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Following Your Intuition Can Be A Pain In The Butt.

Want to know what happens when you follow your intuition?⁠⁠It can be a pain in the butt.⁠ I know – that’s not what MOST people are telling you, right?! But I’m not your regular mindset coach – I’m going to tell it to you straight, my friend.⁠Stick with me here.⁠Following your intuition means you have to : Trust Yourself Back […]

I’m A Huge Coach Sl%t 😳

Have you ever thought to yourself: Haven’t I done enough? Why isn’t this working? It shouldn’t have to be this hard I’ve done work on myself already I’ve worked with a coach before so I’ve done that I haven’t worked with a coach but I’ve had counselling or personal development work, so it’s pretty much the same I did ‘x’ […]

The Story Of How I Found My Feelings. And Now You Can Too.

I had learnt a long time ago (subconsciously) to shut off connection to the body. My body. Apart from superficial things like being ‘frustrated’, I had no idea how I felt. I didn’t know how to connect with anger; sadness; shame. I didn’t know how to deal with big emotions, apart from to bypass them; numb them; suppress them and […]

Do You Hate Asking For Help?

Do you hate asking for help? Oh yeah – I hear you! If you’re anything like I used to be, it’s totally cringe-worthy. Even from your nearest and dearest. Is this you: “I’m sooo busy. I’ve got a stack of work I’ve got to get through. Then I’ve got all the stuff I’ve got to do for the kids. Then […]

Tortoise Trumps Hare When It Comes To Getting Sustainable Results

Picture this – you are working with an (incredible!) mindset coach. Together, you define one of your goals as carving more ‘you’ into your life. Your coach suggests you try building a meditation habit and asks you to report back your experience at your next coaching session. She suggests you download the Insight timer app and do two minutes of […]

The Power of Extended DISC To Unlock Your Natural Profile

Now before you start to roll your eyes at the very mention of ‘DISC’, let alone ‘Extended DISC’, hold up! I’m going to share with you how I use Extended DISC to blow your mind. We uncover your subconscious profile (which is like you in your natural habitat – yes, a David Attenborough voice is required) when you are just […]

What Happens After I Say ‘Yes’ To Mindset Coaching?

So you’ve said yes to mindset coaching – what happens next? I work with women in a range of different businesses across a range of industries. So whether you’re a social media manager; a bookkeeper; a financial planner; or a mortgage broker, while all of those people and their jobs are really different, there are these similarities. They’re: Happy, but […]

Are You Tired Of Being The Hero?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You were a great student back in the day and have taken on a measure of success right through into adulthood. Other parents commented on you to your parents, or to their own children, wanting them to be more like you or telling your parents how ‘perfect’ you were. Seeing you could handle a […]

Coach, Mentor, Counsellor – Who’s Who In The Zoo?

How are you supposed to know the difference between different professionals? There are coaches, mentors and counsellors. What’s the difference and what might be best for you? (And when I say zoo, I’m including myself in there!) Maybe you’ve decided you want to create some change or get some help in a particular area and you then start to look […]

When You Change, Others May Not Like It One Bit.

I work with clients all the time who want to create change. I mean, that’s the reason they find a coach! They are not happy with elements of their personal life; business; parenting; relationship and so on, and they want to invest in becoming happier, more productive, more at ease and more successful. This doesn’t mean doing more or becoming […]

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