Being Happy AND Wanting More.

Being happy and wanting more

The clients I work with are relatively happy but they also want more.

You might think coaching is for people who are struggling, have a low mood and need help because they are at rock bottom.

In fact, some people are when they seek out a coach, but these are not the people I work with.

I work with women who are capable; confident (in their abilities, if not fully within themselves); smart; and have achieved a level of success.

Actually, they are happy but also have a feeling there could be more.  Usually, they don’t know what this equates to exactly, but these are common themes:


  • More quality time with their family
  • More freedom to spend time as they choose
  • Feeling calm and at peace in their bodies, as well as to feel energised
  • Having more belief in themselves (and less self-doubt)
  • Feeling more productive and less distracted, overwhelmed and / or hectic

What are they stuck on?

  • Clarity on what they actually want
  • Knowing how to avoid feeling guilty for wanting more (eg time for themselves; happiness; fulfilment; self-acceptance; sleep; etc.  Just more).
  • Permission to live life how they choose – whether that’s outsourcing; getting the kids picked up by someone else; working the hours they crave; feeling enough
  • Being a people-pleaser is becoming a real drag and is holding them back.

They are not at rock bottom by any means.

Instead they are invested in their personal and professional development and love learning more about what makes them tick. The want to elevate their life; to go from good to amazing.

One of the biggest things to come from coaching and mentoring is clarity: getting crystal clear on what you want to be experiencing in business, your personal life, your day to day life, the way you show up in the world. 

And this comes by being asked great questions, feeling safe enough to get curious about taking off the auto-pilot; and giving yourself permission to want more.

Most of us try to justify that life isn’t ‘that bad’. ‘I’m actually really lucky’. There’s this doubt that it’s ok to want more from life. 

But in actual fact, choosing not to create any change can have a high personal toll. This can include things like depleted energy, overthinking, being unable to take time for themselves, and the ongoing guilt.

Showing the world how ‘together’ you are, when inside you feel like a bit of a mess.  A hot mess, I’m sure. But the emotions; the future, it feels messy.

If you’re curious, asking yourself some questions can give you more clarity.


  • What makes me most happy?
  • When do I feel most (insert word you want to feel more of here – eg calm; peaceful; confident; energised; on purpose?)
  • If I could create my own schedule, what would it look like? Hours and days of work vs play; me time vs family time; start time vs knock off time.
  • What’s something that I want to be experiencing in 1,2, 5 years time? And what is one step I can take now towards being that person now?
  • What is one thing that keeps coming up over and over again in my life: something related to business; a hobby; structure of your week; something you want to do for yourself.

After reading this, if you realise you’re pretty happy but also have a sense that there could be more, please get in touch.

Kylie x


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