTATION is a massive additional one.

Instead of giving you even more content, we’re going to double-down on you getting results.

We’ll unpack what roadblocks are getting in the way of you creating change in your thinking and behaviours.

You’ll receive coaching to help you to get ‘unstuck’

You will have my guidance and expertise the whole way along to support you with making changes. Including in the final 3 weeks where you are purely focused on implementing what you’ve learnt. This is pure GOLD, my friend.

It is practical and will see you create WAY more change than just learning more information and not applying it.

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